PDF Book: “Secrets of Daminion 4”. Digital Asset Management Best Practices

Daminion best practices

Sven Fisher, the author of several seminars and books about graphics packages, has just released his latest ebook “Secrets of Daminion 4”. This 215-page volume, which describes Daminion best practices, contains lots of screenshots that make it super-simple to work with the program.

The book is available in English and German.

Price: $19 US (15 Euro)


“The Secrets of Daminion 4” is much more than a mere listing and explanation of menu commands. It´s more a “cook book” and explains not only the basics of digital asset management, but also gives you strategies to effectively manage and use large amounts of digital data.

Of course, it also explains the versatile functionality of Daminion 4 in a thorough and understandable way. The book is structured by subject areas that you will also face in your daily work with asset management. Many examples illustrate the effective use of Daminions features. A considerable part of the book shows best practice examples based on actual requirements and explains strategies in far more detail than any online help could supply.

So, “The Secrets of Daminion 4” is an essential aid for users and admins in their daily handling of Daminion software end helps them to incorporate the manifold features of Daminion 4 in their daily practice to the full extent.


I work as a marketer at Daminion Software.