Daminion 0.9.9b. Assets can be Annotated Faster

Daminion 0.9.9 – minor update now available to download.

With the new version of Daminion you can classify your image archive library even faster, thanks to improved file/folder management, tag
presets, and many other improvements.

Improved File/Folder management

  • It’s now possible to remove folders from the catalog
  • Added support for drag-and-drop reordering of folder structure in the tags tree. You can now create subfolders by simply dragging and dropping one folder into another.
  • Re-location of media items. If you’ve renamed or moved a file outside Daminion you can re-link the file’s new location back to Daminion. To access this option go to the “Item > Actions > Relink Item…” menu.

Assets can be annotated faster

  • Added option to Copy/Paste Tags. You can now copy and paste annotations from one item to another
  • Tag presets can now be assigned “on-the-fly” to importing files, i.e. during import.
  • The newly added “Tag Presets” allow you to define tag presets and assign them to files.

Minor bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a memory leak bug that restricted the number of files you could import per session to 10,000
  • Deleting items from catalogs now also removes associated thumbnails from the “~Thumbs” folder
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of custom tags in shared catalogs
  • Fixed the “checking user rights” problem that occurred during Daminion Server installation
  • When switching between thumbnail pages the scroll position now moves to the top of the new page
  • Changes to an item’s orientation in the Thumbnail Window are now reflected correctly in the Tray window
  • Clicking on the “Add” button in the file import window now imports the active folder if no other files or folders have been selected
  • Improved support for corrupted PSD images
  • Improved support for TIFF images
  • Added Escape hotkey to switch from “Assign Mode” to “Filter Mode” in the tags tree
  • Added an option “Automatically switch to Assign Mode” that can be turned off
  • Added support for reading EXIF metadata from Hasselblad RAW images
  • Thumbnail rotation now reflects in the Tray window
  • “Copy To” option in the “Downloader” now remembered its state
  • Minor improvements to the Properties panel
  • Updated German Localization (thanks to Uwe Noack)
  • Updated French Localization (thanks to Reynaud Lionel)
  • Improved support for PDF documents
  • Improved support for NEF files edited by CaptureNX
  • Improved support for reading lens info for Canon RAW files from Canon EOS 7D and 1D X
  • Fixed an issue with PDF files that prevented importing Page Count and PDF Size for PDF files


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