Digital Asset Management Solution for Designers and Creative Teams

Daminion is trusted as the preferred on-premise DAM solution for designers and creative teams in every industry to organize and centralize projects and marketing media files.

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DAM for Designers and creative teams
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How Daminion DAM Solution can help designers and creative teams


Store and process heavy drafts and hand drawings without lags and delays.

Work only with actual licensed images and photos and control current versions.


Manage your projects effectively by using a tone recognition engine that will help quickly locate and filter images of the required colors among many.

With Face recognition technology, find specific models among numerous pictures with many people.


Easily import your images to Photoshop and InDesign and work with them directly from your repository.

Cooperate with guest photographers and all types of photos and images in the proper way.

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Unified tagging system

Unified tagging system

Case: Your company’s project folders are a complete mess. Each employee creates "their own system." When you are searching for media, nothing can be found.

Hence, marketing productivity drops dramatically. You face a critical management problem—how to store all media in an effective way.

Solution: We offer a directory system with tagging creation. Your company creates its own tag system, or our specialist helps you create a unified tagging system.

Then you implement this approach and receive all the benefits of using one platform for all media-rich documents.

A single knowledge database, regardless of location

A single knowledge database, regardless of location

Case: You have several offices in the country or around the world. Someone works from home and someone from the office. How do you collaborate quickly and successfully?

Solution: DAM software. Your specialists, regardless of location, can choose images, rate them, edit them in Photoshop and InDesign, and release commercial offers and marketing brochures. Your workflow has never been organized so effectively. Everything is in one place, and all assets can be found in a second.

The story of many projects for one client in your system

The story of many projects in one place

Case: You have many different projects.

Solution: DAM software. And you will forget about searching in different folders and departments for all files. All files with a tag and necessary information will be found in a second.

Digital Asset Management for designers

Digital asset management software plays a huge role in facilitating day-to-day tasks for designers. Daminion will help you store, secure, and manage your assets in one place.

Also, this tool has integrations with the main applications for editing photos and images and speeds the creation of commercial proposals, marketing collateral, etc.

In addition, you can share, rate, and comment on assets within your team and with external partners.

Digital Asset Management for designers
Digital Asset Management for creative teams

Digital Asset Management for creative teams

For creative teams, a digital asset management tool is the easiest way to organize workflows.

It allows collaboration with external photographers and is one centralized, rights-controlled location for everyone to access branded templates, licenses, and image use rights, while providing information for future marketing projects, asset editing in all photo and video formats, and presentation of projects within the company or externally for clients.

What clients says about Daminion

Search for images in thousands of archives. I knew for sure that the image existed, but I could not find it without software.

The files were found in the folder structure created by the camera, and people didn't rename the folders - there was no way to quickly or at all find a specific photo. Took hours.

The main problem that Daminion is planning to solve is time!

Also creating presentations - without the DAM system, preparation can take 10 times longer than with the DAM system.

There is a big difference between searching for a keyword, quickly getting results, and jumping from one folder to another looking for the right file. Another factor is the quality of the photos.

Sometimes people use photos that are not of good quality because they simply couldn't find the best photo or they just didn't have time to search for the best image quality.

Ed Linn
Chicago Design Network

When we increased our design team and staff turnover increased, we have about 30 thousand images in the database (some we use rarely, some required constantly).

Then I began to look for a solution that would allow me to provide quick access to frequently used files, not to buy / not do the same thing several times.

In addition, sometimes we need to make presentations of several hundred patterns, colors, and shades; without the DAM system, it was always a headache for several days.

Now we save a lot of time and create proposals faster.

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Daminion will save you loads of time!

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