30-days money back guarantee

All Daminion Server editions include:

  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 1 Year's premium maintenance

    Maintenance provides free upgrades for one year, even across major version releases

  • 7 day bug-fix guarantee

    We fix bugs found in the latest published version of Daminion Server within 7 business days. For the purpose of this policy a bug is any defect that doesn't allow you to use an existing feature as it is described in the documentation. A missing feature or setting is not considered to be a bug, neither are minor graphic design issues, or issues that can easily be solved using an alternative approach, are not considered to be bugs.

for small teams
for individual pros
for family photos
Price: $499/user
Pricing Details
$199 US $99-149 US
Access from multiple computers:      
Can be used for commercial purposes

To use it commercially means to use it in any way connected to selling anything.

Can be used by companies:      
Number of users: 2 or more 1 1 or 2
Access restrict by User Roles:      
How many files can be imported: Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

A special time-limited offer

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Please specify the maximum number of users
that will be connected to Daminion Server at any given time
Volume discounts are available
You save:
Tax/VAT may be added for certain European countries. Exact details are provided before the order is completed.

Each Daminion Server user license grants you one concurrent connection. For example with 10 concurrent user license you can register an unlimited number of users but only 10 of them can log in and use Daminion at one time. The eleventh user attempting to log in would be blocked, and unable to initiate a session until one user logs out.



When you purchase our product you will receive your personal license key via e-mail. Online orders are processed immediately. Other types of order take longer: 1-2 days for POs, 3-5 days for bank transfers, and up to 3 weeks if payment is made by check (US) (cheque (UK)).

As soon as you’ve registered, you can use our technical support. If you do not receive your license code within two working days, please .




How do I get a written quote?

To get a written price quotation for Daminion Team Server simply fill in the price quotation request form.

Enter your contact data, the product name Daminion Team Server (product ID 300001868). You will receive the price quotation by e-mail as a PDF file.

For further questions, payment options, purchase orders, invoices, etc. please consult our customer care center at Share-IT or contact Share-IT directly via their service system or by phone. Their terms and conditions apply to all sales done through their shop system. please visit the Customer Care Center.


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