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We’ve launched a new Case Studies column on our web-site, where our customers can share their experiences of using Daminion (or Daminion Server). You’ll find the column by going to Tour > Case Studies.

Conservation Fisheries

J.R. Shute, Co-director of Conservation Fisheries, Inc. kindly agreed to share his experience of using the Daminion Server.

Conservation Fisheries is a small, non-profit company located in Knoxville, TN, USA. Co-Directors, J. R. Shute and Patrick Rakes have been working to protect and restore rare, endangered stream fish in the southeastern U.S. for more than 25 years!

Daminion Server is helping Conservation Fisheries to manage their digital images. It helped them to quickly index their media archive and provides multiple users with simultaneous access to the library across the corporate local network…

As J.R. Shute said,

“Daminion will allow us to organize our media files. We can designate categories, assign key words, label people, sort by folder, date, camera model, lens used….you name it! Our newer cameras record GPS coordinates. These are also recorded into Daminion. The user interface is easy to navigate. This is important for us as we will have several people entering the data…”

Read full text of the Conservation Fisheries, Inc. case study.


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