Affordable price for small and mid-sized teams

From the outset, Daminion has been developed for small and mid-sized teams with tight budgets. The pricing scheme is simple and affordable. You can select between subscription and lifetime licenses. Check out our pricing.

How can I be sure that Daminion will bring a good return on my investment (ROI)?

Does your small team really need an overpriced DAM solution? A solution full of complications, that’s difficult to install, to customize, and to maintain? Are you ready to wait weeks before you can start importing your content?

Small companies don’t have multi-billion dollar budgets (yet) to invest in expensive IT solutions. Daminion was created with the needs of small teams firmly in mind. It’s an easy-to-install, easy-to-use, reliable, and very affordable solution. Daminion’s digital asset management system (DAM) ensures that you will get maximum ROI without the headaches frequently associated with more complex, more expensive systems.

Daminion is economical;  in short, you will pay less:

  • Installation: No need to pay extra for installation. It’s as easy as an out of the boxed product installation. No special knowledge required.
  • Your time: Make your decision to purchase Daminion, place your order, and begin importing your assets in as little as 30 minutes. No long phone conversations with software vendor representatives who are only interested in their own profits, charging top dollars instead of worrying about your unique problems. Install and use Daminion immediatelly after placing your order.
  • SQL Server:  Daminion Server uses Postgre SQL. In terms of reliability and speed it is comparable to Microsoft’s SQL Server and to Oracle, but Daminion Server is FREE of charge to you!
  • Windows Server:  Daminion can run on a common Windows platform like Windows XP Standard or Windows 7 Business. It is not necessary to buy an expensive Windows Server.
  • Administration: No full-time specialist (IT guy) is needed to help your team configure and manage your Daminion system. Daminion guarantees a low learning curve for the average PC user. Begin importing and organizing your files, quickly and easily.
  • We are a small team, too: Our low price reflects a smaller company with lower overhead. And you reap the benefits.


    Daminion - The Low-Cost Digital Asset Media Management System (DAM) for Small Teams