A Robust, Secure Digital Asset Management Solution for Governments and Management Authorities to Organize and Centralize Their Media Files

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How Daminion Can Help Governments and Management Authorities


Provides totally secured instant access to your digital assets.

Creates secured directories for sensitive information and gives access only to authorized users.


Allows storage, collection, and comparing your files in collaboration with your team.

Works with your files on your server behind your secured firewall controlled by your IT specialist.

Ai tagging

Gets rid of broken links when dragging and dropping images into PowerPoint and InDesign with our built-in integration.

Uses our face recognition and geotagging artificial intelligence.

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Totally Secure Software

Totally Secure Software

Case: You need totally secure software.

Solution: Daminion is an on-premise solution. You will have everything on your local servers under your firewall controlled by your IT team.



Case: Confidentiality is essential to government agencies.

Solution: With our digital asset management tool, you can set team-dependent permissions that allow access to certain folders only for authorized users.



Case: You need to view and edit the metadata of the files.

Solution: You can use DAM software to view, edit, and delete essential metadata about the file and send it.

One System

One System

Case: Your company has images scattered in different folders on the server, and there is no single algorithm to help find them.

Solution: DAM software is a unified directory system with a user-friendly interface that helps you quickly find all the files you need.



Case: You urgently need to make a presentation.

Solution: With DAM software, you can quickly find and collect all the photos you need to begin working. Once collected, you can then compare different options, choose the best picture by putting the stars on them, edit them in Photoshop and InDesign, and even send them directly to colleagues.

What Governments and CMAs says about Daminion

The Tacoma Media Relations Office uses Daminion for storing and processing photographs.

With Daminion, all photos can be found very quickly and due to the integration with Photoshop and Indesign, they can be easily processed.

Brian Cox
Tacoma City

We were looking for software to organize photos and videos for distributing content professionally. And we also needed a tool that allowed departments outside of our organization to search images and videos easily and organized. And all these functions are provided by Daminion. So now our work with images runs very fast and effective.

Collin Davis
Mount Pleasant Gov

We wanted to find software with the following criteria:

  • Use for external and internal parties, including the ability to regulate privacy and features for external parties
  • Storage for various formats
  • Ability to resize and reformat files within the software, as well as built-in resizing for appropriate aspect ratios for social media platforms
  • Integration with Adobe Creative Suite, as well as other storage software so that we can drag and drop assets from places like google drive, dropbox, etc.

And all these features we found in Daminion. Our cooperation is a success and I happy that we started using the DAM system

Victoria Sharp


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