Daminion 0.9.8b. Improved File/Folder Management

Daminion 0.9.8 – minor update now available to download.

We’ve received many requests from our users to incorporate file/folder management into Daminion. So now, with the new version of the program, you can:

– Move (Drag) files to a folder
– Add sub-folders
– Rename folders

With the 0.9.8 version of Daminion you can also update (re-link) a folder’s location. For example, if you move a folder to any location outside Daminion, it’s now possible to update the folder’s location in Daminion without re-importing the whole folder. To do this, simply right click on a folder in the Tags tree and select the “Re-link folder…” option.

Other Improvements

  • Added support for offline files
  • Clicking on a Read only tag in the Properties panel fires a filter by this tag
  • By default, Tags for RAW files are written to the .xmp sidecars
  • Image Orientation is now extracted from RAW JPEG preview (instead of the original RAW image)
  • Daminion can now read metadata from RAW files that have been changed by Lightroom
  • It’s now possible to specify which media formats will be imported during rescan
  • We’ve added the color green to the Tags tree in “Assign Mode” – please let us know if you think it looks ugly!
  • Added an option to select a tag hierarchy delimiter to improve compatibility with standalone third-party photo organizers.
  • Added a “Cut” and “Paste as Sub-Tag” option to the context menu in the Tags tree.
  • Added Ctrl + Ins, Shift + Ins, Shift + Del hot key support to the Properties panel.
  • Assigning Tag to Items from the Tags tree context menu now switches the tree to “Assign Mode”.
  • Added new 9.0.9 version of the ExifTool
  • Minor improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Folders are now refreshed after rescan
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing IDv3 tags from being imported in some MP3 files
  • Fixed a bug that was causing local catalogs to open slowly
  • Photos in portrait mode that were edited in Nikon Capture NX are now correctly displayed
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing metadata from saving in every 11th file
  • Fixed a few bugs with Saved Query and Advanced Search
  • Fixed an issue with Relative Paths for local catalogs (works with newly created catalogs, and will soon be included in the old catalog version)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented tags from being written into the files when custom tags were available in the catalog and the tag names contained the Space symbol
  • Fixed a bug that led to the program crashing when previewing images
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Daminion to crash when new entries in the Properties panel ended with the “,” (comma) symbol
  • Fixed a bug that was slowing down metadata updating in JPEG and a few other formats
  • Fixed a bug when image statistics weren’t updating in tags when sub-tags were removed
  • Fixed bug that was preventing images from being previewing after their thumbnails had been rotated
  • Fixed an issue with cancelling image rotation progress
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Daminion to crash while importing or rescanning some MOV files due to an outdated version of MediaInfo library.
  • Tag changes for more than 20 files in Properties Panel is now applied when item selection is changed
  • Statistics for parent tags now update correctly after removing sub-tags
  • Several other bugs have been fixed

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