6.4 Release

Daminion 6.4 version released. The new version comes with several major improvements.

Performance Improvements

  • Daminion is now displays media previews much way faster and with better quality than before.
  • Previews of elongated images and drawings, such as web-site templates, are displayed without any blurring now.
  • Full-screen image previews, as well as displaying thumbnails, are much faster now.
  • The initial web client launch time is faster now

New Sharing capabilities

  • Select multiple files for download within a shared collection. No need to create multiple shared collections out of a few files that need to be downloaded.
  • Added the ability to create a shared collection out of just one file.
  • Ability to remove the list of shared files

Other Improvements

  • Search by item id
  • Resizable filters panel
  • Geotagging
  • Version Control

Bug Fixes

  • It was not possible to delete the tag Shared Collections from files. This prevented the removal of that file from a Shared collection. Fixed.
  • It was not possible to edit the saved synonyms for custom tags. Fixed.
  • Compare Items operation returned blurred images when Replication settings were activated. Fixed.
  • The command Hide Files with (Tag) was not working correctly on the group tags. Fixed.
  • Search by place in Maps was not properly working under certain conditions. Fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with sending the picture by email using Gmail.
  • Fixed a bug with filling custom tags using tokens.
  • Fixed a bug with the upload of files via the Upload button in the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Fixed a bug with renaming the color labels in the web client.
  • Fixed a bug with sorting by Top Stack ID when any following sorting resulting in error
  • Fixed a bug when the Save button did not appear when editing the properties of a Shared Collection.
  • Fixed a bug when the option “Show Upload Files” displayed the files of the previous import.
  • Fixed a bug when the option to create Synonyms for all the tags was not displaying.
  • Fixed a bug when Daminion web client would not download the archive if the applied export preset had the parameter “Embed metadata > None” chosen.
  • Other minor bugs fixed