6.4 Release | March 12, 2020

Daminion 6.4 version released. The new version comes with several major improvements.

Performance Improvements

  • Daminion is now displays media previews much way faster and with better quality than before.
  • Previews of elongated images and drawings, such as web-site templates, are displayed without any blurring now.
  • Full-screen image previews, as well as displaying thumbnails, are much faster now.
  • The initial web client launch time is faster now

New Sharing capabilities

  • Select multiple files for download within a shared collection. No need to create multiple shared collections out of a few files that need to be downloaded.
  • Added the ability to create a shared collection out of just one file.
  • Ability to remove the list of shared files

Other Improvements

  • Search by item id
  • Resizable filters panel
  • Geotagging
  • Version Control

Bug Fixes

  • It was not possible to delete the tag Shared Collections from files. This prevented the removal of that file from a Shared collection. Fixed.
  • It was not possible to edit the saved synonyms for custom tags. Fixed.
  • Compare Items operation returned blurred images when Replication settings were activated. Fixed.
  • The command Hide Files with (Tag) was not working correctly on the group tags. Fixed.
  • Search by place in Maps was not properly working under certain conditions. Fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with sending the picture by email using Gmail.
  • Fixed a bug with filling custom tags using tokens.
  • Fixed a bug with the upload of files via the Upload button in the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Fixed a bug with renaming the color labels in the web client.
  • Fixed a bug with sorting by Top Stack ID when any following sorting resulting in error
  • Fixed a bug when the Save button did not appear when editing the properties of a Shared Collection.
  • Fixed a bug when the option "Show Upload Files" displayed the files of the previous import.
  • Fixed a bug when the option to create Synonyms for all the tags was not displaying.
  • Fixed a bug when Daminion web client would not download the archive if the applied export preset had the parameter "Embed metadata > None" chosen.
  • Other minor bugs fixed


6.3 Release | December 16, 2019

Daminion 6.3 version released.

The new version comes with several major improvements.

Major Improvements

  • Optimized Automatic Tag labelling
  • Much faster Web-Client with a bunch of minor improvements and bug-fixes
  • Improved integrations with other systems
  • Improved and optimised Active Directory integration
  • Clickable links in custom tags
  • A range of minor improvements for web-client
  • Minor bug fixes


6.2 Release | October 3, 2019

Daminion 6.2 version released.

After 7 months of intensive work, we are happy to announce the release of Daminion 6.2, a simple yet robust digital asset management (DAM) solution for small and mid-sized teams! The new Daminion 6.2 version comes with several major improvements such as AI tagging, Synonyms for custom tags in the desktop client, Upload to the selected folder in the web client and Daminion cloud, PDF preview in the web client, as well as a range of other optimizations and enhancements. Daminion 6.2 is available in both cloud and on-premises versions and works on many different platforms.

Major Improvements

  • AI tagging The most requested feature for Daminion is now available in both Daminion on-premises and cloud! Built on Google Vision, Daminion AI tagging automatically tags your image content with highly intelligible keywords and saves your employees hours of manual tagging time spent meticulously describing the pictorial content of your creative assets. Daminion AI tagging is not intended as a complete replacement for manual tagging, but rather as a handy tool to significantly facilitate the organization of your digital library. Learn more about Daminion AI tagging
  • Synonyms for custom tags. Daminion's custom tags allow you to overcome restrictions imposed by the default selection of tags available in other DAM systems, so you can organize your asset library in a thorough and business-related way. You can now benefit from being able to assign synonyms to custom tags in just the same way as to default tags! Synonyms help you reduce the list of tags, avoid repetitive tags, and organize your assets in multiple languages if needed. Learn more about synonyms for custom tags here.
  • Upload to selected folder. Organizing your files by default folder structure in the web client and Daminion cloud is no longer the only option! This new feature allows you to decide exactly where your new files will reside by uploading them directly to the selected folder. Find out more about uploading to the selected folder here.
  • PDF preview in web client. The PDF preview option allows you to open your PDF files directly in your web browser without having to download each PDF file to view its contents. Learn more about PDF preview here.

Minor improvements

  • PostgreSQL 11 recognition - Daminion now automatically detects the database engine version and ignores previous releases of PostgreSQL
  • Line wrapping in Title, Description and custom long-text fields in web client

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug when downloading multiple files without a watermark from the web client - the zip archive was empty
  • Fixed bug when downloading multiple files with a watermark from the web client - the zip archive was downloaded as an HTML file
  • Fixed bug when Daminion subscription license was displayed incorrectly for Australia and New Zealand
  • Fixed bug when changing permissions for one user role in the web client resulted in the same change of permissions for other non-admin user roles
  • Fixed bug when a custom user role without permissions to assign tags could still assign tags to the files via the Properties panel
  • Fixed bug when Title and Description could not be deleted from files in the web client
  • Fixed bug when Daminion created unexpected Flag tags when using the Assign tag preset window
  • Fixed bug when Daminion imported the Versions folder by auto-rescan
  • Fixed bug when Daminion deleted the original file when checking-in with the option "Delete the local copy after the operation" if the local copy of the file had been deleted externally prior to check-in
  • Minor bug fixes

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6.0 Release | January 29, 2019

Daminion 6.0 version released.

The new Daminion 6.0 version comes with several major improvements such as a re-modeled web client, video preview in web client for all video formats, new user roles editor, improved access control for Active Directory authentication, extended API calls, simplified login to the web catalog, and a range of other optimizations and enhancements. Daminion 6.0 is available in cloud and on-premises versions.

Major Improvements

  • Web client 2.0. A completely re-modeled web client presents a new, more user-friendly interface along with an extended set of options that allow you to customize web client according to your brand. You can now customize Daminion according to your corporate identity. Set the introductory message and background image for your intro page, change the user interface colors and logotype.
  • Video Preview. The new Video Preview option allows you to play ALL video formats directly in your web browsers, which significantly enhances your workflow (previously, it was limited to MP4 and WebM formats only). This option is especially useful for Mac users and those who manage mostly video files with Daminion. If the Video Preview option is disabled in your configuration you can enable it via the Daminion Administration panel. Once enabled, it will generate medium-res previews of video files in all catalogs.
  • User Roles Configurator. The User Roles Configurator gives you greater flexibility and better control over user access permissions to the catalog. You can now change the access permissions of predefined user roles or create your own custom user roles with access permissions to provide better security for your catalog and data.
  • Integration with other systems via new Daminion API. Daminion can easily be integrated with other systems like a corporate CMS or CRM. The new Daminion Web API allows you not only to access your data and metadata in read-only mode but also to import/edit/remove new files and tags in absolute security (https + safe authentication).
  • Improved access control for Active Directory authentication. The latest version of Daminion allows you to configure access control on file level when Active Directory Groups mapping authentication mode is selected in Daminion server. Access control represents a deeper level of access security on the file level when certain files can be hidden from the view of a user or a group of users.
  • Minor improvements and some bug fixes.

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5.8 Release | March 07, 2018

Daminion 5.8 version released.

The new release includes major improvements to the Web client, making it even better and allowing companies with a predominantly Mac environment to use it as efficiently as it is used by Windows-based companies.

Major Improvements

  • Required Metadata. A digital asset is valuable only if it can be found quickly by anyone in the organization. Digital assets that you add to the catalog should be described in detail to make searching easier and more precise. You can now define required metadata fields so that new digital assets will be indexed only after filling out a set of required metadata. You can now be certain that your catalog will be free of improperly tagged files, thus ensuring that all searches will return the necessary results.
  • Custom tags in web client.The ability to create custom tags in the web client to tag your files more precisely according to your company needs.
  • Export settings in web clientThe Export settings function allows you to resize and convert downloading images on the fly without using external tools for the task. Files can be downloaded using different export presets which allow you to resize, convert, apply watermarks, and add or exclude metadata.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug when custom tags assigned in the desktop client were not displayed in the web client
  • Fixed bug when video files were not played on Macs and iPhones
  • Fixed bug with creating shared collections
  • Fixed bug when the thumbnails of merged HDR images in DNG format were not recognized
  • Fixed bug when the drop-down hints for the Place tag took long to be displayed
  • Fixed bug when the Group-Tags such as Media Format were recognized as unapproved
  • Minor bug fixes

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5.5 Release | October 19, 2017

Daminion 5.5 version released.

Major improvements in this version include shared collections in web client that allow you to quickly share documents with colleagues and clients; faster batch tag-assignment; support for video playback in web client; drag'n'drop tag assignment in web client; faster optimization of the database; the "Does not contain" condition for some tags in advanced search.

Major Improvements

  • Shared collections. A great addition for teams who need to share files without having to give clients or colleagues direct access to the whole catalog. You can quickly share your documents now via Shared Collections in Web client with precise sharing options: expiration date, password-protected access, access to original hi-res file version.
  • Support for video playback in web client.Now MPEG4 (AVC codec) and WebM can be played directly from within web client, thus saving you from having to open these files in desktop video players. Support for other video formats is planned for future Daminion releases.
  • Drag'n'drop tag assignment in web client Assigning tags to files in web client is now faster and more convenient. Tags can now be assigned by dragging and dropping selected items to the necessary tag in the browse panel.
  • Faster batch tag-assignment in desktop client. Assigning multiple tags for multiple files is now up to 5 times faster.
  • The "Does not contain" condition has been added to Advanced Search for Title, Description, Comment, Rights Usage Terms, Imported By, and for all custom tags of long text format (should be set up to display in the Properties panel only) which makes your search results more precise

Minor Improvements

  • A folder containing a certain file can now be opened directly from within Web Client via the Locate Button on the Properties panel. You must have access permissions to this folder
  • Alphabetic sort order for custom tags in the Custom Tags dialog window
  • Work faster with multiple catalogs opened simultaneously
  • Now possible to preview files in new tab in web client by clicking the file name
  • Faster login speed for the web catalog when AD Group Mapping authentication mode is selected
  • Export of usage history to Excel: Usage History information can now be included in the Export to CSV file.
  • A range of other minor improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with broken sorting order in Group-Tags
  • Fixed bug when the option "Assign Tags to Selected Items" didn't work in the Tags panel for local catalogs
  • Fixed bug with pending desktop client when logging in to the catalog with AD group credentials
  • Fixed bug with duplicating items in the collection created from within the Tray
  • Fixed bug with duplicate unapproved entries in ISO, Focal Length and Shutter Speed
  • Fixed bug with reading tags from file
  • Fixed bug when thepreventing option "Clear Tray" option didn't from working
  • Fixed bug when the tag Client and Project couldn't be assigned to video files in the Properties panel
  • Fixed bug when XMP sidecar files lost their original extension when uploading RAW files to the server
  • Fixed bug when a user role on per-catalog basis couldn't be changed if AD user mapping authentication mode was selected
  • Fixed bug when the Relink option didn't update the file paths in the database
  • Fixed bug when moving folders within Daminion didn't update the file paths
  • Fixed bug when default view settings couldn't be adjusted for all users
  • Fixed bug when merging tags didn't update tag values in files metadata
  • Fixed bug with IIS installation
  • Fixed bug when a renamed folder got went missing
  • Fixed bug when Imported by 'does not match' condition displayed the results of the "matches" condition
  • Fixed bug when the error message "Not Allowed By Security Policy" appeared when trying to open "Contents" and "Tutorials"
    from within Daminion desktop client
  • Fixed bug when the hierarchy added via Tag Editor wasn't saved and displayed in the Browse panel in web client
  • Fixed bug when Locked Tags got unlocked in web client
  • Fixed bug when editions made in Creation DateTime and License Expiration Date via web client weren't saved
  • Fixed bug when custom tag of long text format didn't allow line folding
  • Fixed bug when item couldn't be scrolled down after 1000 items in web client
  • Fixed bug when deleting a saved search provoked caused the program to crash
  • Fixed bug when tag custom tags of Currency format were not written to file's metadata
  • Fixed bug when Desktop client window was not expanded after entering login credentials were entered
  • Fixed bug when the thumbnail view was not refreshed if the Map was open
  • Fixed bug when the Save button disappeared on the Properties panel after opening and closing and item in Full Screen view
  • Fixed bug when the Client stopped working after creating a Tag Preset via Alt+Shift+C (Copy Tags option)
  • Fixed bug when manual sorting got broken in collections
  • Minor bug fixes

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5.0 Release | December 17, 2016

Daminion 5.0 version released. The Web-Client has matured into a fully-functional product. IT admins in large companies no longer need to manage all users manually - now you simply specify your AD Groups-Daminion Role. Plus a lot of minor improvements that will speed-up your workflow and significantly improve the way you organize your media.

