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Daminion is the #1 On-Premise DAM solution for Customers Transitioning from Discontinued Canto Cumulus.

At Daminion, we understand the challenges you may face when looking for a suitable alternative to Canto Cumulus on-premise software.

With Canto shifting its focus to cloud-based solutions, many businesses are left feeling uncertain about the future of their digital asset management. We've got you covered.

Easy Data Transfer: Swiftly migrate assets from Cumulus.

Committed On-Premise Development: Continuous updates and reliability.

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Why Daminion is a good
alternative to Canto Cumulus

We acknowledge your concerns and are committed to providing a reliable and feature-rich on-premise solution. Here's why Daminion is the perfect alternative to Canto Cumulus:

Data Migration Made Easy

We know that migrating data can be a lengthy, complex, and painful process. That's why we've developed an automated import feature for Canto Cumulus users. This allows you to quickly and painlessly transfer your data to our platform.

Expert Support

Our team of engineers is here to assist you throughout the migration process, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition.

Investment in Your IT Infrastructure

We recognize that you've invested in your IT infrastructure and may not be ready to move to the cloud. Our on-premise solution allows you to continue leveraging your existing resources.

Migrating to Daminion

The migration process with Daminion is designed to be straightforward and hassle-free. Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements, develop a customized migration plan, and provide hands-on support throughout the transition. We'll ensure that your valuable assets are securely transferred to our platform, and that your team is up and running with Daminion in no time.

Our Commitment to On-Premise Development

Daminion's team is dedicated to the continuous improvement and development of our on-premise software. We believe in the value of offering both cloud-based and on-premise solutions, catering to the diverse needs of our clients. By choosing Daminion, you can rest assured that your on-premise digital asset management software will receive regular updates, new features, and ongoing support.

Request Our 2-Year On-Premise Roadmap

Interested in learning more about our plans for on-premise development? Contact us to request a roadmap of our upcoming features for the next two years. Discover how Daminion can help you future-proof your digital asset management strategy.

Canto Cumulus Alternative

What clients says about Daminion

The big thing for us is that we need to have a solution on-premise and not cloud-based. Because we have a lot of photos that we have in terms of non-disclosure agreements from clients that want to be private, another important topic is functionality and interface.

I want it to have all the content, which is easy to access—software, which is good to work with, now we have it all.

Mark Fugina
Tim Barber Architects

One of the great things about Daminion is that all assets are referenced; we don’t need to send the files around because all the team can use Daminion, so we just refer to them, and there is no miscommunication or excessive file sharing.

Steven Yates
Architecture, Incorporated

We had Mac machines with multiple drives running as servers which became old and affected the DAM software we were using, so we needed a better web-based solution that could easily handle all metadata.

Daminion allowed us to create a metadata tagging system that could be used to search and locate images, not just by the services but also by students they are training and by our customers.

Our services need Daminion because it helps with case searches, retrospective studies, and research.

Daminion is far superior to what we had before and gives us the ability to create a better quality structure across the board.

Christopher Eichman
North Carolina State University

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On-Premise vs. Cloud DAM: Key Benefits

  • Daminion
  • Canto Cumulus Canto Cumulus
  • Any Cloud Solution
  • On-Premise Deployment
  • One-Time Payment Available
  • Annual Subscription Available
  • Web Client User Interface
  • Your Data is Behind Your Corporate Firewall
  • Annual or Monthly Payments for Storage
  • Dependence of Hosting Giants
  • Fast-Working Process With Large Files
  • Integrations and API
  • Duplicating Files From Your PC/MAC
  • Customizing Platform
  • Full Control Over Settings and Users’ Interaction
  • Data Rights Management
  • You Can Work Remotely

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