About Almex USA

Almex USA is the leading supplier of commercial and aerospace aluminum billet and stab casting technology and equipment. Their products include Degassing Systems, DC Casting Machines, Billet and Ingot Casting Systems and Automated Process Control.

“Daminion has helped our business become significantly more efficient. Each employee spends less time searching through folders and more time growing the company.

As a systems director, it gives me a nice clean feeling to know all our media is properly organized and able to be located within a few short clicks.

Kedar Tilak

Systems Director at Almex USA Inc.

As computer hardware continues to become more affordable, I was relieved to see that Daminion does not require an expensive “true” server operating system or even a dedicated machine

I consider Daminion’s excellent support team to be one of the best insurance policies we (never) bought.

Kedar Tilak