Please visit our blog and download Daminion 5.0 now

Major Improvements

  • Fully-functional Web-Client. You can now import files, manage users, customize web client interfaces with color schemes, add your brand logo, assign and edit tags, customize the Tags Panel, share selections and documents, and preview images much faster, among many, many other minor improvements.
  • Login-free Web Access allows you to share collections with clients without having to enter any login/password
  • Active Directory Groups can now be mapped to Daminion Roles. You no longer have to add AD Users one at a time or track their consistency
  • User roles on a per-catalog basis. User Mary can be a Viewer of Catalog A, and an Editor of Catalog B
  • Auto-import folder. Import files to Daminion Server without using Daminion desktop or Web-Client. Instead, just copy files to a certain folder, or use FTP or Dropbox/Google Drive. This gives you a quick way to import files via your Smartphone: simply put a file into Dropbox on your smartphone. This will sync the file with a Dropbox folder on your Server PC that is set to Auto-Import files into Daminion Server.
  • Import to selected folder. You can now import files to a folder that you have selected in the Tag Tree.
  • Image previews can be drastically accelerated by generating medium-res 1600px JPEG previews.
  • Improved XMP Support for some formats and added for GIF images
  • Minor improvements and bug-fixes.

Minor Improvements

  • Localized Daminion Web-Client
  • Added Full Screen button to Web-Client
  • Better thumbnail visualization in Web-Client (as masonry)
  • Added ability to save the state of the Thumbnail List below the large image in Web-Client.
  • Eliminated dependencies from 2.0 and 3.5 .NET Frameworks
  • The "Group by" panel is now collapsed by default in the Import dialog window
  • Sort order icons now display the current sort order
  • Changed default OR to AND operator when selecting multiple tag values in the Tags panel
  • Items can now be sorted by Last Tag Changes
  • Files in the Tray can now be dragged directly into folders in the Tag Tree
  • Duplicate tag values in the Tag Tree (focal length, ISO) are merged automatically after upgrade

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with updating metadata in some TIFF files
  • Fixed bug with failed export of resized TIFF and JPEG files
  • Minor bug fixes with handling XMP metadata
  • Fixed bug with displaying a question mark by offline or missing files
  • Fixed minor bug with clearing the Place tag for two items if there is no full match in this tag
  • Fixed bugs with csv import
  • Fixed bug with insufficient tokens when renaming files while importing.
  • Fixed bug when synchronization starts right after the auto-rescan is switched off
  • Fixed typo in shortcut for "Add to selected files"
  • Fixed bug with wrong Sort By File Size for local catalogs
  • Minor bug fixes

Please visit our blog and download Daminion 5.0 now


4.6 (1481) Release | June 12, 2016

Welcome to upgrade to Daminion 4.6 - an update that addresses and fixes several bugs and contains a number of improvements, such as faster previewing of RAW thumbnails in the Import window.

  • RAW images without xmp block now import faster (except RW2 and RAF)
  • RAW Thumbnails in the Import window display faster
  • Fixed bug when XMP wasn't read from PSD/PSB images (when importing or reading tags from metadata)
  • Fixed minor bug with viewing RAW images when multiple shared catalogs were created
  • Added EXIF:LensInfo into the mapping list of the Lens tag
  • Improved reading of Creation Datetime and Software tags from PDF documents
  • Minor bug fixes with exporting catalogs to CSV
  • Fixed minor bug when JPEG images were rendered occasionally with inverted colors
  • Fixed minor bug with detecting duplicates
  • Fixed bug with installing GhostScript
  • Predefined Saved Searches (Imported Today, Duplicates, etc...) can be combined with other tags now
  • Optimized loading of JavaScript libraries in Web-Client
  • Fixed bug when metadata were not removed during exporting with "Metadata:None" option
  • GPS data can be copied/pasted via the Copy Tags/Paste Tags commands
  • Fixed bug when Client disconnected from Server occasionally


4.5 (1443) Release | April 12, 2016

The latest version of Daminion has more than 6 major and 14 minor improvements. Most features in this release are related to Daminion Server.

Major Improvements

  1. 1. A new lightweight web-client allows you to access Daminion Server to search, browse, view, and download your digital assets on any device
  2. 2. A real-time File Watching Service now tracks changes in outside file systems and reflects them in Daminion as soon as they occur.
  3. 3. Usage Purpose Tracking allows you to keep tabs on when, where and by whom your assets have been used.
  4. 4. Users Roles per Catalog. Specify who can and who cannot access particular catalogs.
  5. 5. User management via web-browser. You can now create, edit and manage users via the web-client without actual accessing the server PC.
  6. 6. Improved file format support. Better support for AI/EPS, support for SVG, updating XMP of PDF, etc...

Minor Improvements

  1. Added support for IBM/Lotus Domino LDAP authentication
  2. Number of connected users and catalog database version are now displayed in the admin panel.
  3. Report after rescan. A full rescan report is now available via Catalog > Rescan Reports, or by right clicking on the rescan progress indicator.
  4. Groups added into Saved Searches
  5. Custom tags are included in Quick Search
  6. Documents and Vector images stored on a local server-based PC can be copied to the local client-based PC
  7. Scroll position in the right-hand Properties panel is now remembered when changing item selection
  8. Added Fonts tag. Mapped to XMP: Fonts
  9. Added an option to the tag tree context menu to display the selected tag in the second panel. Ideal when you need to reorder values within the same tag - simply drag them from one tag panel to another.
  10. Offline files can now be viewed as Full Screen or Mid-Size JPEG previews
  11. Daminion Clients can be logged off automatically after a specified time interval
  12. You can grant a user a separate Concurrent Connection.
  13. Improved import from and export to CSV
  14. Added license activation for Daminion Clients

Click here to view the full list of improvements


4.1 (1278) Release | August 26, 2015

This minor update fixes several bugs in the latest Daminion 4.0 version and adds support for previously unsupported formats (Microsoft PowerPoint Show (.pps, .ppsx) and Text formats (.txt, .rtf).

Click here to view the full list of improvements

What's New

  • Added support for Microsoft PowerPoint Show formats (files with .pps and .ppsx extensions)
  • Added support for Text documents (files with .txt and .rtf extensions)
  • Better handling of XMP in video formats

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug that prevented azman.xml files from being found when Active Directory security mode was selected in the Daminion Server preferences
  • Fixed bug when PSD files were not exported to JPEG format when original size was specified in the export preset
  • Fixed bug with dragging root level tags into the Tag tree
  • Fixed bug with Checking Out items in Thumbnail Browser
  • .xmp sidecars are now exported along with the original files
  • Fixed bug when "SQL logic error or missing database no such column: m.LinkedInCount" error messages were displayed when opening some catalogs created in earlier versions of Daminion.
  • Fixed bug when some hotkeys didn't work properly in Full Screen mode (Enter, Ctrl + numbers, Numbers)
  • Only editable tags (like Descriptions, Keywords, etc...) can now be marked as Unapproved
  • Minor bug fixes

4.0 (1259) Release | July 14, 2015

The new Daminion 4.0 version comes with two major improvements, a lot of minor ones and several bug-fixes.

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Major Improvements:

  • Your tag structure (taxonomy) is now protected from unwanted changes during file import
  • Daminion 4.0 allows you to define relationships between files
  • Optimized performance of some queries
  • Some bug fixes
  • A file mask that allows you to exclude files and folders you don't want to import
  • The sort by filename function now takes account of numbers in filenames
  • Tags can be selectively locked in the filter bar (by clicking on the lock icon in the search bar)
  • "Shift Date/Time..." command (Item > Actions)
  • Optimized performance of some queries
  • Folders rescan faster
  • Improved rendering of CMYK images
  • Tags with large number of sub-tags (like keywords) expand up to 10 times faster in the tag tree
  • Properties panel can now displays tags of items from the Tray and Linking panels
  • Support for synonyms for the Project tag
  • Advanced-search auto-complete feature now works when search text is found in the middle of a tag
  • Minor improvements to the way tags are filtered in the tag tree. A list of filtered tags is now displayed similar to the tag tree
    • "Locate in tag tree" command is now invoked by Enter or Double Click
    • "Add tag to Query" command is now invoked by Ctrl + Enter or Ctrl + Double Click
    • Pressing Ctrl key now updates the number of assigned items – similar to pressing the Ctrl key in tag tree
    • "Exhclude tag from query" command is now invoked by Alt + Enter or Alt + Double Click
  • Temporary MS Office files that start with the symbols - ~$ are ignored when importing
  • "Find Visually Similar Images on the Internet" command now opens Google in your current locale
  • Italian localization
  • Items from Tray are highlighted by a green bounding box in Full Screen mode
  • Confirmation dialog for Optimize command
  • Option to display confirmation dialog when moving a tag to new parent tag
  • Reading EXIF from some RWL and RW2 camera raw formats
  • Miscellaneous minor improvements
  • Minor Improvements to Daminion Server:

  • Daminion Server doesn't have to be restarted after changing the password or adding new users
  • REST API: resulting items can be additionally filtered by certain tags
  • REST API: resulting items can be sorted when searching
  • Added an option to switch off pinging when requesting a list of available Daminion Servers (useful when ICMP protocol is blocked by your company's firewall)
  • "Edit > Copy Names with Full Path" option is now available for Viewer role
  • When importing files from a shared folder in the Parallels Desktop program, Daminion displays the Upload option in the Import window
  • Locked Tags are now marked in the Tag tree
  • It's possible to reset password for Guest user

Some bug fixes

  • Fixed bug when Daminion Server stopped working after a certain period of time (after intensive rescanning)
  • Fixed bug when the black screen randomly appeared when viewing images in Full screen mode
  • Fixed bug when the Optimize Catalog command froze after launching for Server catalogs
  • Fixed bug when moving items to another catalog
  • Fixed bug when rescanning froze
  • Fixed bug when duplicate items appeared in the tray
  • Fixed bug when some tags were not removed from the Properties panel
  • Fixed bug with importing CSV files
  • Fixed bug when the "Create Categories from folder names" option didn't work in the Import window
  • Helper context menu now works in advanced search
  • Fixed bug with entering City in the tag tree
  • Fixed a bug when renaming files in batch
  • Fixed bug with refreshing Tag Preset in the Properties panel
  • Compare Windows is now launched on the monitor where Daminion is located
  • Optimize command now removes all thumbnails from the "~Thumbs" folder and removes empty read-only tags from the catalog
  • Synonyms of merging tags are now added to the resulting (merged) tag
  • Fixed a bug when the "Copy/Paste Tags" command didn't work from time to time
  • Fixed bug with incorrect importing of Places tags via the "Catalog > Import Tags" menu
  • Fixed bug when program crashed after zooming Thumbnail size in the thumbnail browser
  • Fixed bug when two similar files were exported via the Publish panel
  • Fixed bug when Auto-Rescan settings (Catalog > Auto-Rescan Settings) were ignored for the server catalogs
  • Fixed bug when Editors could assign files to locked tags
  • Fixed bug when umlaut symbols (A-O-U) were incorrectly imported from csv files
  • Fixed bug when trying to run the Daminion Server service as an Active Directory user
  • Fixed bug when tags with national symbols were incorrectly exported
  • Fixed bug when moving items to another catalog
  • Fixed bug with rendering some TIFF images
  • Several other minor bug fixes


  • Uwe Noack and Sedat Yakisir, for translating new German strings
  • Peter Gebruers, for translating new Dutch strings
  • Lionel Reynaud, for translating new French strings
  • Jose Angel Calvo, for translating new Spanish strings
  • Mariusz Lewandowski, for translating new Polish strings
  • Monica Esteves Reis, for translating new Portuguese strings


More info is available on our blog



3.7 (1187) Release | March 17, 2015

  • Fixed bug with Rescanning Folders
  • Fixed bug with the "Open With" menu

3.7 (1186) Release | March 13, 2015

The new Daminion 3.7 version features more than 20 improvements including faster viewing of large images, easier Daminion Server administration, grouping of similar images, and additional file format support. Plus several minor bug fixes.

Click here to view the full list of improvements

Top 5 Improvements:

  • Large images can be displayed much faster - at the same speed as common JPEG images.
  • Integration with Windows Active Directory enables you to sync the Daminion Server with the company's existing user database instead of manually entering user names and passwords. Users, in their turn, can be logged-in to Daminion automatically without re-entering their Windows NT/Active Directory password.
  • Similar images can now be grouped together and displayed more compactly, reducing the number of steps required to access your assets.
  • Added support for new media formats including MXF videos and Samsung SRW images. And you can now display quality thumbnails for Cineform video and AutoCAD (DXF/DWG) formats.
  • The Tray (Lightbox) panel has been drastically improved and now, apart from saving its state after restarting the Daminion Client, it allows you to assign tags, save images as collections, and export images directly from the Tray. Files added to the Tray will still be there after restarting the program. For server catalogs you can even connect from another computer and see your Tray files.

