Daminion v3.7 simplifies administration and adds faster viewing of large images to its inexpensive digital asset management system

Seattle, WA - March 11, 2015

The latest update of this cost-effective Digital Asset Management system improves the user experience in both Standalone and Server versions. Daminion is a network-based solution specially designed for small businesses and creative professionals with tight budgets.

Daminion Software announces updates to Daminion, a cost-effective Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution for small teams and individuals. The new Daminion release integrates with the Active Directory to save time on server administration. A new Grouping feature and added functions in the Lightbox panel enable digital assets to be classified more accurately in version 3.7. The overall performance was improved, and huge image files in Camera RAW, PSD, TIFF and BMP format can now be viewed much faster.

Integration with the Windows Active Directory allows the Daminion Server to sync with a company’s existing  user database without having to manually entering user names and passwords. Users, in their turn, can be logged-in to Daminion automatically with no need re-entering their Window NT/Active Directory passwords.

New Daminion HRCache technology allows huge Camera RAW, TIFF, PSD and BMP images (1GB and more) to be displayed as fast as common JPEG images

‘The less time your employees spend looking for the right files, the more time they have for their primary work,’ said Murat Korkmazov, Business Development Director at Daminion Software. ‘Daminion provides everything you need to speed up your search’.

To satisfy the demands of creative professionals (particularly architects and photographers), the new Daminion 3.7 version allows images to be grouped and AutoCAD formats (DWG/DXF) to be displayed as thumbnail previews. Grouped photos are displayed more compactly and all similar photos are preserved in the stack. There’s also added support for MXF videos and Samsung SRW images, and Cineform video formats can now be displayed in high-quality thumbnail view.

The Tray (Lightbox) panel now saves its state after Daminion Client is restarted and allows the following tasks to be performed on the files it contains: assign tags, save images as collections, export directly from the Tray. Every catalog has its own Tray.







Daminion 3.7 is compatible with and verified for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 2003, 2008 and 2012 Server (R2) and Mac OS (via the Parallels Desktop).



Daminion 3.7 (Server and Standalone versions) is available for immediate download from the company’s website. It takes only a few minutes to install and doesn’t require any special administrative knowledge. The Daminion website has a series of textual and video tutorials to help you get started quickly.



A full featured 30-day trial of the Daminion Server 3.7 is available for immediate download from Daminion.net. The free edition of Daminion Standalone version has a catalog with limited capacity. Daminion is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Slovenian and Dutch versions.



Daminion Server pricing starts from $99 US for non-commercial use by individuals and $999 US for teams (3 concurrent connections). A competitive upgrade rebate is offered for all competing products. Daminion 3.7 is available for purchase at the Daminion online store:




Since its first release in 2010, Daminion has been helping small teams and creative professionals to save time on searching for and reusing their digital assets. Daminion creates a centralized repository for the whole team. This allows multiple users on multiple computers to access all digital assets (photos, presentations, logos, brochures etc.) from a single point without creating, or having to deal with, duplicate assets.



Founded in 1999, Daminion Software (formerly known as PicaJet.com) is a fast-growing company with offices in the USA, Canada, Germany, Russia and South Africa. The company’s flagship product, Daminion, has been developed on the basis of experience gained from more than 15 years in the digital asset management (DAM) industry. For additional information, please visit https://daminion.net