The Export to CSV function allows you to write some or all metadata information of one or more items in a CSV file.

This CSV file can then be used, for example, for importing into other digital asset management software. Alternatively, you can use this feature to transfer metadata information from one tag to another.

Creating a CSV file

In Daminion, select all the images whose metadata you want to export. Then, on the toolbar, click Export and navigate to Export to CSV.

You will see the following dialog window.

Choose to export either selected items only or all found items.

Choose which tags to export. You can select all of them or deselect every field and manually check only the ones you want.

All the exportable tags that can be selected for exporting are listed here.

Specify whether the file path to the newly created CSV file should be opened in Windows Explorer when the export is completed.


After confirming with OK, the selected tags are written to the CSV file and stored in the previously specified location.

The contents of the CSV file looks like this:

Please note the delimiters used in the CSV file:

– Tag headings are separated by a semicolon [;]

– Tag values are separated by a comma [,]

– Tag hierarchies are separated by a backslash [\]

Please refer to “Importing files and metadata via a CSV file” for further information on how to import CSV files into Daminion and reassign tag values when importing.