Other Improvements:

  • Improved thumbnail display performance
  • Improved "Import from CSV" option
  • Added support for importing hierarchical ACDSee categories
  • Map location names are now localized
  • It's now possible to use the underscore "_" symbol when searching
  • REST API: Multiple tag values are now displayed separated by commas (this will be revisited soon)
  • Daminion restores last selected tags when  server catalogs are re-opened by users with Viewer and Guest roles
  • Improved TIFF file handling
  • Limitation on exporting large images removed
  • When connecting to the server, Daminion checks whether .NET 3.5 is installed in the client PC
  • When selecting multiple files using the CTRL key, the Preview panel displays the currently selected picture
  • The "Add Tag" Dialog can now be closed with the ESC key
  • Alt + Clicking in the Properties panel selects the clicked tag in the tag tree
  • Updated MPlayer from 37242 to 37368 version
  • Updated DCRAW to 9.22 version (Fuji X-Trans filters are finally supported)
  • Updated VIPS to 7.42.2 version

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed minor bug with displaying black screen when viewing RAW images
  • Fixed a bug when Daminion Clients disconnected from the Server when filtering tag tree
  • Fixed a minor issue with rendering Camera RAW images
  • Fixed bug with rendering RAW thumbnails when more than 2 shared catalogs were created in the Admin panel
  • Fixed bug when sorting by "Imported By" command.
  • Fixed bug with display of some  TIFF files
  • Fixed bug with incorrectly stretched video thumbnails
  • Fixed bug with creation of PDF Contact Sheets containing TIFFs or Vector images
  • The "Update Thumbnail" command now updates the File Size (along with the Dimension info)
  • Fixed bug when updating Preview panel and file dimension info after updating thumbnails of files edited outside Daminion.
  • REST API: Now works
  • REST API: GET "mediaitems/?savedSearchesId=" method now works
  • REST API: REST API commands can now be invoked from the browser by pure JavaScript
  • REST API: fixed bug when tag values were equal to formatted tag values
  • REST API: fixed bug with calling "GET mediaitems/?savedSearchesId=" from web browsers
  • REST API: The optional "tags=none" parameter now works for the "GET mediaitems/?savedSearchesId="
  • Fixed bug when groups are displayed in the "Recently Assigned Tags" panel
  • Fixed bug when Users with the Viewer role couldn't add images to the Tray
  • Fixed bug with importing some CSV files
  • Fixed bug when Ctrl + Shift + P didn't work
  • Fixed minor issue with the "Find image on the Internet" command
  • Fixed minor issue with the "Recently Assigned Tags" panel
  • Fixed bug when updating from one of the previous local database versions
  • Fixed bug with Auto-Rescan Folder Setting
  • Fixed bug with Daminion Reseller tracking
  • Fixed minor bug when exporting items
  • Alt+TAB keys can now switch back into the Compare Items window
  • Fixed a bug when Preview was not updated after rebuilding thumbnails
  • Fixed a bug when a wrong helper context menu was displayed for the Place tag in the Properties panel
  • Fixed bug with the Properties panel after right clicking on a tag when multiple files were selected
  • Fixed minor bug with displaying hint for the Places tag in the right panel
  • Several minor bug fixes


  • Uwe Noack and Sedat Yakisir, for translating new German strings
  • Jose Angel Calvo, for translating new Spanish strings
  • Kees Hessels, for translating new Dutch strings
  • Mariusz Lewandowski, for translating new Polish strings
  • Lionel Reynaud and Alain Pierre, for translating new French strings


More info is available on our blog


3.4 (1113) Release | March 13, 2014


Click here to view the full list of improvements with video!


With the new Daminion 3.4 you can create multiple SHARED catalogs and open them as multiple local catalogs in your Daminion Client!

Although the Daminion Server allows you to import and manage millions of files, it sometimes makes sense to split your digital asset library into several smaller parts, especially in an organization with many departments, where each one has its own particular digital archive.

Special Offer: Get Daminion with 15% discount

For a limited period only, we are offering a 15% discount on any version of Daminion. The offer is open up to and including November 8, 2014.

Get Daminion with 15% discount now!


  • Daminion allows you to create multiple SHARED catalogs now. Check out the short video above.
  • "Tag parents of a selected item" is now highlighted in the Tag tree
  • The Daminion Server Administration and Open Shared Catalogs windows have been redesigned
  • Added an option to import local Daminion catalog into the Server one (File > Import> Daminion Local Catalog (.dmc)…)
  • Added an option to change the location of server catalog thumbnails
  • Added "Catalog >Replication Settings" that allow you to use locally replicated file copies instead of files on a remote computer when working with the Daminion Server via a VPN connection
  • Added an option to keep the Console Output open after launching an external application. This is useful when configuring the arguments of external applications in Daminion's "Open With > Define External Tools" menu
  • Added "Import/Export" options in the "Open Applications" window
  • New local catalogs are created up to 20 times faster
  • Daminion Server now automatically updates Ports for newly created catalogs in the Windows Firewall Inbound Rules
  • It's now possible to switch off notification of new releases
  • The "Move Out" option is disabled for the Place tag in the tag tree
  • Several minor improvements

Bug Fixes

  • It is now possible to create more than 10 custom tags per catalog
  • Fixed bug that created custom tags without hierarchical structure
  • Fixed bug when Client wasn't automatically updated from the Server
  • Fixed bug when images were always exported at 300 dpi
  • Fixed bug with moving folders via the "Cut/Paste as SubTag" commands in the Folder panel
  • Fixed bug when deleting items
  • Fixed bug when deleting tags
  • Fixed bug when tags with sub-values were not expanded after dragging files over them
  • Fixed bug with importing CSV files
  • Fixed bug with launching the Daminion Server Admin panel on some Windows configurations
  • Fixed bug with connecting to a Server catalog with activate Home or Pro Server licenses
  • Fixed bug when Ctrl + C/V didn't work when multiple catalogs were opened
  • Renaming Folders now supports capital letters
  • Fixed bug when TIFF files were not exported
  • Fixed bugs when exporting files
  • It is now possible to use the "\" symbol when searching for folders (for server catalogs and for files with absolute paths)
  • Fixed minor bug when searching for words with umlauts (for server catalogs)
  • Fixed bug when a new Daminion installation overrode the existing Daminion Server rules in the Windows Firewall
  • Fixed bug when renaming custom tags with Integer type in the tag tree
  • Fixed bug when dimension info was not imported
  • Fixed several issues related to the time-out exception when querying for large number of files at the same time
  • Fixed bug with removing GPS info from the Properties panel
  • Fixed bug with the "Optimize catalog" command
  • Fixed bug with Rescanning folders
  • F7 and F8 keys now work for items in the Tray
  • Fixed a bug with tags expanding slowly
  • Fixed bug when the %folder token didn't work properly
  • Fixed bug when Daminion exported images with original file extensions
  • Fixed bug with importing/rendering some TIFF files with corrupted metadata
  • Fixed bug when some files could not be exported
  • Fixed a minor issue when rendering TIFF files
  • Fixed bug when the Properties panel was incorrectly displayed when Hebrew was selected in the Language settings.
  • Fixed a minor issue when removing tag groups in the Tag tree
  • Several other minor bug fixes


  • Added Portuguese language (by M?nica Esteves Reis)
  • Updated German language files (by Sedat Yakisir and Uwe Noack)
  • Updated Spanish language files (by Jose Angel Calvo)
  • Updated French language files (by Reynaud Lionel and Alain Pierre)
  • Updated Dutch language files (by Peter Gebruers)
  • Updated Polish language files (by Mariusz Lewandowski)


More info is available on our blog


3.3 (1048) Release | July 03, 2014


Click here to view the full list of improvements with screenshots!


With more than 50 new features and improvements, Daminion 3.3 enables you to describe your digital content more precisely and find your documents much faster.

Major Improvements:

  • Duplicate documents can be located and removed quickly by expanding the "Saved Searches" tag and clicking on the "Duplicates" value.
  • You can describe your content with new tags like Scene, Subject Code, and Intellectual Genre.
  • You can protect your tag taxonomy against screw-ups. Tags can be locked by admin for changes - users may assign or remove existing tags, but they can't change the tag structure.
  • Synonyms and Tag Groups allow you to reduce the number of visible tags, making it easier to navigate through the tag tree. You can select the "Images" tag group to find JPEGs, TIFFs, PNGs and other images - you don't have to check each of them individually.
  • Rendering speed of large images, especially TIFF images, in Full Screen mode has significantly increased, and thumbnails for shared catalogs are also displayed much faster.
  • New files are imported up to 5 times faster than before into the large server based catalogs
  • You can now sort items manually when a single collection tag is selected and, prepare them in a specific order when necessary for things like publications or presentations.
  • A new Expired License Date field will enable you to avoid expensive penalties for using images after their license dates have expired.
  • We have also added an experimental option whereby you can find all publications of a particular image, or images very similar to it, on the internet.
  • The "Compare Items" window has been significantly improved, and selecting the right file version is much easier than before.

Other Improvements

  • Working with large tag lists is now faster than before. An extra tag can now be displayed in the Folder panel.
  • Large Query Panels can now be collapsed
  • It's possible now to locate a tag in the Tags tree via the context menu of a tag in the Properties panel:
  • Custom Tags can now be imported from other open catalogs
  • A suggestion list for Title, Description, Rights Usage Terms tags now speeds up tag assignment
  • Files can be sorted manually when a single collection tag is selected
  • Added support for importing people from Windows Live Photo Gallery (WLPG)
  • Added support for reading GPS info from video taken by iPhone and Android mobiles
  • Individual tags can be excluded from embedding into the images during the export process (via the Export Preset Editor)
  • Keywords can be flattened in exported images
  • Full folder path is now displayed in the left panel of the Import Window.
  • It's now possible to check another folder in Assign Tags mode (via the context menu).
  • Added 1.5 sec delay to expand the destination tag when reordering tags. So a tag value can be dropped as a sub-tag of another tag without expanding the destination tag. This is very useful when the destination tag has a lot of sub-tags.
  • Import tag .txt files can now contain comment lines starting with double slashes: "//"
  • Improved support for video files (updated the MPlayer library)
  • You can right click on the date time box and filter the catalog by the selected file date (now works in Server catalogs)
  • Alt + Double Click now locates selected tag in the tag tree when the tag tree is in Filter Mode
  • Holding down the Ctrl key now starts recalculating the number of tags only when the mouse is over the number area
  • Added a button with the "(+)" icon in the Advanced Search window that lets you quickly append another row to an existing query row.
  • Thumbnail view can be automatically scrolled when reordering thumbnails manually
  • Added XMP:Photoshop:CreateDate to the list of source metadata fields for the Creation DateTime tag
  • Tags belonging to a selected file now appear highlighted in an orange colored font in the Tag tree (previous highlight font color was green)
  • On re-launch, Daminion now remembers the appearance of its last display before closing (for multi-monitor configurations)
  • Medium res PSB images can be displayed without using "image.psb.thumb.jpg" images
  • Hash for Audio Files is now calculated based on the audio content
  • Changes: removed Export to PDF and CVS from the Tray context menu

Bug Fixes

  • Users belonged to the Viewer group can now view video files ("Open With" command is enabled for the Viewer role)
  • Fixed out of memory issue when viewing images in Full Screen mode
  • Fixed bug when Daminion was freezing when trying to open PSD files with corrupted headers
  • Fixed bug with handling metadata in PSD files
  • Fixed bug when it was impossible to rename folders in the tag tree
  • Fixed bug with importing TIFF files with corrupted data
  • Fixed bug when it was impossible to read some tags like File Size and EXIF info by "GetTags from File" command
  • Fixed bug when clicking on the triangle icon in the tag tree cleared an existing tag selection
  • Fixed minor bugs with suggestion hints in the Properties panel
  • Fixed bug with deleting items when the "Move To Recycled bin" option was selected
  • Fixed bug with incorrect calculation of statistics in the tag tree
  • Tags with the same name can be merged by using the Cut/Paste as Sub-Tag commands (previously worked only by dragging)
  • Fixed bug with launching the Daminion Server service when the "localhost" certificate was installed by another vendor (for example by Microsoft for their MS SQLServer)
  • Fixed bug with the "Check Out" command when user name contained upper case characters
  • Fixed bug with the "Check In" command when the folder for storing checked-out files was located on a drive that didn't exist on the server PC
  • Fixed bug when rotating images (F3/F4)
  • Fixed bug with incorrect folder naming after including it in the list of Auto-Rescanning folders
  • Fixed an occasional bug when merging tags in shared catalogs
  • Fixed bug when F6 key (the Rescan Folders command) didn't remove offline items
  • Fixed bug with auto-scrolling when moving items to Tray when thumbnails are in Filmstrip mode
  • Fixed bug with scrolling items by mouse wheel in details mode
  • Fixed bug with incorrectly encoded national words in the metadata of exported images
  • Fixed minor bug with selecting items
  • Fixed bug with converting some tags into Rational format that sometimes led to the program freezing
  • Fixed bug when Daminion couldn't write part of the tags into the XMP for images with non-empty GPS Altitude field
  • Fixed bug when thumbnails were not rotated in server catalogs
  • Rest API >GetMediaItems now works
  • Fixed minor bug with selecting tags in the Tag tree using the keyboard
  • Top -/+ keys on the keyboard now work in Full Screen mode
  • Fixed bug with comparing items from the Tray
  • Fixed bug with the program freezing when viewing images in full screen mode.
  • Fixed minor bug with previewing images in the Export window
  • Fixed several other bugs with exporting files
  • Several minor bug fixes

Updated Localizations

  • Updated German localization (by Uwe Noack and SedatYakisir)
  • Updated French localization (by Lionel Reynaud)
  • Updated Dutch Localization (by Peter Gebruers)
  • Updated Polish localization (by Mariusz Lewandowski)
  • Updated Spanish localization (by Jose Angel Calvo)
  • Updated Slovak translation (By Mr. Matus Kipikasa)


More info is available on our blog


3.0 (994) Release | March 20, 2014


Click here to view the full list of improvements with screenshots!



