How to Auto-Tag Your Photos

Before starting auto-tagging your photos, you need to get Google Cloud Vision API key and activate it in Daminion server administration panel. Please learn how to do this here and here.

Once Auto-Tagging is enabled in Daminion server administration panel, open your shared catalog in Daminion desktop application.

Select one or more files, right-click them and navigate to “Actions>Generate AI Labels”. Alternatively, click the “Item” tab and navigate to “Actions>Generate AI Labels”.

The process can take some time. You can monitor the number of generated labels via Tags Panel > AI Labels

How to Enable Auto-Tagging in Daminion

Before enabling Auto-Tagging in Daminion, you need to get Google Cloud Vision key. Please learn how to do this here.

To enable Auto-Tagging and activate your Google Cloud Vision key, open Daminion server administration panel and click “Catalogs”

In the window that opens, select a catalog where you would like to activate Auto-Tagging, then double-click it to open the Settings menu.

In the window that opens, navigate to Auto-Tagging tab and check the checkbox “Enable Auto-Tagging”

Check out “Auto-Tagging Agreement terms and conditions” and click the “Add” button to add your Cloud Vision API key.

Daminion server will be restarted automatically and auto-tagging will be available in Daminion client application. Learn how to initial auto-tagging of your photos here.

How to Get Google Cloud Vision API Key

To start working with Auto-tagging in Daminion, you first need to configure Google Cloud Vision API Key.

To do this, log into your account in Google Cloud and go to the Google Cloud Console.

Now you need to create a new project or select the existing one from under the Project tab.

Selecting a project

If you want to create a new project, click “New Project” in the upper right corner. Alternatively, select a project from the list of existing projects.

Click the project’s name to open it. When the project is opened, click Navigation Menu and select “API & Services > Dashboard”

Now you need to enable Cloud Vision API. To do this, click the “ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES” button.

Enabling APIs and Services

In the search bar, search for Cloud Vision API…

…and click it to enable.

Enabling Cloud Vision API

Cloud Vision API will be activated for the selected project.

Now you need to create Google Cloud Vision key which will be used by Daminion to generate AI-labels.

To do this, click Navigation menu, select “IAM & admin > Service accounts”

In the window that opens, click “Create Service Account”

Create Service Account

Set up the name, ID and optionally add the description.

Creating Service account

In the next step, set up a role or leave it by default and click “Continue”

In the last step, optionally grant users access to this service account and create the key.

If you forgot to create the key during the last step, you can do this later.

In the menu “Service accounts for project “Project Name”, click “Actions>Create key”

In the window that opens, select “JSON” as the key format and click “Create”

Creating Cloud Vision API key

You will be prompted to automatically download the key. Confirm the download and activate the key in Daminion. Learn how to do this here.