File name

File Folder: %folder

Custom name: %custom

Original file name without extension: %basename

Original file name truncated to last digit part: %bt

File extension: %ext

Filename prefix: %pfx

Short file size: %size

Last digits if file name: %l



Counter: %#

Zero based Counter: %$

File number: %inum



Megapixels: %pxl

Shutter speed: %sspeed

Camera model: %smodel

Orientation: %proportion

Color profile: %profile

Camera model: %model

Camera lens: %lens

ISO: %iso

Aperture: %fnum

Flash: %flash

Image orientation: %orientation

Width: %width

Height: %height

Color depth: %depth

DPI: %dpi

Vendor: %vendor

Latitude: %lat

Longitue %lon

Altitude: %alt


Capture Time

Date: %date

Time: %time

Year: %yyyy

Year last two digits: %yy

Month: %mm

Name of month: %B

Name of month abbreviated: %b

Day: %dd

Day of the year (001-365): %j

Weekday: %W

Abbreviated weekday: %a

Hours (0,1…23): %HH

Hours (0,1…11): %hh

AM/PM: %t

Minutes: %MM

Seconds: %SS

Milliseconds: %ms



Track number: %ntrack

Audio bitrate: %bit

Audio sample rate: %rate

Channel mode: %chan

Genres: %genre

Artists – %artist

Composer: %composers

Year: %myear

Title: %mtitle

Album: %album

Conductor: %conductor


System Time

Today: %sysdd

Current month: %sysmm

Current year: %sysyyyy



Place: %place

Rating: %rating

Color label: %label

Event: %event

Copyrights: %crights

Scene: %scene

Subject code: %subjectcode

Intellectual Genre: %igenre

Title: %title

Description: %desc

Right usage terms: %usagerights

Office document subject: %docsubject

Office document manager: %docmanager



Software: %software

Filename: %filename

Number of pages: %pagecount

Creation DateTime: %crdatetime

Duration: %dur

License expiration: %expdate



Video codec: %vcodec

Bit rate: %vbitrate

Frame rate: %vframerate



ItemID: %itemid