  • Improved Access Control. It's now possible to restrict access to individual documents, so that only certain users or groups of users are allowed to see them.
  • Import directly from mobile devices and digital cameras
  • Offline Folders are now marked with an Offline icon
  • Added Back/Forward commands to return to previous queries
  • User defined thumbnails can be added for some file formats that cannot be rendered natively by Daminion
  • Added support for PSB images (a preview can be added as a user defined thumbnail)
  • Added support for importing Picasa and Windows Live Photo Gallery faces via imported XMP:MWG regions
  • Improved writing tags to Video files
  • It's now possible to drag items to tags when the Tag Tree is in Filter mode
  • Added support for writing tags into Canon RAW (CRW), Sony RAW 2 (SR2) and Sigma/Foveon RAW (X3F) formats
  • Connection to Daminion Server can be established by specifying an FQDN address
  • You can now display tags in multiple rows below thumbnails in the Contact Sheet
  • Daminion can now update QuickTime TrackCreateDate for video files
  • It's now possible to scroll the tag tree using the PgDown/PgUp keys
  • Improved tray

Other Improvements and bug fixes:

Daminion Server
  • Connection to Daminion Server can be established by specifying an FQDN address
  • Empty Media Formats in shared catalogs can now be removed via the "Catalog > Optimize Database" command
  • Fixed bug when users with non-administrator role didn't see any files
  • Fixed bug with logging in as Guest login
  • Fixed bug that prevented Daminion from correctly locating the PostgreSQL 9.2
  • Fixed bug with certificates in the Server version
  • Fixed bug with assigning tags in Network catalogs when the Publishing Tag had been created by the same user on another PC.
  • Fixed bug when "Show Auto-Rescan Folders" command displayed incorrect information
Media Formats and Metadata
  • User defined thumbnails can be added for some file formats that cannot be rendered natively by Daminion. To add such thumbnails, first create a small (400?400) thumbnail image, call it: originalfilename.ext.thumbnail.jpg, and place it in the same folder as the original file.
  • Added support for PSB images (a preview can be added as a user defined thumbnail)
  • Added support for importing Picasa and Windows Live Photo Gallery faces via imported XMP:MWG regions
  • Improved writing tags to Video files
  • Added support for writing tags into Canon RAW (CRW), Sony RAW 2 (SR2) and Sigma/Foveon RAW (X3F) formats
  • Daminion can now update the Track Create Date field of QuickTime video files
  • Fixed bug with displaying default video icon in Full Screen mode
  • Fixed bug when WMV videos were not rendered properly
  • Fixed bug when lens and color profile were incorrectly displayed for some images
  • Fixed DateTimeParse. Parse error during import
  • Fixed bug with reading float XMP Rating values
  • Fixed critical bug with writing Custom Tags to metadata when Custom Tag name contained special symbols.
  • Fixed bug with updating metadata in Office documents
  • This Daminion build fixes the metadata issue with MS Office 2007 documents that were incorrectly updated by previous Daminion versions (earlier than 962)
  • Fixed bug with occasional incorrect rendering of Office thumbnails
Catalog Tags Panel
  • It's now possible to drag items to tags when the Tag Tree is in Filter mode
  • It's now possible to scroll the tag tree using the PgDown/PgUp keys
  • Look & feel of tag tree slightly changed
  • Fixed bug with the "Re-link Folder" command
  • Fixed bug with U hotkey in the tags tree
  • Fixed minor bug with highlighting a tag in the tag tree
  • Fixed bug with expanding tags in the tag tree after closing the Tag Customization window
  • Fixed bug with expanding tags in the tag tree after closing the Tags Customization window
  • Fixed bug with U hotkey in the tag tree
  • Fixed minor bug that made it impossible to use the mouse to check tags in the Catalog Tags panel in "Assign Tags" mode
  • Fixed bug when merging tag values with the same names were assigned to the same file
Properties Panel
  • Hint with tag suggestions can be invoked by double clicking the text area in the Properties panel
  • Double clicking the text input area of tags displays a list of recently assigned tags
  • Selected tag value is now added to the tag list after closing the tag suggestions list (previously you had to press the Enter key to do this)
  • It's now possible to automatically select the next item after clicking on the "Save and go to next" button
  • Fixed bug with annoying sounds while changing selection
  • Fixed scrolling glitches via keyboard
  • Fixed incorrect resizing of Title and Description fields in some cases
  • Disabled annoying sounds while working via Keyboard
  • Fixed bug when using PgDown/PgUp to select array tags
  • Fixed scrolling glitches via keyboard
  • Incorrect resizing of Title and Description fields in some case
  • Disabled annoying sounds while working via Keyboard
  • Fixed bug when using PgDown/PgUp to select array tags
  • Fixed bug where the Place tag could be removed while changing other tags and when multiple files were selected
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some CMYK images to display incorrectly when CMS was On
  • Fixed bug with incorrect rendering of color mapped images (8 bits, etc…)
  • Selected items are now highlighted in the Tray and vice versa
  • You can now display tags in multiple rows below thumbnails in the Contact Sheet
  • Improved tray
  • Improved thumbnail selection
  • Now users don't see the syncing process launched by other users
  • Fixed bug when "Loading…" and "Rendering…" messages were not visible
  • Fixed bug with disappearing Tags
  • Fixed bug when Daminion crashed while viewing thumbnails after browsing thumbnail for a certain length of time
  • Fixed bug with program freezing while viewing images
  • Fixed bug after deleting items in catalogs with created Publish Services tags
  • Fixed bug with incorrect display of multiple rows of captions below thumbnails on PDF Contact Sheets
  • Fixed stretching of portrait-orientated photos while panning in Full Screen mode
  • Fixed bug with Tray when Guest/Viewer was logged in
  • Fixed bug that appeared after rotating images in Full Screen mode
  • Fixed bug with Daminion freezing after cancelling Rotation
  • Fixed bug that displayed an error message when tags above thumbnails were changed
  • Fixed bug when the first image of new import session appeared blurred on first launch of Full Screen mode
  • Fixed bug where some Portrait-orientated images were stretched in full screen mode
  • Fixed bug that affected when viewing images in Full Screen mode
  • Fixed bug when removable devices were not available in the "Add Files" menu
  • Fixed bug with %smodel token while renaming files
  • Fixed bug with cancelling import process from mobile devices
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to close the Import window when the Main window had been closed earlier
  • Fixed bug that caused hint to be displayed in the Import Window
  • Fixed bug that appeared after trying to import duplicate items from mobile devices
  • Improved Export Tags Window
  • Custom Tags are now available in the "Recently Assigned Tags" panel
  • Decreased line intervals in the Recently Assigned Tags panel
  • Customize tags panel now remembers its size
  • Fixed bug with the "Check In" command
  • Fixed bug when half of items in the "Recently assigned tags" window were not changed
  • Fixed FIPS compatibility issues
  • Increased timeout limit for the "Catalog > Optimize" command
  • Minor bug fixes
Updated Translations
  • Updated German translation (By Uwe Noack and Sedat Yakisir)
  • Updated French translation (By Reynaud Lionel and Alain Pierre
  • Updated Dutch translation by Peter Gebruers and Yves Royer
  • Updated Polish translation (By Mariusz Lewandowski)
  • Updated Spanish translation (By Jose Angel Calvo)
  • Updated Slovak translation (By Mr. Matus Kipikasa)


More info is available on our blog


2.5 (932) Release | December 26, 2013


Click here to view the full list of improvements with screenshots!



  • Added Batch Renaming. Files can be renamed according to a renaming template (Edit > Batch Rename (Move))
  • Improved Export. Protect your exported images from unauthorized usage by stamping them with a watermark image that contains your copyright and logotype
  • Creating Contact Sheets
  • Exporting to PDF
  • Added "Custom Name" token
  • Added support for tokens in the "Assign Tag Preset" panel
  • Information can be displayed over your images in the Full Screen and Filmstrip modes
  • Added support for commas in Tag names
  • Export files that were skipped or missed during an export are now added to the export report
  • Added FileNameWithoutPath option to the "Item > Open With" command
  • Daminion will automatically adjust your PostgreSQL configuration file during installation to archive the best performance
  • Customers outside of a company proxy can specify proxy settings to use the Map and Update features
  • Added the ".thumbnails" folder to the list of ignored folders during import
  • Added "XMP-dc:Type" to the list of mapping fields on the Categories tag
  • Added support for reading Catalog Sets from iView/Expression Media/MediaPro
  • It is no longer possible to export images larger than 300Mb to reduce a risk of server crashing
  • Export Report content can now be copied
  • Updated external libraries (MPlayer, ExifTool and DCRAW)
  • Updated German Translation (By Uwe Noack and Sedat Yakisir)
  • Several other minor improvements
  • Minor improvements


  • Updated German translation by Uwe Noack and Sedat Yakisir
  • Updated Polish translation by Mariusz Lewandowski

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed bug that prevented the importation of files when "Create Categories from Folder Names" was checked in the Import Window
  • Fixed bug with "Checking files In"
  • Fixed bug with "Restoring server based catalogs"
  • Fixed bug that caused freezing during the Publishing process
  • Fixed bug causing the incorrect rotation of images during export
  • Fixed bug that marked thumbnails as Offline on some NAS models
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to invoke MS Office applications via the "Open With" menu
  • Fixed bug that displayed a list of countries for City and Location options in the Advanced Search window
  • Fixed bug that caused issues while trying to change a user password and when the "Supplied user is locked out" message appeared
  • Fixed bug with "Saved Searches"
  • Fixed bug causing Daminion to crash while viewing images in the Full Screen mode
  • Minor bug fixes


