Affordable Home-User Digital Asset Management (DAM) Solution Released by Daminion

Seattle, WA, October 28, 2012 -- Daminion Software has released its Digital Asset Management system (DAM) named Daminion Server for home users. Now, the program is available for home users for a special price of $195 US.

Daminion Server allows creating a centralized photo and video archive library that is accessible from all computers in a local network. The program enables users to instantly locate images in large digital libraries. Daminion Server excels at image management because it inventories image descriptions inside the image metadata (XMP/IPTC/MWG).


Inexpensive Inexpensive Digital Asset Management Software (DAM)

Daminion 0.9.7 comes with more than 20 improvements. A detailed list of changes is available on the product home page.


Daminion vs Other Digital Asset Management Systems

  • All standalone image management software programs available on the market are unable to provide robust and safe multi-user access to the single image and video archive library.
  • Enterprise level DAM systems are very expensive for home usage and impractical small teams.
  • The “Free” solutions on the market require administrator skills and their deployment is complex and difficult. These products are more suitable for corporate users since they normally require remote installation and support.
  • Cloud or Web-solutions are not convenient for local file management.

Daminion Software was specially designed for small teams at an affordable price. Now, a special Home License allows using Daminion Server for home users for $195 US.

Daminion - Inexpensive Digital Asset Management Software  (DAM)


5 Benefits of Daminion Server:

  • A single repository for all images and videos for small teams or family members
  • Instant access to any images by a set of tags from any computer in a local network.
  • Daminion protects image annotations from being lost by storing them inside the files as metadata (XMP/IPTC/MWG). It also enables sharing them with other applications and online-services that can read metadata.
  • Focuses on image cataloging, without built-in fancy image editing capabilities.
  • Unbeatable Price - $195 US for Home Users and $1047 US for Companies ( 3 concurrent connections)

Daminion Server can be downloaded for free from Daminion’s website



Daminion is compatible with Windows XP, 2003 or 2008 Server, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. All currently supported versions of Daminion work on both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows.


About Daminion Software

Daminion Software has been working on the digital photo management software market since 1999 and specializes in digital asset management software (DAM) solutions. The company’s flagship product, Daminion, is a network-friendly photo manager for small teams. The software is the product of experience gained over many years in the digital media management industry; has been around since 1999. The company is also the creator of PicaJet Photo Manager and RoboImport, both of which are standalone digital photo management solutions for photographers and digital camera owners.