Digital Asset Management Software Daminion 2.0, server-based photo-repository for small teams, released by Daminion

Seattle, WA - November 10, 2013 – Daminion Software announces the  availability of Daminion 2.0, a new multi-user digital asset management software (DAM software) for small teams.  Daminion’s key benefit is simplicity of finding photos all in one place by multiple users.

A free, downloadable 60-day trial of Daminion 2.0 is available now. See below for more info and download links. 

Unlike many standalone photo organizing software programs, Daminion is a server-based application. It creates a photo repository that is accessed by multiple users across a local network, helps to find pictures by tags quickly, and restricts an access to certain users.

Images can be quickly classified by multiple tag combinations, including 50 predefined choices, such as keywords, description, date-time, rating, camera, lens and others.  Users also have the option of defining their own tags. Using tags does not occupy additional hard drive space and allows avoiding the confusion of  file duplicates and multiple conflicted document versions, as is the case with outdated folder-based file storage schemes.

Daminion 2.0 supports more than 200 file formats, including photos, camera RAW, video, audio, PDF, AI/EPS, InDesign, Office and CAD formats. 



Daminion 2.0 is available for immediate download at

Installing Daminion usually takes a few minutes and does not require special administrative knowledge. Users can start using the program almost immediately thanks to a clean and simple user interface and low-learning curve.

To help you get started or resolve questions, the Web-site has a series of tutorials.



Daminion 2.0 is compatible and verified for Windows 7 and 8.



Daminion 2.0 is now available for Windows in the Daminion online:

  • Daminion Team Server (for teams): starting from $999 US per 3 concurrent connections.
  • Daminion Pro Server (for individuals): $199 US
  • Daminion Home Server (for home users): $99-149 US per 1 or 2 concurrent connections

For more detailed information about product features, upgrade policies, pricing and language versions, please visit



Daminion Software is a fast growing company with offices in several countries which specializes in digital asset management (DAM) software solutions.  Daminion has been developed based on experience gained from many years in the digital photo management industry; the company was founded in 1999.

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