Daminion 3.3 - faster and better. Local-network-based photo and document management program

Seattle, WA - July 03, 2014 – 

Daminion Software announces the release of Daminion 3.3 – a local-network-based digital asset management program (DAM). A free, downloadable 60-day trial program version is available now. See below for more info and download links.

Daminion can quickly find the right photos and documents from thousands of folders across multiple computers. It supports more than 200 file formats used for photos, camera RAW, video, audio, PDF, AI/EPS, InDesign, as well as text and Office documents and more besides.

With more than 50 new features and improvements, Daminion 3.3 enables you to describe your digital content more precisely and find documents much faster.


  • Finding and eliminating duplicate assets
  • Tag taxonomy protected against screw-ups
  • Synonyms and Tag Groups reduce the number of visible tags and drastically improve search results
  • Rendering speed of large images (especially huge TIFFs) and import to large catalogs is up to 5 times faster. Shared catalog thumbnails are displayed much faster.
  • Images for presentations and publications can be ordered manually 
  • Images whose license dates have expired will automatically be excluded from all further export operations, ensuring that you won’t have to pay expensive penalties
  • All instances of a particular image, or images very similar to it, can be found on the internet with a single click.
  • Improved “Compare Items” window makes it much easier to select the right file version.





Daminion 3.3 is available for immediate download from Daminion.net. Daminion takes only a few minutes to install and doesn’t require any special administrative knowledge. The Daminion website has a series of textual and video tutorials to help you get started quickly.



Daminion 3.3 is compatible with and verified for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 2003, 2008 and 2012 Server



Daminion 3.3 is available for purchase at the Daminion online store:

  • Daminion Team Server (for teams): starts from $999 US for 3 licenses
  • Daminion Pro Server (for individuals): $199 US
  • Daminion Home Server (for home users): starts from $99 US

For more detailed information about product features, upgrade policies, pricing and language versions, please visit www.daminion.net



Founded in 1999, Daminion Software specializes in digital asset management software solutions for small teams. The company has offices in the USA, Canada, Germany, Russia and South Africa. Daminion has been developed on the basis of experience gained from many years in the digital asset management (DAM) industry.

For more information, visit www.daminion.net