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Speed up your creative workflows with Daminion 3D & Digital Asset Management Solution

Ideal for teams of 3D Artists, 3D Modellers, Industrial Designers

Imagine an easy-to-navigate, secure repository for all your digital assets:

3D assets, photos, videos, documents, brochures.

Everything at your fingertips, always.

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On-Premise Version


Cloud Version

Why Daminion

Quality Previews for all your 3D formats

Forget about generic icons for 3D files.

Daminion generates visual high-res thumbnails for all your 3D files: Max, Maya, Unreal, Cinema 4D, etc...

Rotate and Zoom 3D models and scenes

Dive deep into your 3D model library with Daminion, designed to let you seamlessly rotate and zoom for meticulous inspection and selection.

Ensure every angle is perfect and every detail aligns with your vision

A Single Digital Asset Hub For All Departments

Re-use your Intellectual Properties instead of making them from skratch just because you can't find them.

Cost-Effective and Reliable

Daminion offers a fair price point.

The On-Premise version ensures your assets remain on your infrastructure and doesn't compromise on performance or reliability.

Efficient and User-Friendly

The interface is simple to navigate.

Users can quickly share links and reuse assets to accelerate collaboration and production, streamlining workflows for all users.

Adaptable & Comprehensive Support

The platform adjusts to different department needs.

If issues arise, the support team is approachable and aims to resolve queries.
Ethan Stings
Customer Opinion

Daminion undeniably saves a considerable amount of time. The time saved really depends on what the artists are searching for.

If it's a niche item they're sure we've drawn before but can't recall where, which is common after 14 years, it can save hours of drawing.

If they're looking for something they know we've used frequently and just need a starting point, it can save them around ten to 15 minutes.

In all cases, it's a valuable tool.

Ethan Sting
Technical Director at Floyd County Productions

Since 2003

1000+ Customers

We outperform your DAM requirements checklist

  • Can generate rotatable 3D previews for (Maya, Max, FBX, Cinema, and other 3D formats)
  • Reliable solution from a mature company with 15+ years on the market
  • Has a local on-premise version that works with existing media library on a corporate File Server
  • Superior tagging capabilities: automatic AI tagging, batch tagging, custom tags, hierarchical tags, geo tags
  • Ideal for all departments and supports also images, videos, audio, vectors images and documents
  • Full text search across PDF and Word documents
  • Granular access permission roles
  • Super easy web and desktop interfaces with low learning curve
  • Super friendly support team
  • Affordable pricing for better ROI
  • Fast deployment

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Efficiently manage and organize your 3D models and digital assets with Daminion. See how we can simplify your workflow.

Daminion can preview 150+ file formats

"If you don't see a quality thumbnail of a document you need to open it just to see that you opened a wrong file"
Select file type below to see how Daminion previews different media formats

Other Benefits

Data Security

Daminion Local version can be installed behind your firewall with maximum protection and accessibility.

Quick Search

With a combination of visual previews, tags, metadata and full-text search, anyone can quickly find the right files.

Fast & Reliable

Born from the vision of two programmers and  photo-hobbyists in 2004, Daminion has since evolved through thousands of iterations, serving 1000+ client companies and 100k+ users.

Simple Efficiency

Installation and usage made easy. Clean UI, no steep learning curve.

Team oriented

Daminion was designed from the outset as a true multi-user solution. Multiple levels of caching ensure ultra-high performance when working with large archives and large image formats, even on slow networks accessing your file server. 

No Vendor Lock-in

Data can be moved to another system if necessary, preventing vendor lock-in via open-source formats like XML.

Deploy as 1-2-3

Typical deployment time frame for 100k database is 2 days from scratch


Install Daminion Server and map AD Groups to Daminion Roles.
30 min - 1 hour


Point Daminion where your digital assets are located.
10-15 hours


Most of the tags will be detected automatically. For manual tagging use our best in class batch tagging tools.
5-30 hours




Assets Tagged


Years on the Market      

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Efficiently manage and organize your 3D models with Daminion. See how we can simplify your workflow.

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