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DC8 Studio is an Australian multi-disciplinary team of architects, urban and interior designers, and visual designers who prioritize people-centric design, crafting functional and captivating spaces.
DC8 Studio, a collaborative team of architects, urban designers, interior designers, and visual designers from Australia, redefines design through a people-centric approach.
By prioritizing the human element, they transcend conventional boundaries to craft functional yet captivating spaces, including homes, community areas, and visual experiences.

With a commitment to enhancing the human experience, DC8 Studio creates environments where aesthetics and functionality seamlessly converge.

The problem

Before implementing Daminion, the majority of DC8 Studio's project data was stored on the network server. Without direct involvement in a specific project, one's knowledge of it was likely to be limited.
In fact, the team had an entire collection of printed books serving as examples. These volumes were kept on a shelf in the office, and they would circulate among 3 or 4 people. This invariably led to moments of frustration when people could not locate the needed volume due to the different categories of books. Finding the right book at the right time was often a struggle.
Thus, the emphasis was on eliminating the need to physically move from one’s desk to access a piece of reference material. DC8 Studio aimed to make it possible for anyone at their PC in the office, or even working remotely from home, to access the necessary information.

Frequently, our director would mention a project, and the individual would have to manually locate it, search for the drawings, and open the CAD files. This process was time-consuming and much lengthier compared to the capabilities offered by Daminion.

Leeann Wedlake

Search for a DAM Solution

Being an architectural practice, there are limitations on how DC8 Studio's team can showcase their intellectual property (IP) for specific projects.
As a result, they handle a significant volume of PDFs, graphics, and digital formats of outputs. These encompass InDesign documents and various forms of visual content that their team prefers to have easily accessible while presenting designs and styles to clients.
Therefore, their primary objective was to find a solution that would support both office-based work and the needs of team members on the move, whether in client offices or during client visits. In such scenarios, investing a substantial amount of time in searching through the extensive network of thousands of projects was impractical.
The team required the ability to swiftly narrow down their search and locate specific information—a crucial aspect for them.
Leeann Wedlake

Our priority was finding a solution that allowed us to have a visual representation, a quick snapshot, such as a PDF, without the need to navigate through large AutoCAD or Revit files. The ability to swiftly scan a floor layout plan, which contained all the essential details, was what we aimed for.

Leeann Wedlake
Business Manager | Senior Associate

How Daminion helped

Before Daminion, in cases where something couldn't be located, team members might resort to recreating it from scratch, consuming valuable time and resources.

Daminion provides a significant advantage: immediate and visual access to the entire knowledge base. A quick snapshot or thumbnail offers a rapid overview, allowing DC8 Studio's team to pinpoint the exact data cluster they need, resulting in cost savings.
When someone opens the system to find a certain style of house or specific layout, the thumbnail visuals associated with PDFs make the process much more intuitive and efficient. The visual representation enables quick identification of what is needed.
With Daminion's search system in place, team members input search criteria like 'A three-bedroom house with a front garage'. Depending on the context of the search and how an individual prefers to approach it, the flexibility is there to find what is needed in multiple ways.
Consequently, DC8 Studio avoids starting projects from scratch and instead leverages their existing data library to streamline processes.

One of those hidden costs that often goes undocumented—the time and effort required to locate something when you're uncertain where to start looking.

With a file structure of considerable size, spanning diverse content across numerous projects, having search results instantly at your disposal within seconds is truly invaluable. This efficiency achieved with the help Daminion is immeasurable.

Leeann Wedlake
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