Click the three dots icon 123 on the toolbar and select Settings.

In the Window that opens click Manage Users to switch to the User Management window, where you can create and delete users or adjust their access rights.


 Click the pencil icon to edit users, click the trash bin icon to delete them.

 Click this button to create new users.


Creating a new user


 Enter user’s name.

 Enter the user’s full name. This field is not required.

 Select a password. Be sure to use a good, preferably strong, password.

Choose a user role from the dropdown list.

 Check this option to temporarily prevent a user from accessing the catalog.

 Grant a dedicated connection to allow certain users to have permanent access to the catalog. This means that one connection is reserved for one particular user only – the remaining connections are shared between the other users.

To find out more about user roles in Daminion, read the article User Management.


Users created in the Web-Client are displayed under Users in Daminion Administration Panel for all shared catalogs. And vice versa: users created in Daminion Administration Panel via User Management appear in the user list in the Web-Client. They can access any web-catalog and can be edited or deleted. In the screenshot below, users Daria and Ria were deleted via the Administration Panel.


Please note, that user roles can be adjusted for each catalog. For example, the user John is given the Editor role for the Catalog #1 and the Guest role for the Catalog #2. On how to change user roles for different catalogs, read in the article Creating a New Shared Catalog.