Andrew Mitchell
Biologist at Westnet

I like it that Daminion has no photo editing capability. I have also tried about 40 DAM products and like Daminion the best.  I discovered it when looking for a solution for cataloging pdf, movies and other ‘final product’ documents. Daminion is the only desktop solution I have found that comes even close to being useful. 

Kieran O'Carroll
Aircraft Engineer

Thanks for developing an excellent product that works as advertised. I have researched numerous options over an extended period but have always returned to Daminion as the best in breed. Thanks!

Scott Rosenthal
Embedded Systems Engineer

I evaluated eight different DAM-type packages and Daminion is by far the best one for asset management. The others don't even come close.

Alexiadis Nikolas
Technology Enterprise Architect, CISA

I accidentally found daminion! And I am is perhaps the best DAM software I ever used (and I am testing a lot of various types of software on a daily basis as a profession). Job very well done!!

Warren Bishop
Daminion Customer

Thank you for a GREAT photo management program, I've been looking for years and yours is the best!!

Martyn Dews
Daminion Customer

I have been using Daminion for a little while now in a trial capacity. I see it as the only real digital media cataloguing tool that's worth bothering with and believe me, I have tried many.

Larry Fjeldstrom
Graphic Design/Donor Services Co-ordinator at OneBook

I REALLY like Daminion. I find it very easy to use, very fast, and extremely flexible. I keep telling my friends about how much I like it!

Anthony Dowden
Daminion Customer

Really great piece of software. I am so glad that I chose to purchase this programme, it got consistently good write-ups in reviews of picture management software and after trying the free version for a couple of days I purchased the full version as I have many thousands of pictures. Thanks again for a terrific programme!

Gary S. Ownsby
Daminion Customer

In writing a Christmas letter to a relative far away, it was great to be able to locate various photos of our family so fast and put them into my letter. For the recipient, an lady in her mid-80's, photos mean the world to her as she hasn't seen most of her East Coast family for 30 years. Daminion made getting the photos easy and spiced up my letter. Great work! 

Mardon Erbland
Professional Photographer. Author of the “Island Insects” book.

"The more I use Daminion the more I appreciate its functionality. There seem to be new, neat features "popping up" the more I understand how to use the program. This is going to be a fantastic management tool for digital image assets. I just wanted to let the development team know that the feature set is terrific. Hope you don't wind up selling this to Adobe."


Jose Angel Calvo
Technical Director in Grupo XXI de Comunicación Empresarial

"I really like Daminion's philosophy and simplicity without unnecessary particularities, so keep the hard work. I feel it will be a standard in the DAM environments someday."

J.R. Shute
Co-director at Conservation Fisheries, Inc.

"Having great customer support has become increasingly rare these days. Daminion support is excellent! Couple that with a product that does what it is supposed to and you have a real winning combination!"


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