A Digital Asset Management Solution for Sales Managers

Daminion is trusted as the preferred on-premise DAM solution for sales departments to organize and centralize projects and marketing media files.

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DAM for sales
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How Daminion DAM Solution can help sales managers


All branded and stock imagery is properly organized and in a convenient library.


A unique AI auto-tagging system will significantly simplify the whole tagging process and help you create a logical and relevant identity for every image or photo in your library.


Use our signature drag-and-drop integration with PowerPoint and InDesign to create beautiful commercial offers and proposals with just a few clicks.

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Challenges in content management system for sales



Case: You urgently need to make a presentation.

Solution: With DAM software, you can quickly find and collect all the photos you need to begin working. Once collected, you can then compare different options, choose the best picture by putting the stars on them, edit them in Photoshop and InDesign, and even send them directly to colleagues.

One System

One System

Case: Your company has images scattered in different folders on the server, and there is no single algorithm to help find them.

Solution: DAM software is a unified directory system with a user-friendly interface that helps you quickly find all the files you need.

Remote work

Remote work

Case: You need to work remotely with the data library.

Solution: Daminion have 2 versions: on-premises and cloud based, with any of them you can work at any spot of the globe

Totally Secure Software

Totally Secure Software

Case: You need totally secure software.

Solution: Daminion is an on-premise solution. You will have everything on your local servers under your firewall controlled by your IT team.

Moderated access

Moderated access

Case: You work with different teams on different projects. You want to take photos of your work and share with one group, but keep them private from everyone else.

Solution: This is also possible. You can make close folders, add only authorized coworkers, and keep working on projects.



Case: Your colleagues were on a business trip. And you urgently need to find photos from there. How to do it quickly?

Solution: With the help of our artificial intelligence, which will find the geolocation itself, you will quickly find all the necessary files.

Digital Asset Management for sales specialists

There are many ways that professional sellers can benefit from using a DAM solution.

Daminion can help sales teams properly organize storage of both corporate and stock imagery with necessary tags to easily find specific photos or images, while unique drag-and-drop integration with InDesign and PowerPoint will make the process of creating commercial proposals exceptionally easy and fast.

Digital Asset Management for sales specialists

What clients says about Daminion

For us, Daminion is:

  • It was a great way to show the photos she received from their sales representatives to colleagues.
  • Track the selection of images for press releases.
  • Manage various projects in one convenient place.
Gemma, Samantha

The main problem is that we have a lot of products (tables, chairs) and, as a result, a lot of their images. But not all models are famous; some are discontinued.

Before Daminion, there was no way to conveniently track which images belonged to an unpopular model to remove them from the public section (used by sales managers to demonstrate to customers). We also use it for cataloging, tagging, centralized access, exporting the desired image.

Kollin Hodge


Daminion will save you loads of time!

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