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Some of the advantages of using Daminion in your company:

Centralized access to all your designs

All company’s designs will reside on your own private server, yet they will be beautifully indexed (mostly automatically!) by Daminion.

Designers, marketers, and sales team can now quickly find and access just the right design simply by entering a keyword / tag. This alone saves an average of 38% of your team’s time, vs the usual endless search through the files system scattered through the folders/network.

Unimpeded inspiration

Suppose your designer wishes to look for a pattern for bedding that has cats in it, and she wants it in blue. She is also concerned whether the existing design is royalty-free and cleared for use in your production.

Daminion to the rescue! She types “cats” (or “floral”, or whatever else is her inspiration) into one of the Daminion search criteria, ”blue” into another and voila - an instant hit! Only 80 designs come up instead of 3,000. She can easily go through them and take whatever she likes as an inspiration for her final design. ob well done — and much faster than usual, thanks to Daminion!

Correlate each design to the client

With your vast archive of works, it is important to know which clients have ordered specific designs. Daminion lets you easily see that, to understand your clients’ preferences.

Also, with Daminion allows you to quickly check whether the same or similar artwork is used by another customer to ensure uniqueness of your offerings.

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Re-using designs

Did you find your design team spend their costly time on designing something from scratch, when they could perhaps just re-use an existing material? Are they using less suitable artwork simply because they could not find a better one?

Daminion eliminates such problems!

Your design team will find what they want every time, quickly and easily. They will be happier and substantially more productive, and your company will save time and money by avoiding superfluous time expenditures.

What You See: browse with quality Thumbnails

With Daminion, all your team members will enjoy high-quality thumbnails of your designs library. All usual image formats are supported, PLUS the ones not normally showing as thumbnails - such as AI, EPS, SVG, PSD and TIFF.

Compare this easy Daminion operation with the old way of tediously opening every file (remember, they didn’t have previews!) one by one just to see that a wrong design was loaded in the Illustrator.

Searching for files by visual clues (thimbnails) saves time and further improves productivity. It allows your team to focus on design instead of losing time poking around for the right file.

Neatly organized assets, all the time

With a common file/folder-based pile of your organization’s files, you might look for a floral or a cat and you'll get some designs that come up. But do you know what have you been missing? There could literally be some thousands of designs on your drives that didn’t get discovered because they've been cataloged under some non-descriprive name, design name, or under the name of the person who created them.

Forget that! Daminion will organize your designs by tags (keywords), so no matter where they are stored, there will be instant access to them.

Assign multiple tags to the same design. Search by multiple criteria at the same time. And more! - all afforded by Daminion.

Compare it with the current slow, old-fashioned way of endless browsing folder-by-folder without any guarantee to find the designs you are looking for, and the choice becomes clear.

Multiple layers of protection: your data is safe

Safeguard all of your content with built-in role assignments that determine who has permission to search, view, or export documents.

Daminion can automatically sync all teh tags with metadata from the digital assets (according to XMP, MWG, IPTC specifications)

We use PostgreSQL as a database layer - the same technology adopted by the largest enterprises like Amazon and IBM. We only offer you the best solutions.

Easy, ultra-fast cataloging

Designs you can't find are JUST AS USELESS as designs that you never had.
It is vital to properly tag all designs to make them accessible at your fingertips.

Automatic keywording based on image content analyses, batch tag operations, automatic metadata extraction, tag presets, tag suggestions, and more. These are the tools afforded to you by the easy Daminion deployment that solve the issue. Daminion: find whatever you are looking for, ultra fast!

Instantly find the right artwork

We design the majority of the textile patterns ourselves in-house. Sometimes we also buy the designs from freelancers. So we literally had thousands of designs that were stored all over our drives.

Over the last 15 years, that's what's happened. We've got a huge archive of work, but unfortunately, it has never been cataloged uniformly, or made easily accessible to anybody in our company. As a result, we could hardly find anything when we needed it.

Enter Daminion. Once all the designs have been cataloged with it, we were able to put any criteria into the search and quickly retrieve all we have. So a sales person might put into the criteria ‘Show me a free design’. That means, a design that's not been taken by a current customer. Now we have everything organized and accessible. Designers are happy, sales people are happy - thanks to Daminion!”

Gill, Director,
"J Rosenthal & Son"

We know that all companies are unique, calculate the cost of Daminion for your company:

Your designs are valuable investments

Preserve and maximize your investments with Daminion software!

Every day, designers in our company spend anywhere from 40 minutes to 3 hours searching for designs or recreating misplaced work.

Inevitably, valuable design time was used to create artwork that may never be seen again. We needed a solution for the entire department to quickly and easily locate the existing works.

Daminion is an easy-to-use but feature-rich and robust digital asset management system (DAM) that addresses these and other problems. Now our designers can see and peruse the visual thumbnails of the designs library at any time.

With Daminion, all team members can easily track which artwork has been shown to a customer, what has been purchased and when. The result: Daminion has cut inefficiencies and stimulated productivity among design departments

Kirsten, Director Of Design,
Arden Companies


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