Daminion is integrated with Windows. Both Damninion Server and Daminion Desktop Client are native Windows applications.

Integration with local applications

Daminion has a native Windows client application that provides fully managed access to your file system and locally installed Windows applications, e.g. Photoshop, InDesign, Microsoft Office.

Daminion Web Client can also be integrated with any Windows computer using the Daminion Web-Assistant application. It allows you to view and open your media files directly in the web browser.

Integration with NAS/SAN/File Servers

Daminion Server is a native Windows application that can be installed on top of your existing file server. Files will be imported with links avoiding file duplication.

Daminion File Watching feature reflects on any external file system changes, e.g. file adding/deleting/renaming.

Integration with Active Directory

Daminion is integrated with Active Directory. Active Directory groups can be mapped to Daminion user roles. Users can log in to Daminion using their Active Directory user credentials.

Daminion also recognizes folder permissions set up in Active Directory.

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