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How Daminion digital asset management software can help Universities, Colleges and Schools


Have Instant access to the knowledge base of your institution. Easy to find, impossible lost. Centralize your digital assets into one easily accessible repository.

Drag and drop images to Powerpoint and InDesign and forget about broken links.


Use face recognition feature. Search and find persons in photos.

Improve external connections of your institution. Make your marketing material in a brand book template in a second.

Ai tagging

Make significant research and experiments. Take and store photos, observe the changes in different stages, rate images and share with your colleagues.

Anyone on your team can quickly find, use, edit, and share media files without asking for help. All the changes will be saved automatically in the history of the image.

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Challenges in content management system for higher education



Case: You need to create branded products with your logos, watermarks, and photos.

Solution: Everything is straightforward. Select photos, add all necessary tags, upload to Photoshop or Indesign and create marketing materials for your school.



Case: You are using different images that have licenses. You need to keep your licenses up to date and not use images with expired licenses.

Solution: In Daminion, you will immediately see if the license has expired or is about to expire. This will help you work with any image without fear of fines or courts.

Photos from the events

Photos from the events

Case: You organize different events with students and use photos for commercial or social networks. Also, you have a list of the students who don't want to be on such photos. How do you think you can solve this task within 5 minutes?

Solution: In Daminion software, you can use the Face Recognition feature. How does it work? You download all images in Daminion. The Face Recognition feature finds all students from the prohibited list. Then, you can use the rest of the photos to design brochures or commercials with our Adobe integrations.

Face recognition

Face Recognition

Case: You need to find all of Professor Dumbledore's photos.

Solution: With our feature Face Recognition, you will find all the photos you need in seconds.

Dozens of images

Dozens of images

Case: You have returned from a museum, business trip, expedition, and your phone and camera are full of photos of different objects that you would like to use. Or your colleagues ask you to find pictures from a business trip in 2008 and then you need to look for an image of “that vase”.

Or colleagues need to see a photo of the first two days of an experiment that was conducted a year ago, but the responsible employee quit six months ago. Sounds like the tasks that will require 3-4 hours of monotonous and tedious work.

Solution: All photos will be added to our tool—basically, all the images. And the problem of the statute of limitations and employees who no longer work in the company will not be a problem for you. You will find all files by tags/person/metadata and so on.

Moderated access

Moderated access

Case: You work with different teams on different projects. You want to take photos of your work and share with one group, but keep them private from everyone else.

Solution: This is also possible. You can make close folders, add only authorized coworkers, and keep working on projects.



Case: Your colleagues were on a business trip. And you urgently need to find photos from there. How to do it quickly?

Solution: With the help of our artificial intelligence, which will find the geolocation itself, you will quickly find all the necessary files.

External connections

External connections

Case: A photographer, an external professors, and other non-institutional colleagues need to send images and files to you and your team. But you're afraid of losing those files in a world of endless folders.

Solution: You can give your colleagues guests access for them to upload all the necessary files to the waiting room. And then, you will filter the images and allow them to be added to the main archive.


Creation of a brochure for applicants

Case: You need to create promotional materials for applicants.

Solution: You can select the necessary photos by colors, objects in the image, geolocation, and then edit the images in Photoshop and InDesign with our smart solution.


Remote work

Case: You need to work remotely with the data library.

Solution: Daminion have 2 versions: on-premises and cloud based, with any of them you can work at any spot of the globe

Experiment observation

Experiment observation

Case:You need to follow the experiment.

Solution: Make photos, compare with other images, share with external laboratories and internal teams. You can take thousands of pictures and never lose any of them.

The Digital Asset Management solution for education institutions

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What clients says about Daminion

Daminion allowed us to create a metadata tagging system that could be used to search and locate images, not just by the services but also by students they are training and by our customers.

Our services need Daminion because it helps with case searches, retrospective studies, and research. Daminion is far superior to what we had before and gives us the ability to create a better quality structure across the board.

Christopher Eichman
North Carolina State University

We develop a large number of multimedia files. Then, we realized that some files were lost or not used. Therefore, we have implemented Daminion into our daily work. Daminion allows you to use all the developments and not lose information.

Colin Wood

We had a lot of files and folders; no one knew what was where, no names/indexing/structure or easy search capabilities, just mess. In addition, each marketer had their own folder with other folders.

Due to the lack of organization and many duplicates, the work on the search for the necessary photo began to take a critical amount of time. Therefore, we decided to start working with Daminion.

Gerben van Leeuwen

We need a tool for employees to have access to the generated media files (images and videos) due to using search capabilities.

We used to organize on a file server, but the problem with this organization is that someone could move the image or delete it, and it would no longer be accessible. Daminion makes it possible to upload a photo (by placing it in the database) and at the same time not lose access to this file and not damage the organizational structure.

Protecting data from deletion is one of the key advantages of Daminion over its competitors. I also really like that Daminion has options: viewing and editing metadata, organizing collections yourself and assigning keywords.

I also use the web client function a lot. I can give the URL to one of the employees, and this person can go to the directory, find the image he needs and upload it for use in training materials (for the course being compiled).

We use a lot of stock photos. It's easier for us to put the image in a centralized Daminion database and give it access to people to search for the image directly in the database.


Case Studies

Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp

Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp manage distributed files with ease which improves their work efficiency

Daminion software helps the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp form a workflow with files for staff and freelancers.

They have created their own taxonomy to enable quick search which resulted in a more efficient workflow across departments.

Instead of using online search engines to find file alternatives, the team is now able to use Daminion to navigate through their files and quickly locate the required information. Learn More

The University of Chicago decided to change their in-house solution for Daminion to simplify the team access to storage.

The University of Chicago had its solution for working with files, but it wasn't user-friendly for most employees, especially newbies.

That was one of the reasons why The University of Chicago looked for a new system. Besides, it was required to speed up managing files (searching and uploading functionalities) and displaying all types of files. Learn More

The University of Chicago


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