More info is available on our blog


2.0 (911) Release | November 01, 2013


  • Daminion can now preserve image metadata while exporting images
  • It's possible to export images to sRGB profile or preserve a source image ICC profile
  • New export preset editor that allows you to customize your export transformation presets
  • Some import settings (file and folder naming rules, a way of importing) can be locked by the administrator ("Catalog > Import Settings")
  • Interface settings are now stored inside the catalog individually for each user so you can see your customizations by logging in from any computer.
  • Share your images with various devices such as Tablets, Macs, Mobiles or the Web via experimental Dropbox integration. All image conversions and image optimizations will be performed on the fly.
  • Export to CSV
  • Added 15k limitation to Daminion Standalone version. Daminion's test period is over; however, you can still continue to use Daminion for free, with one limitation: you can import a maximum of 15k files per catalog. There are several ways to increase this limit: https://daminion.net/order/buy-daminion.
  • Daminion can now search through tag parents (even if they are not directly assigned to files) in the following tags: Folders, Keywords, Categories, People, Place, Event. For example, searching by "plant" now finds all images that were directly assigned to the "plants\oak" keyword (but not to the "plants" keywords)
  • Improved support for PDF files
  • It's now possible to Switch Off display for a number of assigned files in the Tags panel
  • Better handling of XMP in RAW images
  • Added support for MPEG-TS format
  • Added 2 new video tags: Frame Rate and Bit Rate (will be available in the newly created catalogs)
  • Advanced Search now searches tag parents for all tags except the "Everywhere" option
  • After being created, Custom Tags will now appear in the Tags and Properties panels
  • You can now use the Paste command (Ctrl + V) to enter information into the "Folder to Store Uploaded Files" field in the Administrative panel
  • A hint is now displayed for large truncated captions below Thumbnails
  • "Users\Public\MyDocuments" is now the default folder for storing uploaded files (instead of the ProgramData folder)
  • It's now possible to give meaningful names to shared catalogs (instead of the default "NetCatalog")
  • Tags with the same values (folders, media format, color label, rating) are now displayed in the Properties panel when multiple items are selected
  • Tag values from tag presets can now be used in the renaming templates in the Import window
  • Improved "Re-link Folder" feature
  • You can now use the context menu to find images assigned to a GPS Group marker
  • Improved "Assign Tags" mode in the Catalog tags panel.
  • Added new commands to reset user interface customizations: "Window > Reset Window Layouts" and "View > Reset User Interface"
  • Added support for some OLYMPUS camera maker notes
  • Added support for Jpeg2000 with native 8 bit and 16 bit gray scale images
  • GPS Info for video files is now displayed in the Properties panel
  • Ordered main menu items
  • It is no longer possible to remove items that have been checked out by other users, unless you are the Administrator or the owner of the items.
  • Tag names are now aligned more accurately in the Properties panel
  • Improved Properties panel
  • It's now possible to return focus back to the Thumbnail or Full Screen view from the Properties Panel using the Esc key (but only if no changes have been made in the Properties panel)
  • Added "Maximize" option to the Map panel
  • It's now possible to display GPS markers for found images only (not for all images in the catalog)
  • Optimized loading of GPS markers for a large number of files
  • It's possible now to change sorting order for tags in the server based catalogs
  • Minor improvements


  • Updated German translation by Uwe Noack and Sedat Yakisir
  • Updated Dutch translation by Peter Gebruers
  • Updated French translation by Reynaud Lionel and Alain Pierre
  • Updated Spanish translation by Jose Angel Calvo
  • Updated Polish translation by Mariusz Lewandowski
  • Updated Slovak translation by Matus Kipikasa

Fixed Bugs

  • Color management now works correctly
  • Fixed memory leak bug while scrolling thumbnails
  • Fixed bug when cropped RAW images were not correctly displayed
  • Fixed problem with Google Maps (Google changed their algorithm)
  • Fixed bug with duplicated folder names in the tags panel
  • Map provider and type of map now restore their states after the program restarts
  • Fixed bug when multi-line Descriptions below the thumbnails were cut
  • Fixed bug when different tag presets displayed for different selected interface languages
  • Property panel fields can no longer be edited by Viewer or Guest roles
  • Fixed bug with thumbnails disappearing after returning from full screen mode
  • Fixed bug with filtering catalog tags using national symbols
  • Fixed bug that disconnected client from the server after "Sign Out" command
  • Fixed bug with Default Admin Settings (like ports, etc...)
  • Fixed bug with Places in the Properties panel
  • Fixed bug with incorrect reading of Umlaut symbols from RAW images.
  • Fixed bug with Checking Out multiple itemsv
  • Fixed bug with Compare Items
  • Fixed bug with comparing cropped RAW Images
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible for users with the Editor role to drag images to the Map
  • Fixed bug when reading XMP from sidecar files of RAW images
  • Fixed bug when merging two tags
  • Advanced Search: now only Equals and Not Equals operations are available for the "Check Out To" tag
  • EXIF Orientation tag now resets after rotating to 0 degree, even if Compatibility mode is not checked.
  • Fixed bug with "Check In" in the server catalogs
  • Fixed bug with adding a new Place in the tags tree
  • Fixed bug when Daminion client couldn't open shared catalog due to server and client time mismatch
  • Fixed bug when tags were not read from the metadata of uploaded images
  • Fixed default icon rendering issue for some formats
  • Fixed minor memory leaks issue while working with the Properties panel
  • Fixed memory leaks while importing PDF documents
  • Fixed bug reading some images with ICC Profile on 64 bit Windows versions
  • Fixed bug reading TIFF CIELab images with embedded ICC profile
  • Fixed bug with reading some jp2 images
  • Fixed memory leaks while reading some corrupted PNG images
  • Fixed bug with reading some TIFF-jpeg images
  • Fixed bug when hotkeys didn't work for Open/Edit With menus
  • Fixed problem with licensing Server version
  • "Show All metadata" now works for files that contain Unicode symbols in the filename
  • Hint with admin/admin message no longer displays when Admin user is disabled
  • Fixed minor issue when incorrect info was written into the Comments field of RAW images
  • Fixed minor bug with wrong focused item after exiting full screen view
  • Fixed problem with pressing the "T" key in Film Strip mode
  • Fixed bug related to FIPS compliance
  • Fixed issue with Properties Panel disappearing in full view mode after pressing the Ctrl+D
  • Daminion now saves the state of expanded tags in the Folders panel
  • Fixed bug that prevented rotation of images exported by Daminion via Windows Explorer
  • Fixed minor issue of freezing when reading Camera RAW images with Daminion Server catalogs
  • Fixed bug with incorrect rounding of ISO values for some Canon cameras
  • Minor bug fixes


More info is available on our blog


1.0 RC2(833) Release Candidate | June 22, 2013

  • Fixed a bug when .xmp sidecars were not created for RAW images without an existing xmp block
  • Fixed a bug with rendering video thumbnails


1.0 RC2(831) Release Candidate | June 20, 2013

Major Improvements:

  • Access to your centralized image and document archive library can now be restricted by User Roles
  • The new Auto Sync-Folders feature allows you to monitor selected folders for changes and new file additions, and automatically syncs them with Daminion, without the need for user intervention.
  • Improved Color Management for RAW images. RAW images also import up to 3 times faster.
  • New Tags: Rights Usage Terms, Item ID, Import related tags, Audio Tags
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes

Note: With this version you'll need to upgrade all your Daminion Clients manually because all connections between Server and Client are now secure and old client versions don't "understand" the new server. All future Daminion Client updates will be automatic.

Use of User Roles to restrict access to your centralized digital image archive

The new version of Daminion provides different levels of access to shared catalogs managed by Daminion Server. Users with an Editor role can import and edit images and image annotations (tags), while users with a Viewer role can only search for and view digital media documents. The User Roles feature is only available in the Daminion Server Team version, i.e. not in the Daminion Server Home and Pro versions.

Auto-Sync Folders

The "Auto Sync-Folders" feature monitors selected folders for changes and new file additions, and automatically syncs them with Daminion without user intervention.

Improved support for Camera RAW images

  • Camera RAW images (including NEF and CR2 formats) with embedded Adobe RGB profiles are now correctly displayed in thumbnail and full screen modes when CMS is turned on.
  • Drastically improved import speed and faster thumbnail updates for Camera RAW images (up to 3-x times faster)
  • RAW images with missing built-in JPEG previews are now correctly displayed if a medium-res thumbnail is available.
  • Added new DCRAW 9.18 version that supports a lot of new camera models, including: Canon: 6D, EOS-M, G15, S110, SX50HS, A3300, C500; Fuji: X-E1, XF1, F800EXR, HS50, X20, X100S, SL1000; Leica: D-LUX6, V-LUX4; Nikon: D600, J2, P7700; Olympus: E-PL5, XZ-2, XZ-10; Panasonic: FZ200, G5, LX7; Pentax: K-7, K-5 II, K-5 II s; Samsung: NX210, EX2F, NX300; Sony: A99V, NEX-6, RX1

New Tags

Several new tags have been added to improve Daminion's cataloging capabilities

  • Right Terms Usage
  • ItemID. Sorting items by Item ID displays them in the order they were imported.
  • Audio Tags (Composers and Conductors)
  • Import related tags (Import Session ID, Imported By, Import Date)

New PostgreSQL version

  • Daminion now ships with the most recent PostgreSQL 9.2 version, which contains a number of improvements and security fixes. Daminion is no longer tied to any particular version of PostgreSQL. You can update it separately from Daminion. However, please note that PostgreSQL doesn't update the existing database. Instead, it creates a new database and new program files.
  • Note also that Daminion will install PostgreSQL 9.2 only for fresh Daminion Server installations.
  • How to migrate your existing PostgreSQL 9.0.X database to a new PostgreSQL version
  • - See more at: https://daminion.net/user-forum/index.php?/topic/1168-how-to-upgrade-your-postgresql-version/#entry4475


  • A Dutch translation is now available (by Peter Gebruers)
  • A Slovak translation is now available (by Mr. Matus Kipikasa)
  • The German Translation has been updated (by Uwe Noack and Sedat Yakisir)
  • Updated French localization (by Lionel Reynaud)
  • Updated Polish Localization (thanks to Mariusz Lewandowski)


  • Daminion is now compliant with FIPS 140-2 (U.S. government computer security standard)
  • Admin Panel: Uploaded files can be stored on Network Locations
  • It's now possible to select the "Upload" option for network files in the Import Window
  • Works with shared catalogs only
  • Right click on a folder and select the "Switch Auto-Sync On" option
  • Auto Sync-Folders settings can be configured here
  • It's now possible to Merge tags with the same names
  • Quick Search Fields can be customized
  • Faster RAW file imports
  • Empty read-only tag values (media format, camera model, lens, etc…) can be deleted from the tags tree
  • Improved support for PDF documents
  • Faster PDF file imports
  • Creation Datetime, and Exposure can be read from the .thm sidecar files of video files
  • Advanced Search: "Does not contain" and "Does not match" query conditions are no longer available for Array type tags (like keywords, categories,…)
  • The "Comments" Tag is now mapped to the EXIF:UserComment metadata field.
  • The EXIF:UserComment metadata field has been removed from the Description tag's mapping source list
  • Daminion now additionally checks metadata in the .xmp sidecars of DNG images
  • Added OpenStreet maps
  • Daminion now correctly determines the right XMP block in Camera RAW and PDF documents with multiple XMP blocks
  • Added support for importing Picasa people (works with Picasa versions older than 3.9 version, unfortunately the Picasa team has changed the algorithm of face/people storage in the Picasa 3.9 version)
  • Added global counter token to Renaming Templates (%###)
  • Improved support for Canon lens recognition
  • GPS coordinates can now be written into Camera RAW images
  • Added new video codecs support
  • Added support for WebM video format
  • Truncated categories from "IPTC:SupplementalCategories" now excluded from importing
  • Several other minor improvements

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed bug with inability to install Daminion Server under LocalSystem account
  • Fixed bug with exporting of server based files
  • Fixed bug that displayed "Offline Thumbnails Exception" message over thumbnails
  • Created DateTime is now correctly read from IPTC when Created Time field is blank or missing
  • Fixed bug when InDesign documents created in some versions of InDesign were rendered with the default thumbnail
  • Resolved an issue with delayed thumbnail display
  • Fixed bug when clicking an offline thumbnail displayed the wrong image
  • Fixed bug that appeared when exporting images using the "JPEG Original Size" preset
  • Fixed bug with "Open With" command on XP and Vista when UAC is enabled
  • Fixed bug when text fonts were changed in the Properties panel after a piece of text that contained Unicode symbols had been entered
  • Fixed bug when Olympus Maker Notes are lost after writing metadata into images (when the "Compatibility with old software" option was checked)
  • Fixed bug with inability to create/open local catalogs on some Windows x64 configurations because of an SQLite error
  • Fixed a minor issue with installing Daminion Server
  • Fixed an issue with Color Management in Full Screen mode
  • Fixed an issue with sorting items
  • Fixed bug with duplicate entries in the Properties panel
  • Fixed bug when some options are not visible in the Map panel
  • Fixed a bug that prevented folders from being rescanned (F6)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented writing XMP for Video Files
  • Fixed a bug that prevented metadata settings adjustment when Daminion Client was not launched as Administrator
  • Minor bug fixes


1.0 RC1 (779) Release Candidate | April 18, 2013

Fixed a bug where it was impossible to Upload files to shared catalogs due to a mistake in the configuration file


1.0 RC1 (777) Release Candidate | 12 April 2013

With the new version of Daminion you can classify your image archive library even faster, thanks to improved file/folder management, tag presets, and many other improvements.

Daminion 1.0 RC1 - minor update is now available to download. It's now possible to stamp images with Geo coordinates and locate them visually on a map.

