A Digital Asset Management Solution for Media & Entertainment Companies

Manage, store, and deliver media files to customers and transfer within departments for approvals and making edits.

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DAM for Entertainment
Entertainment companies use Daminion daily
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How Daminion DAM Solution can help Entertainment companies


Store and manage large number of media assets such as movies and podcasts, movie clips, interactive images, posters, and e-content.

The media files that are regularly needed to be stored and delivered to the customers and transferred within the departments for making edits and achieving approvals.


Solve the problem of multimedia overload by making it easy to find any given asset and move it through the necessary stages of its workflow.

Allow AI-powered tagging and management of large videos and multimedia files to provide seamless integration with Adobe Premier and InDesign.


Set limitations. Security is paramount for entertainment firms, and one of the first rules of data security is to limit the exposure of assets to only the necessary number of users. Photographers, models, legal teams, and others only see the material that is relevant to them.

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A centralized base of video content

A centralized base of video content

Case: You have thousands of media files and hundreds of file folders. You look for files here, there, everywhere and can find nothing. Considering that the cost of shooting is prohibitive, this lack of automation could be “the last straw.”

Solution: DAM software. You can store, manage, and organize all the files with a tag system and artificial intelligence features. Also, you can use our integrations with the leading photo and video editors to work with files and create any type of material.

Unruly in storage and archives

Unruly in storage and archives

Case: Your company’s project folders are a complete mess. Each manager creates a system, and nothing can be found.

Solution: We offer a directory system with tagging creation. Your company can create its own tag system, or our specialists can help you. Then you implement this approach and receive all the benefits of using one platform for all media-rich documents.

Removing duplicates

Removing duplicates

Case: Everyone copies the same photos and videos to make “their own” shared collections, and now you have gigantic storage numbers, with 30% of them being duplicates.

Solution: DAM software platform. You can get rid of duplicate photos and poor-quality images. Moreover, all images have a unique ID number, which facilitates working with a specific image.

Creation of brochures and commercials

Creation of brochures and commercials

Case: You need to create an advertisement within your brand template.

Solution: You can use our AI “Search by Color” function to find appropriate images and, with our Adobe integrations, create a brand advertisement. Also, you can share your work with your team and let them rate all versions to find the best.

What clients says about Daminion

Daminion makes work more productive and saves time. For example, we find a file (a teaser for the game), drag it from Daminion to Premiere Pro, where we edit the file, then send it to the communication department, which is responsible for posting videos on social networks (Facebook, YouTube, official website, etc.).

Previously, this work took hours, now minutes.

Ed Decker
Blizzard Entertainment

We are not using a management system in the past. Our biggest issue was organization and finding files. There was no standardization of stored files, so finding files is cumbersome.

We looked for ease of tagging content and files automatically organized into collections. Daminion was the best choice for us.

Matt Johnston
Power Nation Studios

Before Daminion, there was a folder organization of files on the server. The problem with this approach was that such a search was prolonged and required a lot of routine work in general and time-wasting (copying, creating duplicates, editing in Photoshop, attaching to email).

Now all this is possible in Daminion in minutes.

Jance Allen
Sucker Punch

Daminion helps us create and manage an internal corporate catalog of different processed media files and source media files.

We share files with external partners and press (limited time links/password links/etc.). Also, we use Daminion schedule publishing, version updates, approval, and restrictions management.

Andrey Gavrilov


Daminion will save you loads of time!

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