Digital Asset Management Solution for Video Editing Departments and Production Teams

Daminion is trusted as the preferred on-premise DAM solution for video editing departments and production teams to organize and centralize projects and marketing media files.

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DAM for video editors
Video editorial departments and production teams use Daminion daily

How Daminion DAM Solution can help video editing departments and production teams


Organize your collection of thousands of clips, sounds, music, textures, special FX, and other digital assets in highly visual and organic ways.

Different teams may edit media files without creating unnecessary sources by working all together with just one file from different physical and virtual locations.


Daminion provides a fix for messy file folders and unorganized asset libraries because it ingests all of your video assets, assigns metadata to all of your production assets so they're easy to search, and allows users to control who has access to which assets and when.

This facilitates a smooth post-production editing workflow with drag-and-drop support for your non-linear editor of choice.


A flexible approach to data safety will help you organize your media assets in such a way that each team member will see only the files they have permissions to access.

Minimize the load on your file servers with Daminion's ad hoc file requests that only retrieves necessary files and opens them directly in your editor of choice.

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Challenges in digital asset management system for video editors



Case: You need to view and edit the metadata of the files.

Solution: You can use DAM software to view, edit, and delete essential metadata about the file and send it.

Moderated access

Moderated access

Case: You work with different teams on different projects. You want to take photos of your work and share with one group, but keep them private from everyone else.

Solution: This is also possible. You can make close folders, add only authorized coworkers, and keep working on projects.

One System

One System

Case: Your company has images scattered in different folders on the server, and there is no single algorithm to help find them.

Solution: DAM software is a unified directory system with a user-friendly interface that helps you quickly find all the files you need.

Digital Asset Management for video editing departments

Working in video production is always a mix of creativity, care, and speed, as well as attention to non-creative aspects of the process.

The digital asset management solution aids this process by allowing team members to govern assets, licenses, ratings, and comments while also allowing users to edit directly in their preferred editing program.

Digital Asset Management for video editing departments
Digital Asset Management for production teams

Digital Asset Management for production teams (the environment team, the character team, and the concept team)

Workflow between different teams and departments can slow down or even stop due to misunderstandings and technical issues. However, with digital asset management software, the number of groups doesn't play any role.

Daminion provides the ability to create teams of any size, made up of employees, partners, and clients. There's even an option to provide guest space for external subcontractors.

Between control of authorized access for different team members and collaborative features like design ideation, rating and commenting on videos and photos, and more, teamwork in the digital asset tools is efficient and fast.

What clients says about Daminion

How we work with Daminion: we find a file, for example, a teaser for a game, drag it from Daminion to Premier Pro, where we edit the file, then send it to the communication department, which is responsible for posting videos on social networks (on Facebook, YouTube, the official website, etc.).

Here is one of the examples of our successful and fast work. We also use Daminion for cataloging video and audio, and photo archives.

Ed Decker

The cataloging a massive number of files before Damonion was totaly disaster for us. Our collection of files and references began to grow out of control for years.

Each team member had their own way of finding files in this mess and sharing them. Ultimately, we agreed that they needed a system to tag, search, and organize files.

First, we organized image library but then rapidly move on to Daminion. We can quickly find images and share them with team members, which is an excellent time-saver for us.

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