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  1. Delete sources files after successful transfert do not work

    21 January 2019 - 11:43 AM


    Looks like 'Delete sources files after successful transfert' do not work.
    I have a micro memory card inserter in USB adapter. (F: letter drive)
    I have also tried with Gopro connected directly to USB port but still the same, still have to delete manually items on memory card after transfert and import into Daminion.

    Attached File  screen copy21-01-2019-11.39.24.jpg (42.13K)
    Number of downloads: 3
  2. Change Created date when several items are selected

    21 January 2019 - 10:35 AM


    When you have several items selected in display window, you can change Created DateTime as below :
    Attached File  screen copy21-01-2019-11.29.59.jpg (35.62K)
    Number of downloads: 5

    but this also change hour/min/sec created time!!!

    Would be nice to keep these hour/min/sec created time when changing Creating DateTime through calendar. Without this, this feature is useless ? !
  3. File to import by drag and drop

    21 January 2019 - 09:24 AM


    In example below, it would be nice if when you drag and drop images from a folder (memory card or whatever) toward a Daminion's catalog folder to open 'choose file to import' window.
    NB : Destination folder (in import window) is pre loaded by folder where you dropped images.

    Attached File  Drag and drop to folder.jpg (275.98K)
    Number of downloads: 5
  4. Shift Date/Time

    21 January 2019 - 09:01 AM


    Yesterday I had to use shift date/time feature because last time i didn't remember that I had to remove gopro battery and i didn't setup date and time when switch on camera.

    so all pictures taken yesterday was with a wrong created date and time
    Created date was : 02/02/2016 !!

    Actually, you can shift date and time only by reference to created date (02/02/2016) : Forward and backward.
    That's not so easy to find how many years, months and day between yesterday (20/01/2019) and 02/02/2016.
    Attached File  screen copy21-01-2019-09.47.04.jpg (18.36K)
    Number of downloads: 2
    May be a dynamic display of created date calculated (and to be applied) from what you set in year/month/day would be enough.

    The fastest thing I know is I have to backward one day from today.
    Why to to add option 'Relative to today' and choose 'backward' and '1 day'

    The best way and most powerfull is to add a calendar feature and display.
    Attached File  screen copy21-01-2019-09.37.44.jpg (37.4K)
    Number of downloads: 2

    There is several way here to improve a bit more this valuable feature.


    Alain PIERRE
  5. Specific search field for Folder tree section

    14 November 2018 - 09:29 AM


    In Tag panel and Folder section, I wanted to filter folder tree by 'VTT',
    Attached File  screen copy14-11-2018-10.06.08.jpg (132.86K)
    Number of downloads: 14

    so I used filter tag search field but the result is not what I expected.
    Ok, I understand this search in every tag panel section.
    Attached File  screen copy14-11-2018-10.04.29.jpg (122.84K)
    Number of downloads: 17

    There is several problems with this solution :
    - Tag panel width has to be increased a lot to see full path
    - You can't easily and quickly browse and display results. (You need lots of clics and lauch each time a new query)

    Well, it would be nice to add a specific search field for folder, same as you can do and find in window explorer.
    The result would be this :
    Attached File  screen copy14-11-2018-10.06.08 - Copie.jpg (122.57K)
    Number of downloads: 17

    - results are display in same width panel
    - you can browse and display results by one clic


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