In addition, we've improved XMP metadata handling and support for video formats, added quality EPS/AI thumbnail rendering, and fixed a number of bugs.

Geo-Tagging Images

  • To stamp images with geo coordinates just select items and drag them to the Map.
  • You can drop items onto an existing marker
  • All markers are always visible, no matter how many files have been selected
  • Search for a location
  • Markers for the selected items are displayed in orange.
  • The locations of existing markers can be changed using the mouse
  • You can use your favorite map provider such as Google, Yahoo, Bing or Yandex
  • Click on a marker to preview thumbnails of the items behind it
  • Items that are located close to one another are  grouped together for ease of  visualization
  • It's possible to view all items assigned to a certain marker in the Thumbnail Browser

Import Filter

  • The "Import Files" and "Rescan Folders" commands allow you to define, in one place, which media formats will be imported into the catalog.
  • User-defined formats can also be imported into the catalog (Catalog > Import Filters…)
  • Daminion will display a default thumbnail for these files unless you install a special Windows Explorer extension to display quality thumbnails of this files type in your Explorer window.

To add support for quality EPS/AI formats:

To add support for quality djVu thumbnails:

Display more thumbnails on the screen

You can now display more thumbnails on the screen (up to 50%) thanks to the new Compact View mode.

Improved Support for Video Files

  • More video formats and codecs are now supported
  • Better handling of XMP metadata in video files
  • Fixed bug that was slowing down the updating of tags in the AVI format

Improved Support for XMP metadata

  • Daminion now uses the new Adobe CS6 XMP Toolkit - which has had many of its bugs fixed
  • Project and Client tags are now mapped to the XMP metadata
  • Improved metadata compatibility with other tools. Array values now read from all mapped fields
  • Improved compatibility with Lightroom and Bridge: duplicate flatten keywords and truncated IPTC keywords are not imported when reading metadata

Improved localizations

  • Now with a Spanish translation (by Jose Angel Calvo)
  • Updated German Localization (by Uwe Noack and Sedat Yakisir)
  • Updated French Localization (by Alain Pierre)
  • Updated Polish Localization (by Mariusz Lewandowski)

Minor Improvements

  • It's possible to paste a copied tag into the root tag in the tag tree
  • The full folder path is now displayed in the Properties panel
  • It is no longer possible to create local catalogs on remote network locations
  • Daminion doesn't add its copyrights while editing tags
  • "Read Tags from File" now reads metadata, even if the creation datetime hasn't changed
  • Tags can be sorted in the Tags tree
  • Improved performance in "Full Screen" mode
  • External applications can be launched with extra arguments
  • Rating menu is now sorted in the ascending order
  • "Move To" command can move network files to the Daminion Server by references without uploading them
  • Improved quality of images in "Full screen" mode (uses Hermite filter)
  • Added new 9.2.5 version of the ExifTool
  • A lot of other minor improvements

Bug Fixes

  • "Locate in Explorer" command now works when Client and Server are located on the same PC
  • "Locate in Explorer" now works in the Folders tree also
  • Fixed "AppendToCache" bug
  • Fixed bug while adding items into the Tray
  • Fixed bug when tags are not written into the audio files
  • Fixed a bug with thumbnail rotation
  • Fixed a few "Export Preview" related issues
  • Fixed an issue with slow updating XMP of AVI files
  • Fixed several memory leaks
  • A new sidecar .xmp file is created now if a corresponding Camera RAW file doesn't have it, and "write tags to sidecar" option is ticked.
  • Fixed a bug that disconnects client from the server after canceling the thumbnail rotation process
  • Fixed an error when new tags rewrite previously added tags for some video files
  • Fixed an error when Daminion Client disconnects from the Server after displaying the Map panel
  • Fixed a bug when when default Daminion Server ports can not be changed
  • Minor bugs fixed

More info is available on our blog


0.9.9 (731) Beta | February 14, 2013

With the new version of Daminion you can classify your image archive library even faster, thanks to improved file/folder management, tag presets, and many other improvements.

Improved File/Folder management

  • It's now possible to remove folders from the catalog
  • Added support for drag-and-drop reordering of folder structure in the tags tree. You can now create subfolders by simply dragging and dropping one folder into another
  • Re-location of media items. If you've renamed or moved a file outside Daminion you can re-link the file's new location back to Daminion. To access this option go to the "Item > Actions > Relink Item…" menu

Assets can be annotated faster

  • Added option to Copy/Paste Tags. You can now copy and paste annotations from one item to another
  • Tag presets can now be assigned "on-the-fly" to importing files, i.e. during import
  • The newly added "Tag Presets" allow you to define tag presets and assign them to files

Minor bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a memory leak bug that restricted the number of files you could import per session to 10,000
  • Deleting items from catalogs now also removes associated thumbnails from the "~Thumbs" folder
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of custom tags in shared catalogs
  • Fixed the "checking user rights" problem that occurred during Daminion Server installation
  • When switching between thumbnail pages the scroll position now moves to the top of the new page
  • Changes to an item's orientation in the Thumbnail Window are now reflected correctly in the Tray window
  • Clicking on the "Add" button in the file import window now imports the active folder if no other files or folders have been selected
  • Improved support for corrupted PSD images
  • Improved support for TIFF images
  • Added Escape hotkey to switch from "Assign Mode" to "Filter Mode" in the tags tree
  • Added an option "Automatically switch to Assign Mode" that can be turned off
  • Added support for reading EXIF metadata from Hasselblad RAW images
  • Thumbnail rotation now reflects in the Tray window
  • "Copy To" option in the "Downloader" now remembered its state
  • Minor improvements to the Properties panel
  • Updated German Localization (thanks to Uwe Noack)
  • Updated French Localization (thanks to Reynaud Lionel)
  • Improved support for PDF documents
  • Improved support for NEF files edited by CaptureNX
  • Improved support for reading lens info for Canon RAW files from Canon EOS 7D and 1D X
  • Fixed an issue with PDF files that prevented importing Page Count and PDF Size for PDF files
  • Several bug fixes

More info is available on our blog


0.9.8 (716) Beta | January 10, 2013

  • Improved File/Folder management. Added options to re-link and rename folders, create new sub-folders and drag files to folders
  • Clicking on a Read only tag in the Properties panel fires a filter by this tag
  • By default, Tags for RAW files are written to the .xmp sidecars
  • Image Orientation is now extracted from RAW JPEG preview (instead of the original RAW image)
  • Daminion can now read metadata from RAW files that have been changed by Lightroom
  • It's now possible to specify which media formats will be imported during rescan
  • Added an option to select a tag hierarchy delimiter to improve compatibility with standalone third-party photo organizers.
  • Added a "Cut" and "Paste as Sub-Tag" option to the context menu in the Tags tree.
  • Added Ctrl + Ins, Shift + Ins, Shift + Del hot key support to the Properties panel.
  • Assigning Tag to Items from the Tags tree context menu now switches the tree to "Assign Mode".
  • Added new 9.0.9 version of the ExifTool
  • Minor improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Folders are now refreshed after rescan
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing IDv3 tags from being imported in some MP3 files
  • Fixed a bug that was causing local catalogs to open slowly
  • Photos in portrait mode that were edited in Nikon Capture NX are now correctly displayed
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing metadata from saving in every 11th file
  • Fixed a few bugs with Saved Query and Advanced Search
  • Fixed an issue with Relative Paths for local catalogs (works with newly created catalogs, and will soon be included in the old catalog version)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented tags from being written into the files when custom tags were available in the catalog and the tag names contained the Space symbol
  • Fixed a bug that led to the program crashing when previewing images
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Daminion to crash when new entries in the Properties panel ended with the "," (comma) symbol
  • Fixed a bug that was slowing down metadata updating in JPEG and a few other formats
  • Fixed a bug when image statistics weren't updating in tags when sub-tags were removed
  • Fixed bug that was preventing images from being previewing after their thumbnails had been rotated
  • Fixed an issue with cancelling image rotation progress
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Daminion to crash while importing or rescanning some MOV files due to an outdated version of MediaInfo library.
  • Tag changes for more than 20 files in Properties Panel is now applied when item selection is changed
  • Statistics for parent tags now update correctly after removing sub-tags
  • Several other bugs have been fixed

More info is available on our blog


0.9.7 (675) Beta | November 09, 2012

  • Added to the tags tree context menu: an option to Add/Remove selected tags from all files in the current search query. These options will be visible only if all files are selected and the page switcher is visible in the top right-hand corner.
  • Daminion now displays an extra option "Apply to all files (N) in this query" in the File Removal window after pressing Ctrl + A when the page switcher is visible in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Daminion Clients can now be updated faster, in silent mode, from Daminion Server
  • Added in Preferences: an option to display 5000 files per page
  • Daminion now restores the Tag Selection (from the latest session) after it's been launched.
  • Added: the ability to Show/Hide Thumbnail Captions and Thumbnail Basic Info (Rating, Color Label, Flag, Media Format) separately from each other.
  • Media Formats are now displayed correctly in the Advanced Search window
  • Media Format info above thumbnails can now be changed to another tag
  • A newly created tag is now focused and highlighted only if it was created from the context menu in the Tags tree
  • Added: the separate panel to display Folders
  • Added: support for importing ACDSee tags
  • The Collections Tag is now hierarchical and mapped to XMP:MWG metadata
  • The ".AppleDouble" folder is now ignored when importing files
  • Improved support for PDF files
  • Improved rendering of WMF/EMF files
  • A few other minor improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: an issue with importing image in formats other than JPEG but with .jpeg, .jpg file extensions
  • Fixed: a minor issue with auto-resizable text fields in the Properties panel
  • Fixed: an error that appeared after closing disconnected catalog tab
  • Rescan Folders is now represented correctly for outside metadata changes in shared catalogs
  • Fixed: an issue that prevented documents with default icons from being imported, such as Music, PDF, Vector Formats, AutoCAD and some video formats that are not supported by MPlayer. This bug was also connected with other bugs.
  • Downloader: fixed a bug that prevented renaming of templates from working
  • Downloader: fixed a bug that prevented images from being copied to the destination folder because it contained files with the same names. Now the "-(N)" suffix will be appended to the copying file if an output folder already contains a file with the same name, and the content of both files are different.
  • Fixed: a bug in Daminion installation when a foreign setup language is chosen on Windows XP which doesn't have .NET Framework installed.
  • Fixed: an issue with updating local catalogs when the "Property List Cannot be Null" message appears
  • Fixed: a bug with pressing Ctrl + F12 when no catalogs were opened
  • Several minor bugs fixed

More info is available on our blog


0.9.6 (650) Beta | October 18, 2012

  • Added: User Defined Tags (Custom Tags). Custom Tags are mapped into XMP just like most of the other tags.
  • Improved image viewing. You can now view extra-large JPEG files (up to 1000 Megapixels).
  • Added an image pre-loading support
  • New Localizations: added German, French, and Polish languages
  • New Color Management options (turned off by default). Daminion can now display thumbnails and previews according to the display's ICC Profile
  • Video file thumbnails now displayed as cine-film
  • Added support for displaying tag hierarchies in the Recently Assigned Tags panel
  • Improved support for Camera RAW files with .xmp sidecars. RAW images are now correctly uploaded to, and removed from, shared catalogs along with XMP sidecars.
  • Exposure info is now displayed for Panasonic RW2 images
  • Added support for IIQ (Phase One) camera raw format
  • Added support for uncompressed 12 bit gray scale TIFF files
  • Optimized loading of JPEG-CMYK images, without ICC profile
  • Added support for image preloading
  • Improve Usability and Look and Feel of Image Downloader
  • Daminion updates Orientation tag after image rotation
  • Improved speed of loading RAW images and generating of RAW image thumbnails (up to 2-3 times)
  • Label, Rating and Flag now are visible when only thumbnails without captions are displayed in the thumbnails area
  • Added new versions of DCRaw library for 32 and 64 bit Windows versions
  • Added F12 shortcut to switch to FilmStrip mode
  • Dimension info is now displayed for video files
  • Daminion can now read metadata from .thm sidecars of some video files
  • A number of other minor improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Width and height now correctly displayed for rotated images
  • "Does not contain" search criterion now works in the Advanced Search window
  • Hiding files with specified tags now works (Alt + Click)
  • Date and time recognized correctly in MOV and several other video formats
  • Fixed: An error in program settings that caused Daminion to crashes during launch
  • Fixed: bug that used to cause the program to freeze when displaying all file metadata on Windows XP
  • New People now added to tag tree after "Read from File" option
  • Fixed: a bug in the "Size all column to fit" command
  • Fixed: a bug that caused incorrect Place sub-tags to be passed from the Tags tree to the Advanced Search window
  • Fixed: bugs that caused the program to freeze when importing certain corrupted JPEG and TIFF files
  • WMA format is now handled by Music Processor instead of Video Processor, and tags are now handled correctly
  • Fixed an issue with F10, F11 shortcuts when multiple catalogs are opened
  • "Un-synced files" tag is now updated correctly
  • Daminion is now read metadata from .xmp sidecars that were written by old Daminion versions
  • Several minor bugs fixed

