Digital Asset Management Solution for Non-Profit Environmental Organizations and Endowment Funds to Manage and Centralize Their Projects and Media Files

Organize, Centralize, and Share Worldwide Your Media Library, Photos, and Videos.

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DAM for enviroment
Environmental companies use Daminion daily
Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp
Global Greengrants Fund
Xerces Society
LOTT Clean Water Alliance

Environmental organizations and funds use Daminion to centralize, organize and share project digital assets


Store and manage your digital assets in a secure way.

Collaborate with your team, share with external partners, make comparisons and changes, rate assets, and comment on your digital content all in one system.


Upload photos and videos from any place in the world. Edit files. Create marketing materials with Photoshop, InDesign, and other integrations.

Try AI features like geotagging your media, using face recognition for your photos, or auto-tagging your files. Digitize your assets to help streamline your work.


Improve your work with brand management. Manage all marketing material in one brand’s style, create brochures in one click, and increase your brand visibility to attract the attention of your contribution.

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Creation of brochures

Case: You urgently need images to create beautiful and colorful brochures.

Solution: There is a catalog of fully-tagged photos ready to use in your storage with Daminion software. With the assistance of artificial intelligence, you can filter images by color, the subject of the picture, location, etc. to find what you need.

Once selected, you can use our Photoshop and InDesign integrations to bring together the images and your brand template to start creating your marketing material.



Case: You're creating an advertisement for a client who has told you some of the people in the photos won't allow use of their likeness, while others are okay with it.

Solution: The "Face recognition" feature. With the help of our artificial intelligence, you can find and flag these photos to always comply with all the client's privacy conditions

Different types of images

Different types of images

Case: Each photographer sends you different types of files.

Solution: DAM software works with all kinds of files and displays thumbnails.

Removing duplicates

Removing duplicates

Case: You save thousands of photos after an event or business trip. Many of them are repeated or of poor quality.

Solution: With the DAM software platform, you can eliminate duplicates and poor-quality images. Moreover, all images have a unique ID number that facilitates work with a particular photo; you can also rate them and choose the best option with your team.



Case: Your employees work on environmental expeditions and related business trips that have them traveling worldwide. You frequently need images from those specific locations to prepare a series of social media posts.

Solution: Geolocation tagging. Daminion reads image metadata and finds where the photo was taken. In Daminion, you can easily search for any location on a map, and the tool will show you all the files from that place.

Save to compare

Save to compare

Case: You need the ability to store different photos in a secure place to review and make comparisons at a later date.

Solution: With our digital asset management tool, you can access your images, their metadata, and records of changes. You can save and compare all images with the same tag, location, color, etc.

What partners says about Daminion

We tried to create an image catalog with multi-user access, but our assets are located on disks and in the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox), so it was difficult to use photos and track the current licenses for the right to use the images.

We take photos of different animals and plants as part of our work. We can use these photos immediately for brochures and manuals and in a few years for books, so the images mustn't be lost. Daminion helps create a centralized archive and facilitates the process of searching photos.

Karl Souza

We used to have different software which wasn’t as user-friendly as Daminion. Using Daminion helps us be more efficient in working with images and saves a lot of time because we can have everything in one place now. Daminion is a step forward for us from what we had, and we are convinced it is a great solution.

Nico Van Aerde
Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp

"I knew for sure that there was a photo, but I could not remember where." Thus began my 4 hours marathon of searching for one photo. And then I realized that everything had gone too far. I need a special solution.

The underlying problem we solved with Daminion. It's a time problem. We've reduced searching time from hours to minutes.

We also use the GPS option. We take a photo, and AI geotags it, then my colleagues and I can easily find the picture.

We also do a lot of presentations. Previously, colleagues asked me to find the right photo, and now all specialists can find the right image themselves, add it to Photoshop and InDesign, and create a presentation. There is a big difference between searching for a keyword, quickly getting results, and jumping from one folder to another looking for the correct file.

Another factor was the quality of the photos. Sometimes people used poor-quality images because they didn't have time to search for the best image quality. However, with the Daminion 5 stars rating system, we forget about this issue, and our presentations have become even more beautiful. We also like Daminon because we can tag people or use the Face Recognition feature.

Karen Tuomey
LOTT Clean Water Alliance

Case Studies

Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp

Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp organizes digital assets and manages successful collaboration for internal and external work.

The ITM has many images that need to be categorized and accessible to internal and external team members. Daminion helped them organize their assets, improve team collaboration and reduce turnaround time.

The benefit of successfully managing digital assets is always a great time saver for all team members. Learn More

Global Greengrants Fund organizes and optimizes working processes with files in one system.

Daminion was chosen among other DAM systems because of its extended tagging capabilities.

The team at the Global Greengrants Fund categorizes all their media files before uploading to the main catalog to make sure they only have high-quality images to work with.

They mostly use Daminion in the comms department to support their work on a daily basis where speed is a key factor. Daminion also helps them to handle all marketing collateral and makes external file sharing very simple and quick. Learn More

Global GreenGrants Fund


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