Digital Asset Management Solution for Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Real Estate Companies (AEC firms)

Daminion is trusted as the preferred on-premise DAM solution for Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Real Estate firms worldwide to Organize and Centralize Projects and Marketing Media Files.

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DAM for Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Real Estate Companies
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How Daminion DAM Solution can help Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Real Estate Firms


Have instant access to your photo archive and marketing collaterals.

Anyone on your team can quickly find, use, edit, and share media files without asking for help.


Centralize your digital assets into one easily accessible repository.

Improve internal and external work with partners, clients, and joint projects.


Improve your proposal creation process.

Drag and drop images into Powerpoint and InDesign and forget about broken links.

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A quick search for images, drawings, and technical documentation

A quick search for images, drawings, and technical documentation

Case: Your company worked on the project five years ago. Now the client has returned and asked to make some changes. All the employees who were involved in this project are no longer working. How do you find all the documentation? Photos? Videos?

Solution: DAM software. Our tool stores all data, tags, and metadata in one system in order to find all files related to design and construction, etc. The team can upload pictures and files, and they will stay forever. You can always restore all the information and find it in a second.

Geotagging of photos

Geotagging of photos

Case: You have engineers, builders, and designers who may work on the same projects in your company. How can you find all the media files from different teams related to one specific location?

Solution: You can use Daminion’s artificial intelligence tool, which quickly reads all metadata.

Your engineers may take photos with their cell phones, members of the construction team can use different phones and cameras, and your designers may engage professional photographers, but regardless, all photos and images will be found in the Daminion project-based system by geotagging with just a click.

Rapid view files using a thumbnail

Rapid view files using a thumbnail

Case: Your company has a lot of projects and a lot of pictures. You need videos and images to create proposals.

Solution: For quick search and viewing of photos, we offer smart search by color, geolocation, objects, and quick thumbnail view. For example, imagine searching for all the red-roofed houses you pictured in San Francisco.

No problem: you're looking for a red roof, geolocating San Francisco. And in a few minutes, you see thumbnails of all the photos and videos with the necessary objects.

The story of many projects for one client in your system

The story of many projects for one client in your system

Case: You have many different projects for one client.

Solution: DAM software. And you will forget about searching in different folders and departments for all files associated with the same client. All files with a tag and necessary information will be found in a second.

Secure folders

Secure folders

Case: You are working on military or private projects. Due to confidentiality, not all of the team members have access rights to certain folders.

Solution: You can block access to such folders from unauthorized employees with our digital asset management software.

Guest photographers

Guest photographers

Case: You work with photographers and want them to be able to upload their pictures into the system, but you don't want to show your documentation.

Solution: You can select third-party guest admissions. They will upload all the files in the guest space, and then the administrator will include the files in the shared database.

A single knowledge database, regardless of location

A single knowledge database, regardless of location

Case: You have several offices in the country or around the world. Someone works from home and someone from the office. How do you collaborate quickly and successfully?

Solution: DAM software. Your specialists, regardless of location, can choose images, rate them, edit them in Photoshop and InDesign, and release commercial offers and marketing brochures.

Your workflow has never been organized so effectively. Everything is in one place, and all assets can be found in a second.

Unified tagging system

Unified tagging system

Case: Your company’s project folders are a complete mess. Each manager creates "their own system." When you are searching for media, nothing can be found. Hence, marketing productivity drops dramatically. You face a critical management problem—how to store all media in an effective way.

Solution: We offer a directory system with tagging creation. Your company creates its own tag system, or our specialist helps you create a unified tagging system. Then you implement this approach and receive all the benefits of using one platform for all media-rich documents.

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Digital Asset Management for Architecture

Digital assets are one of the essential things for an architectural company.

The DAM system will save your files and help you quickly find everything by client's names and ready-made objects.

Using a DAM solution for architecture will facilitate the proposal creation process by relying on integrations with InDesign, Photoshop, and MS Office, while also simplifying interactions within the team, with clients, and with contractors alike.

Digital Asset Management for Architecture
Digital Asset Management for Engineering

Digital Asset Management for Engineering

For engineering companies, digital assets are an excellent way to show expertise to customers, win deals and develop business.

DAM Solution for Engineering will help focus on benefits and creativity and forget about constantly searching for extra resources. In addition, you will get rid of unnecessary routines with the aid of custom tags and support for almost all known file formats.

Digital Asset Management for Construction

Construction firms have terabytes of photos, project imagery, and videos of various objects, and Daminion will help organize your library.

With DAM Solution for Construction, you can instantly demonstrate your successful projects to clients. Due to intelligent search and integration with maps, your team will have access to the necessary data in just a minute.

Digital Asset Management for Construction

What clients says about Daminion

The big thing for us is that we need to have a solution on-premise and not cloud-based. Because we have a lot of photos that we have in terms of non-disclosure agreements from clients that want to be private, another important topic is functionality and interface.

I want it to have all the content, which is easy to access—software, which is good to work with, now we have it all.

Mark Fugina
Tim Barber Architects

We have had a lot of the same clients for years and multiple projects with the same clients. And have a lot of historical photos. And we not really convenient to manually look at the photos of the old projects with the same client.

We tried six different solutions. There were several really manual solutions, but that did not really work. But then we came across Daminion, which was exactly what we were looking for.

Ed Linn
Chicago Design Network

We find geotagging very useful; the location is very important because many engineers will go with their iPhones to take pictures.

It depends. We are a big company, so we do many things. I could not even name all their tags. Of course, some of them are used more than others, but metallurgy has its tags, different types of rocks, texted by a rock guy. Electrical guys, wood guys have their tags.

But what all of them find useful is geotagging. Because they say: Oh, we did a project in that city so let’s go and look there, let’s compare.

Mao Hong
Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.

One of the great things about Daminion is that all assets are referenced; we don’t need to send the files around because all the team can use Daminion, so we just refer to them, and there is no miscommunication or excessive file sharing.

Steven Yates
Architecture, Incorporated

The Digital Asset Management solution for the built world

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Case Studies

Leroy Street Studio

Leroy Street Studio (an award-winning architectural studio from New York) manages distributed files with ease, which improves their work efficiency.

Using Daminion software, Leroy Street Studio was able to rearrange the structure of the digital assets and organize their files in one centralized repository, providing extended access for both architects and marketing specialists.

They created their own taxonomy to facilitate quick searches, resulting in a more efficient workflow across departments.

Instead of using online search engines to find file alternatives, the team is now using Daminion to navigate through their files and quickly locating the required information.

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Hedrick Brothers Construction (full-service, quality-driven construction management and general contracting firm from Florida) secures their brand with centralization and automation to create winning collateral.

Hedrick Brothers’ used to have a simple folder-based structure with lots of uncategorized files. It took their marketing team a lot of time to find the right assets and resulted in an unproductive and delayed production process.

Their marketing department was struggling to work with the ever-expanding database of files and could not locate the required files quickly, spending lots of time searching for assets. The marketing team needed to produce promotional collateral on the go. Still, their inability to locate the right files swiftly was causing a lot of unnecessary delays in the production process.

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Hedrick Brothers Construction


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