Digital Asset Management Solution for Marketing Teams and Business Development Specialists

Marketers and business development specialists trust Daminion as their preferred on-premise digital asset management solution.

Whether simply managing shots or creatively collaborating on advertising campaigns, Daminion provides a single source of truth for storing, managing, and distributing brand and marketing media files.

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Marketing teams use Daminion daily
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How Daminion Digital Assets Management technology (DAM) can help marketing departments and business development function


Ensure brand consistency by collecting and organizing brand imaging assets in a single system and giving both the creative team and their external partners shared access.


Prepare your projects on time. Use our integrations with top editing applications like Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe Premiere Pro. Select, rate, comment, and create marketing collateral and brochures in one smart ecosystem.


Follow all marketing updates and templates within your company. The DAM tool always reminds users of the expiration date of licenses and restricts inappropriate usage of content.

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Challenges in content management system for marketing

One System

One System

Case: Your company has images scattered in different folders on the server, and there is no single algorithm to help find them.

Solution: DAM software is a unified directory system with a user-friendly interface that helps you quickly find all the files you need.

Moderated access

Moderated access

Case: You work with different teams on different projects. You want to take photos of your work and share with one group, but keep them private from everyone else.

Solution: This is also possible. You can make close folders, add only authorized coworkers, and keep working on projects.

Remote work

Remote work

Case: You need to work remotely with the data library.

Solution: Daminion have 2 versions: on-premises and cloud based, with any of them you can work at any spot of the globe

Photos from the events

Photos from the events

Case: You organize different events with students and use photos for commercial or social networks. Also, you have a list of the students who don't want to be on such photos. How do you think you can solve this task within 5 minutes?

Solution: In Daminion software, you can use the Face Recognition feature. How does it work? You download all images in Daminion. The Face Recognition feature finds all students from the prohibited list.

Then, you can use the rest of the photos to design brochures or commercials with our Adobe integrations.



Case: You are using different images that have licenses. You need to keep your licenses up to date and not use images with expired licenses.

Solution: In Daminion, you will immediately see if the license has expired or is about to expire. This will help you work with any image without fear of fines or courts.



Case: You urgently need to make a presentation.

Solution: With DAM software, you can quickly find and collect all the photos you need to begin working. Once collected, you can then compare different options, choose the best picture by putting the stars on them, edit them in Photoshop and InDesign, and even send them directly to colleagues.

Digital Asset Management for Marketing teams

Marketers are the main users of digital asset management software.

Daminion always helps the marketing team store, organize, and work with images, create proposals and marketing materials, work with different integrations to edit photos and videos (Premiere Pro, InDesign, Photoshop, etc.).

Our digital asset management platform helps marketers free up time for innovation by reducing time-consuming day-to-day picture management processes.

Digital Asset Management for Marketing teams
Digital Asset Management for  Business  Development Specialists

Digital Asset Management for Business Development Specialists

Business development specialists need to maintain and improve their brand’s reputation and visibility in the local market and worldwide.

With professional digital management software, it is much easier to create and launch a marketing campaign according to the brand book and in compliance with the brand policy. The BD specialist can find and use the company's templates and forget the tedious approval process.

What clients says about Daminion

If you have many images, it isn't easy to find a specific picture without special programs. Daminion significantly reduces the time spent on image searching and creating proposals. Daminion is much more convenient than the folder system. Because the number of folders always increases dramatically and makes the workflow difficult.

Working in Daminion is also simple - one-word - one second - you already have the desired image. In the folders system, you need to go to each folder and view thumbnails; if the image is not in this folder, go to another, etc. This is tedious and time-consuming.

Daminion knows how to create cross-references; and find images that meet several parameters at once (for example, Health care, Exterior, Renovations) without creating duplicates.

Ken and Jonah

We have many photos related to different projects, so Daminion is an easy way to find what we need very quickly. The main way to use the program is photo management and quick file extraction. We can save time with Daminion, and that's the most important thing.

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Daminion will save you loads of time!

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