Daminion Case Study

Floyd County Productions

Floyd County Productions is an American animation studio
known for its work in creating animated
television shows and series.
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Floyd County Productions is an animation studio founded in 2009 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
One of its most famous creations is the animated television series "Archer," which first premiered in 2009. "Archer" is a satirical spy comedy series that has gained a significant fan following for its unique animation style and humor.
In 2021, Floyd County Productions acquired Daminion Server with a goal to make it a search hub within an archive containing millions of files, helping the team swiftly locate reference materials.

The problem

Before Daminion, Floyd County Productions relied on an internally developed asset management tool that required extensive maintenance to keep up with their internal needs.
This tool was well-liked by the artist team. However, as the availability of development resources dwindled over time, it became progressively more challenging to keep the tool up-to-date and fully functional. The software gradually became hard to manage.
Recognizing the growing inefficiencies and the need for a more robust solution, the company made the strategic decision to explore dedicated digital asset management software options. This transition aimed to ensure smoother workflows, easier access to their extensive archive of files, and improved search capabilities for the reference assets.
This is where Daminion came in handy.

How Daminion helped

Floyd County Productions primarily utilizes Daminion for their flagship show. Their production process involves a unique pipeline in which they must create characters in various positions to facilitate animation. To conserve a significant amount of resources, the artists refer to previously created files from past seasons.
The production team fulfills their requirements, encompassing outfit, pose, props, and other aspects, by utilizing Daminion as a reference tool. The process involves accessing the file through the web assistant, copying it to their designated working location, implementing necessary modifications, and saving it according to the organization's specific naming conventions.
Subsequently, the revised file is uploaded to the production management software. This software, in turn, synchronizes the file with one of the company's servers, and Daminion subsequently scans this server, rendering it accessible for reference by other episodes or fellow artists.
Daminion functions effectively within Floyd County Productions' environment by indexing the folders containing the files and reading the filenames.

Thanks to the highly specific naming conventions employed in the media storage system, the artists do not need to invest time in dedicated tagging.

Daminion retrieves all the necessary descriptive information from the file and folder names, making it readily accessible for search purposes.
Ethan Stings
Customer Opinion

Daminion undeniably saves a considerable amount of time. The time saved really depends on what the artists are searching for.

If it's a niche item they're sure we've drawn before but can't recall where, which is common after 14 years, it can save hours of drawing.

If they're looking for something they know we've used frequently and just need a starting point, it can save them around ten to 15 minutes.

In all cases, it's a valuable tool.

Ethan Sting
Technical Director
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