More info is available on our blog


0.9.5 (597) Beta | August 06, 2012

  • Several minor bugs fixed


0.9.5 (592) Beta | July 27, 2012

  • Improved: Rescan Folders
  • Improved: Catalog Tags Tree
  • Assign Tags Mode: Assign multiple tags to file(s) faster and more accurately by simply clicking on tag names
  • Show files with a tag including sub-tags
  • Tags that are assigned to a selected thumbnail are highlighting in green in the Catalog Tags
  • The 5 most recent tags are now highlighted in orange
  • Added: Recently Assigned Tags Panel

Minor Improvements

  • You can scroll the Catalog Tags tree with the mouse whether or not the panel is focused
  • New Hot Keys added:
    X: Mark file as Rejected
    U: Mark file as Flagged
    U: Un-flag file
    F11: Hide/Show the top toolbar in Full Screen mode
    Space: Move to the next image in Full Screen mode
    Backspace: Move to the previous image in Full Screen mode
    Shift + Click on a tag in the Catalog Tags tree: Show files with a Tag without Sub-Tags
  • Metadata settings for shared catalogs are now adjusted separately via Daminion Administration Panel
  • Daminion can now read/write the metadata from/to .xmp sidecar files
  • Added: "Locate in Explorer" option to folder context menu
  • Ctrl + A now selects all thumbnails, even if the thumbnails area is not focused
  • New PDF Processing library handles and renders documents correctly in PDF format
  • Simplified: the Daminion Server Administration Panel interface
  • Rescan folders now scan all folder levels
  • The program interface has been proofread
  • Daminion is ready for further localizations. The program is now available in two languages: English (US) and Russian
  • Optimization of the speed of expanding Folders in huge media collections with more than 5-10k folders
  • Minor optimization of import
  • Title of audio files now separates from Title in Description section
  • Removed: Folder tag from sorting fields
  • Customization of thumbnail captions now available from the main menu and by right clicking on the caption bar below thumbnails
  • Saved AND/OR condition states in the Catalog Tags panel
  • It's now possible to locate a tag much faster by pressing its first letters in the Catalog Tags tree
  • Disabled: the ability to add shared locations as a Folder to Store Uploaded Files in the Daminion Server Administration panel. If you need to upload your files to shared locations use the "Copy to" feature in the Downloader. It will be up to 2x times faster.
  • Clicking the green circle next to an item in the Catalog Tags pane now deselects it.
  • Added: a "Collapse All" option to the context menu in the Catalog Tags tree
  • Minor Improvements


  • Fixed: bug which, in rare case, wrote hierarchical info incorrectly into the metadata
  • Fixed: bug that showed that files with a Tag wouldn't work in Assign Mode
  • Fixed: a problem with the Downloader displaying Invalid Destination Folder message if: 1. A network based path was specified as a Destination Folder, for example \\mediaserver\exchange\daminion, 2. Client and Server were installed on the same computer
  • Fixed: bug causing Daminion to switch to the first item after deleting a file in Full screen mode.
  • Fixed: bug where exporting files terminated on offline files
  • Fixed: bug with freezing exporting files after trying to close File name collision dialog window with the Cancel button
  • Properties panel is now updated after Reading metadata from file.
  • Fixed: the problem of Daminion Server trying to create server logs on the Program Files folder
  • Fixed: a delay when showing query results after checking a tag in the Catalog Tags tree.
  • Fixed: a bug with Rescan Folders when folders left the Catalog Tags tree after deleting them on the disk.
  • Fixed: bug that caused the program to freeze after importing files with long filenames (more than 250 symbols)
  • Fixed: minor bug with selecting thumbnails using the Shift and Left arrow keys
  • Fixed: bug with empty content of the filter bar above the thumbnails
  • The Properties panel now updates correctly after assigning tags to files
  • Fixed: a bug related to setting rating from the main menu
  • Fixed: minor issues in the Advanced search window.
  • Fixed: bug that prevented Copy and Upload files options from being displayed in the Downloader if of a large number of files were selected (>50k)
  • Fixed: bug with displaying "Unable to get free space information" in Daminion Server Admin Panel for Shared Locations
  • Fixed: bugs related to freezing of the syncing process for local catalogs
  • Updating Thumbnails now works after returning from Full Screen mode.
  • Incompletely filled places are now written correctly into the metadata
  • Fixed: bug with Rescan Folder when the "There are unfinished Jobs…" message appeared after trying to close the program
  • Fixed: bug with program freezing after pressing the Show All button when rescanning folders is launching.
  • Other minor bug fixes

More info is available on our blog


0.9.0 (525) Beta | April 06, 2012

  • Fixed: program trying to reach floppy-drive when clicking on the 'Add Files' button
  • Fixed: Incorrect reading of the Place tag when Country or State metadata fields are empty
  • Daminion updates Properties panel after clicking on the "Reading File Metadata" option


0.9.0 (524) Beta | April 04, 2012

  • Added: Camera Importer
    • You can now import photos into Daminion from your digital cameras and removable devices. A list of the removable devices appears in the drop down menu of the Add Files button immediately after you insert a flash-card into your card-reader or connect a removable drive.
    • You can preview the images to be transferred. Images and Videos can be grouped by Creation Date, Folder or Media Type. Hovering the mouse over a thumbnail displays a large tool tip with a medium-sized image preview allowing you to see the image in greater detail.
    • Media files can be renamed during the transfer using a  handy renaming function.  Files can be imported to your computer and then either imported into Daminion's local catalog or uploaded to your server computer and imported to a shared catalog (via Daminion Server).
    • This is the very first version of the Camera Importer. As such, it will be undergoing continual improvement. For example, we'll be adding a backup option and the ability to assign tags to imported images
  • The "Rescan Folders" feature has been partially implemented. It will be totally rewritten for the next minor version (a few minor bugs will be fixed and performance will be optimized).
  • Added: an option to display all the image metadata using the ExifTool (Advanced > Show All Metadata)
  • Added: support for RW2 and NRW formats
  • Added: an option to read metadata from Files. (Actions > Read Metadata From Files).
  • A Sync button has been added to the toolbar to manage Daminion Catalog <-> File Metadata synchronization.
  • Added: the ability to switch off automatic metadata synchronization
  • Added: the option to preserve File Creation Date during export
  • Added: progress indicator for Check-In of large files
  • Real time progress indicator for Import and Metadata syncing processes
  • Added: a "Remove from Catalog" option on the main workspace context menu
  • Parent tags that have a number of children now take less time to expand (faster by 50-80%)
  • Hovering the mouse over a tag in the Properties window displays a tool tip with a hierarchy of the tag's ancestors
  • Added: the Catalog Tags panel now supports the Home and End shortcuts on the keyboard
  • The Auto-Sync Metadata option is now turned off by default.
  • The sync option icon now displays whether Auto-Sync Metadata is turned on or not.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed:  The issue of Daminion Server and Daminion Server Admin Panel opening slowly on computers without an active Internet connection.
  • Fixed: bug with Daminion Server installation - when the 8082 or 8084 port was occupied by a third-party service
  • Tags are correctly exported as text, preserving their hierarchy from the Properties Panels
  • The Exif:UserComment fields, which were causing metadata to be incorrectly written into images, have been removed from the mapping fields of the Description tag.
  • Resolved: an issue with LightRoom and several other third-party photo management tools which were reading saved Rating values incorrectly.
  • The Place tag now saves correctly into the metadata
  • Fixed: a bug preventing EXIF metadata from being updated (including Datetime, DPI)
  • Fixed: a bug disconnecting the server when large files were uploading
  • Fixed: bug causing "StrongHierarchyTagEditor: this.TagLevels.Count < indexedTagValues.Length" message to appear
  • Fixed: a problem with adding a new tag to the Catalog Tags panel
  • Fixed: the issue of an "Unable to get the checked out file" error message appearing when checking out files from the Daminion Server
  • Fixed: program freezing during export when server became unavailable
  • Fixed: problem with program freezing when clicking on the Preview button in the video files' Export window
  • Client and Project Tag can now be displayed in the  Properties Panelđ
  • Fixed: minor bug with Quick Search
  • Fixed: an issue with the message "unzul?ssige Funktion" appearing during installation of Daminion Server on German versions of Windows
  • Fixed: a bug related to moving files from local to shared catalog
  • Fixed: a bug that appears in the "Create a new Place" form in the Catalog Tags tree
  • Fixed: several issues related to importing PicaJet XML files
  • Fixed: Hotkey problem with the  DateTime tag in the Properties panel
  • The Browse button now works in the Check Out window
  • The Preview window is now cleared after files have been removed
  • Fixed: bug when two tags with the same name, but different parents, are not displayed.
  • Fixed: freezing of the Sync indicator in some instances
  • Fixed: Daminion launching with a broken configuration file
  • Fixed: an issue with exporting/importing tag structure
  • Fixed: slow launch of Daminion standalone version
  • Fixed: the problem of the server disconnecting when files are uploading
  • Fixed: the problem of folder parents being displayed incorrectly on the search bar
  • Fixed: problem of the server disconnecting when more than 10 folder tags are selected
  • Removed: array tags from sorting option (a minor bug was related to this)
  • Fixed: minor issue of the appearance of the system message "There is no disk in the drive"
  • Several other minor bugs fixed and improvements made

More info is available on our blog


0.8.9 (477) Beta | December 28, 2011

  • Server: Improved import speed for large files from shared locations
  • Server: Version Control now only works for files uploaded to Daminion Server
  • Server: Fixed program freezing after "Undo Checkout" operation with checked "Delete the local file copy" option
  • Server: Fixed a bug with "Downloading" window freezing when double clicking on a server based file
  • Server: Windows Event Logs are shown in the Daminion Server Administration panel when an error occurs during server launch
  • Server: Optimized performance when importing files
  • Server: Fixed several bugs in Daminion Administration panel
  • Server: Fixed an issue with downloading large files
  • Server: Server Installation process improved
  • Server: Client and Server updating process simplified
  • Server: Server installation now permits installation with an empty password
  • Server: Fixed a bug with server disconnecting after checking out a large server based video file and then pressing the Cancel button
  • Server: Fixed a bug with freezing "Write Metadata To File" progress for server based files
  • Server: Added progress information on "Downloading" window for remote files
  • Server: "Upload Files to Server" option now saves its state
  • Server: Fixed a bug when date/time and dimension tags were displayed as text field in the Properties panel
  • Sync state now recovered next time program is launched
  • Fixed a bug where thumbnails disappeared after exiting Full Screen mode (in some cases)
  • A report window now appears at the end of import if any files have failed to import
  • Fixed an error when duplicate network location with, for example, different letter case appearing in the Catalog Tags Panel \\server and \\Server
  • Fixed an error that appeared after dragging a tag value to the tag header
  • Fixed a few issues when rotating images in Full Screen mode
  • Fixed a bug when importing some PicaJet xml files
  • Now, when thumbnail is selected it is reflected in the Preview window (as well as when you move the mouse over a thumbnail)
  • It's now possible to launch Daminion with - log_enable option. For example,
  • "C:\Program Files\Daminion Software\Daminion.exe" -log_enable
  • Daminion can now automatically check for new versions at startup
  • Fixed a bug with wrong statistic calculation for some tags
  • Fixed a bug when updating statistic after files have been checked in/out
  • Fixed a bug when some folders are not displayed in Catalog Tags panel after importing
  • Some other minor improvements and bug-fixes

More info is available on our blog

0.8.8 (466) Beta | December 07, 2011

  • Export window now shows file export in progress (not just when export is complete)
  • Progress of imports now indicated on Application title in Windows taskbar
  • Locate in Explorer now works for shared files that have been checked out (i.e. there are actual local checked out copies)
  • Improved checkout for large files located in remote shared folders
  • Selecting "Override All" and "Skip All" options in the Export window now maintains its status
  • Improved Progress window for downloading files from Daminion Server
  • Tags are correctly copied to the clipboard in the Properties panel
  • Latest item to be removed from page remains selected.
  • A link has been added to the Daminion Server Administration panel to enable the Server Log files to be located.
  • Simplified Daminion Update Wizard
  • Fixed an error that occurred when assigning a child tag to its parent tag
  • Fixed an error that occurred while thumbnail scrolling through the shared catalog
  • Fixed Npgsql.NpgsqlException during import to Daminion Server
  • Fixed bug causing Checkout to freeze when large number of files were selected
  • Minor bugs fixed


