About Daminion Software
Daminion Software (formerly known as PicaJet.com) is a fast-growing company that specializes in digital asset management software solutions for small teams. The company has offices in the USA, Canada, Germany, Russia and South Africa. Daminion has been developed on the basis of experience gained from many years in the digital asset management (DAM) industry.
The company’s flagship product, Daminion, is a DAM system aimed at small teams. The software has been developed based on experience gained from many years in the digital photo management industry; PicaJet.com has been around since 1999. The company is also the creator of PicaJet Photo Manager and RoboImport, digital photo management solutions for photographers and designers.
Daminion Software‘s primary goal is to make the best digital asset management system for small teams. The program is extremely user-friendly and, unlike other DAM systems, aimed at the small teams with tight budgets. Daminion is as easy to install as opening a box.
The company is committed to offering:
  1. A reliable and scalable platform with solid performance
  2. A product whose balanced user interface makes it incredibly convenient
  3. Outstanding customer service
  4. Solid product at an affordable price
Like many of our clients, we at Daminion Software are a small, dynamic, highly customer-oriented team; if you call our tech support don’t be surprised if you end up talking directly to one of our product developers - who will be more than willing help you.

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Daminion Team

Alex Syukosev
CTO and co-founder

Murat Korkmazov
CEO and co-founder

Valery Sizhuk
System Architect

Dean Kruger
Head of Daminion Software SA

Sedat Yakisir
VP of Sales & Marketing - Germany

Dmitry Luzanov
Web developer

Daria Kotilainen
Technical Support
Quality Assurance Manager

René Schildt
Quality Assurance Manager