About The St. Johns River Water Management District

The St. Johns River Water Management District is an environmental regulatory agency of the state of Florida whose work is focused on ensuring a long-term supply of drinking water, and to protect and restore the health of water bodies in the district’s 18 counties in northeast and east-central Florida.

We have always had a very small team trying to do a lot. And if someone could not find an image quickly enough, they were apt to give me a ring, send me an instant message or email to help them find it. So, I had to drop what I was doing to try to help them find the images they needed.

Mathew O’Malley

Senior Creative Services Specialist, Office of Communications at
St. Johns River Water Management District

So, Daminion is really helping me and the team to be more efficient.

The cost of the actual DAM software is nothing in comparison to the cost of staff. So, by investing in Daminion we were able to save a lot of money in the long run.