0.8.7 (456) Beta | November 24, 2011

  • The "syncing" button now shows the correct amount of files in the syncing queue
  • Improved syncing between tags and metadata
  • Images are now correctly rendered after changing them with outside applications
  • Improved compatibility with previous catalog versions
  • Improved context menu behavior for the Place tag in the Properties panel
  • Extra spaces are now removed from tags when importing files
  • Added two new tags: Project and Client
  • Date & time under the thumbnails is now displayed according to the local date & time settings
  • Added new MPlayer version that supports more video formats
  • Added new MediaInfo version
  • Reordering columns in the detail view now save their state
  • People tag not is is no longer mapped to the IPTC Contact
  • Improved Checkout window
  • RAW files are now correctly rendered for rotated images
  • Now Daminion Standalone version can be launched with the -log_enable argument. It allows you to write error messages (and debug info) to the log file
  • The item selection passes to the next item after its removal
  • Now the problem files will not terminate importing process and a report window appears at the end of the import
  • Fixed bug with configuring and displaying captions below the thumbnails
  • Fixed bug where Check out didn't work with hidden thumbnail captions
  • Fixed bug with displaying images in Full Screen mode
  • Fixed bug with importing files with long paths (more than 250 symbols)
  • Fixed bug when moving files from a shared to a local catalog
  • Fixed bug in Advanced Search where it was impossible to switch search criterions
  • Fixed "Out of memory" bug when opening large images (for example 10000x5000)
  • Fixed a few bugs with syncing indicator
  • Fixed a few bugs in the Properties window
  • Fixed a few bugs where the program froze for some time: during installation and when creating a new catalog
  • Fixed bug where some JPEG files with corrupted EXIF header are not imported
  • Fixed bug which made it quite hard, or even impossible, to select or deselect some catalog tags on Windows XP
  • Fixed bug with exporting some BMP files to JPEG format
  • Fixed bug with incorrect saving of the exported files
  • Bug with moving files from shared to local catalogs
  • A number of minor bug fixes
  • Minor improvements

More info is available on our blog


0.8.6 (405) Beta | September 23, 2011

  • Syncing tags with metadata can be paused
  • Added a new tag: Flag
  • Improved the Compare Items window
  • Improved "Open/Edit With" menu option
  • Fast rendering of Camera RAW files
  • Added limited support for DWG and DXF formats
  • Improved bottom toolbar
  • The Daminion (Home) Server is almost ready
  • Updating Thumbnail now takes into account changes of external files
  • Fixed the bug with the "Error creating window handle" error message
  • "Open/Edit with" now works for multiple file selection
  • Fixed bug with manual sorting
  • Fixed bug with disappearing keywords under the thumbnails
  • Added the ability to manually write all tags into files as metadata
  • Added option to invert the current selection.
  • Fixed losing selection after deletion of media item
  • Fixed bug when trying to save a Saved Search with an empty name
  • Fixed bug when the Place:Location is dropped to the Place:City
  • Fixed a small bug with Check Out on the Tray window
  • Updated thumbnail and preview after Rollback in the Version Control window
  • Now available: "Compare with Current Version" option in the Item Audit History window
  • Fixed a few minor issues with image rendering in the "Compare Items" window
  • Optimized import speed for Camera RAW files
  • Properties Panel: now the helper context menu works for Place sub-value with empty parent values
  • Fixed a crucial error that might have caused corruption of TIFF files in some cases
  • Optimized moving files between catalogs
  • A few other minor bugs fixed and improvements made

More info is available on our blog


0.8.5 (370) Beta | August 10, 2011

  • Updated statistics for complex queries
  • Improved color management
  • Added: the ability to email images from your Gmail or Google Mail account
  • Added: 4 new media formats (Adobe Illustrator (*.ai), Adobe InDesign (*.indd), Fuji MPO format and HDV format (*.m2t)
  • Now, you can assign an image to multiple collections
  • Now, Daminion ignores empty tag values during import
  • Added: Progress bar for catalog tag filtering list
  • Added: Thumbnails displayed in the Audit History window. All items in context menu now working
  • Improved synchronization between Catalog Tags and Property Panel
  • Double clicking on the thumbnail resize scrollbar will autofit the thumbnail to the maximum size of the workspace.
  • Bug fixes: Files used to be moved from Daminion to an external folder (opened, for example, in Windows Explorer) by dragging. Now, instead of having to drag the files, the program will copy them.
  • Fixed: Automatic sorting after adding new tag values
  • Fixed: Minor bugs that affected customization of the Properties Panel
  • Fixed: Bug that used to cause statistic calculation in the filtered catalog tags list
  • Fixed: Bug when displaying folder tags in the query tool bar
  • Fixed: Bug that created incorrect sorting tag values beginning with different cases
  • Fixed: Several bugs in the Compare Items window
  • Fixed: A few bugs relating to the Place tag
  • Fixed: Bug when writing empty values to Camera RAW files
  • Fixed: Bug responsible for the appearance of duplicate thumbnails after manual thumbnail sorting
  • Fixed: Bug related to checking out files
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

More info is available on our blog


0.8.4 (348) Beta | July 14, 2011

  • "Quick" filtering of tags
  • Improved compliance with Nikon tools (Capture NX/View NX), Adobe Photoshop CSx and Adobe Bridge CSx)
  • Added ability to quickly select specified tags in the Properties Panel by keyboard
  • Changed default migration rules from PicaJet XML album
  • Bug Fixed: Losing a highlight in the tray window after deleting an item by keyboard
  • Bug Fixed: Searching by File Size now works
  • Bug Fixed: IntelliSense in the Property Panel works for hierarchical tags
  • Bug Fixed: Customization of Tags in Catalog Tags and Properties now works properly
  • Bug Fixed: Incorrect auto-rotating of some RAW formats
  • Bug fixed: In some cases, letters describing Nikon lens classes were incorrectly recognized
  • Bug Fixed: Incorrect recognition of GPS References
  • Bug Fixed: Versions now works
  • As an experiment we added ability to manually re-order media items. Custom order state is not saved
  • Optimized loading of problematic Export Add-ons
  • Creation DateTime is extracted from .modd sidecar files for MT2 and M2TS formats
  • Metadata saves directly into CR2, NEF č DNG without sidecars (by ExifTool)
  • Optimized movement of files between catalogs
  • Default Boolean Operation (OR) for Ratings and a few other tags

More info is available on our blog


0.8.3 (340) Beta | June 27, 2011

  • Added a new panel to display the active query filter
  • Added the display of GPS coordinates
  • Added Hot Keys for quick tag selection
  • Added support for MTS and M2TS video format
  • Quick search condition now reflects on filtering content by selected catalog tags
  • Low resolution images are now printed correctly
  • Fixed bug when adding files to the Tray panel
  • Fixed bug when closing a catalog that contains any corrupted file formats
  • Fixed a few bugs related to moving files between catalogs
  • Improved and optimized tag statistic calculation
  • Fixed bug when removal of tags is not reflected in the file metadata
  • Fixed a few bugs during export
  • Fixed bug that prevented some folders being displayed in the Catalog Tags Panel
  • Resolved about 20 other minor issues
  • More info is available on our blog


0.8.2 (327) Beta | May 23, 2011

  • Added "Send to Email" feature
  • Improved "Export to Folder" feature
  • Announcing Daminion Export API. Now all export features are implemented as add-ons in the same Export Preview Form
  • Export add-ons are available from the following sources: 1. Main menu. 2. Context menu for main workspace and tray. 3. Button on the toolbar. 4. Hot keys
  • Hotkeys for some features have been changed: F3, F4 - now rotates images CCW, CW. F7 - Copy to Folder. F8 - Send to Email
  • The Daminion Users'Manual is available as a Wiki. We'll do our best to keep it up-to-date but any help or feedback is more than welcome!
  • Bug fixed - when OR operation wouldn't work in the Catalog Tags pane
  • Bug fixed - with incorrect detection of EXIF orientation tag for Camera RAW formats
  • Improved import speed
  • Bug fixed - with application freezing when viewing large files (> 20 MP)
  • Bug fixed - with incorrect rotation of file previews
  • Now correctly reads IPTC fields encoded as UTF8
  • Bug fixed - with freezing application when Preview Panel is open
  • Bug fixed - with Properties Pane when entering the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 changed the label color of selected files
  • ColorLabel: "None" now always appears above other color label choices
  • Bug fixed - with slow import of the last file in import list
  • Bug fixed - where it was impossible to select a tag with a long text because of a blinking tooltip
  • Bug fixed - when backspace didn't work in Advanced Search for Width and Height fields
  • Fixed - a couple of bugs in the Compare Items window
  • Now Export works correctly for items selected in the Tray
  • Minor bug fixes


0.8.1 (306) Beta | May 06, 2011

  • Added moving items to another catalog (by drag and drop or via menu
  • Optimized tag expanding speed for large catalogs
  • Improved import speed
  • Added IPTC:Headline (2:105) to the Title's mapping list.
  • Added HD Photo support
  • Added ignore letter case when adding a new tag
  • XMP Metadata will write to PDF if an xmp block is already present in PDF file
  • Statistic for Saved Searches now calculates correctly
  • Removed manual tag sorting and moving, now all the tags are sorted alphabetically
  • Fixed problem with multiple duplicate city values
  • About 30 minor improvements and bug fixes


0.8.292 Beta | Apr 08, 2011

This is mostly a bug fix release, with a few new features. Installing the new version is recommended for all users.


0.8.268 Beta | Mar 02, 2011

  • Added Color Label editor
  • Added Import/Export tags--uses tab delimited text file
  • Reading/writing hierarchical and complex tags from/to metadata
  • Added Sorting feature for tags
  • Double click on a Tag on the Properties Panel sets a filter by this tag
  • Improved Tray performance. Now it works quickly even with several thousand files
  • Changed Tag Displaying Scheme for Properties panel--now Description Tags are displayed for all types of files no matter if older files could be mapped to a selected file format or not
  • 'OR' criteria is shown by default on the 'Catalog Tags' window when multiple tags with unique values are selected. For instance: Camera Lens, Model, Place, Color Profile
  • E and V keys now work in full screen mode ('Edit with', 'Open with' menu options
  • Mouse Click on a large picture in full screen mode and Zoom Out the picture right to the clicked point on the screen
  • Now reordering Catalog Tags works correctly
  • 'User Feedback' window is no longer a modal window, and allows switching between the program and the feedback window
  • Ins and Del keys are correctly handled on Catalog Tags Panel
  • Improved and Optimized Printing
  • Added image rotating feature
  • Added support for displaying some Nikon lens
  • Fixed bug with freezing installation on some OS configuratio
  • Fixed bug with freezing program during importation of broken PDF file
  • Fixed bug with deleting search criterion from Advanced Sear
  • Fixed bug with reset tag filter when switching between Tabs
  • Fixed bug with expanding/collapsing Catalog Tags on Windows XP
  • Fixed bug with showing Assigning Tags window two times during tag assignment
  • Fixed incorrect sorting of 'Media Format' and 'Color Label' tags
  • Fixed bug with disappearing thumbnails on 'Film Strip' mod/span>
  • Improved keyboard support
  • Fixed memory leaks during import and image viewing
  • A few dozen minor issues were resolve
  • Fixed bug with importing from PicaJet
  • Minor improvement


0.7.218 Alpha | Jan 20, 2011

  • 30-plus tags to help you quickly describe and filter your content with just a few mouse clicks (in PicaJet, only categories were available)
  • Full Support for XMP, EXIF, IPTC metadata. Any changes of file properties (tags) will automatically be reflected on the file metadata (if the metadata writing is supported by the file media format)
  • Reading/writing hierarchical and complex tags from/to metadata
  • Quick, advanced and saved searches
  • Version control
  • Export on demand with transformation presets
  • Powerful properties panel
  • New interface with draggable panels and various view modes.
  • Simultaneous works with multiple catalogs that feature different tabs, similar to modern web-browsers that can open web-pages
  • Catalogs lock in relative paths to imported files. No worries over losing links to your files even if you store your folders on an external storage drive. If files or catalogs are re-located, all links inside the catalogs will always correctly point to files on the same drive or in the same folder.
  • A full list of supported media formats can be found here


0.6.196 Alpha | Jan 03, 2011

The first public Daminion version.