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  • university of pittsburg
  • esu
  • nc state university
  • antwerp
  • the university of chicago

What problems does Daminion solve for educational institutions?

Too many uncategorized files with missing metadata

“Daminion gave us the ability to create a proper metadata tagging system that could be used to search and locate images, not just by the services but also by students they are training and by our customers.”

Chris Einchman,
North Carolina State University

No centralized data storage with access control permissions

“We have a huge collection of images on our servers and we needed a centralised library to store these files and be able to categorise them in a structured way as we work with visuals on a daily basis.”

Nico Van Aerde,
Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp

Not able to find the right files quickly for publications, marketing collateral, research and studies

“We are always under pressure. Before, if we couldn’t find the right file quickly in our image repository, we had to go online and search for an alternative on Shutterstock. Daminion helps us find files on the go and have a quick turnaround which is crucial when working in comms.”

Nico Van Aerde,
Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp

Poor cross-functional collaboration

“The main advantage of Daminion was that it offered robust ways to solve our main challenge - having different areas and services across the hospital which needed an individual approach to their data. Daminion offered to separate all data by catalogues and create unique web roots and tags specific to different services. We are planning to bring all services together to collaborate on data and make sure they all use a unifying system for all data that we have.”

Chris Einchman,
North Carolina State University

Outdated file management system which does more harm than good

“We had a different software which wasn’t properly cared for and updated for several years - so we needed a robust image management system which provided user level access control and was web-based - and Daminion really fit the bill.”

Chris Einchman,
North Carolina State University

“We used to have a different software which wasn’t as user friendly as Daminion.”

Nico Van Aerde,
Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp

Facing any of these challenges in your day‑to‑day job?

Daminion can easily solve all of your digital problems. Give it a try!

30+ educational institutions are already using Daminion to improve the quality of their work.

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Our services need Daminion because it helps with case searches, retrospective studies and research. Daminion is far superior to what we had before and gives us the ability to create a better quality structure across the board.

Chris Einchman
Chris Einchman
North Carolina State University
IT Director, Computing Resources Team

We use Daminion on a regular basis. It helps us to be more efficient in working with images and saves a lot of time because we have everything in one place now. Daminion is definitely a step forward for us from what we had and we’re convinced it’s a great solution.

Nico Van Aerde
Nico Van Aerde
Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp
Online Communications Team

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