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  1. In Topic: Sorting choice to save and preload

    06 November 2018 - 09:10 PM

    Ok, Thanks for pointing this "solution".

    I known now why people develop GUI.
    A small check box near "Sort by" list would be nice.
    (Or at least hidden somewhere in Preferences menu/page)
  2. In Topic: Display full screen when double clic on map's photo

    06 November 2018 - 06:26 PM


    Here is a concrete example :

    In map below, I have to determine in thumbnail map if blue direction goes toward red or dark red direction in the map.
    I need this information in order to assign right village name at thumbnail.

    In a good workflow, I expect :
    - to double clic on thumbnail => open it in full screen in order to check which direction the blue line goes. This is better to do this in full screen (with zoom) rather than to guess through a small thumbnail.
    - In full screen, open properties panel and then assign the right village name in right label.
    That's all !

    Attached File  screen copy05-11-2018-07.51.37.jpg (551.07K)
    Number of downloads: 19

    By now, I let you imagine how complicate it is for doing this with actual Daminion build.

    I guess if I need this workflow, others users could also need such way to use Daminion.
  3. In Topic: Bug with Comment field ?

    06 November 2018 - 06:03 PM

    Yes, I saved datas under Daminion but nothing has been added in Exif section. I have also checked with ExifTools GUI but nothing more !!!
    That's a bit strange ! :wacko2: :shok:

    I'm running 1836 build and Win 8.1.

    Attached File  screen copy06-11-2018-18.53.08.jpg (216.39K)
    Number of downloads: 17
  4. In Topic: Bug with Comment field ?

    06 November 2018 - 02:17 PM

     Paul Barrett, on 06 November 2018 - 01:48 PM, said:

    If you do this on an image in Daminion it will show you all the metadata, and you can then see which field Windows uses.

    Ok, windows uses "XP Comment" field in Exif group/section :
    (See 'Brume' entered under windows)
    Attached File  screen copy06-11-2018-15.04.03.jpg (34.01K)
    Number of downloads: 13


    There is no universal standard for using these fields. I would never tag anything in Windows. Only in Daminion.

    Well, if you fill 'Comment' field under Daminion, Show all metada (powered by ExifTool)
    will show you nothing!!!
    At least under windows, your 'Comment' datas are exported under 'XP Comment'.
    with Daminion looks like to be compatible only with itself.
    Looks like there is no possibilities to export this 'Comment' field (except if there is bug under here.) ! ?


    If you have lost of photos that were tagged in Windows, you can use ExifTool to move tags from one field to another

    Ok, I will look into this.

    NB : This is just for testing. There no direct application behind this post, no pictured tagged in windows.
  5. In Topic: Basic shortcuts in Map window

    05 November 2018 - 06:49 AM


    In my laptop (without mouse), with Google map I can zoom in / Out and pan the map with keyboard (+, - , up, down, left, right) but not with Daminion.

    So if google provide controls why not to implement them in Daminion (for users without mouse ;-)


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