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Interview With Architectural Photographer Brad Feinknopf

Architectural Photographer - Brad Feinknopf

Brad is a National Architectural Photographer who has photographed over 100 AIA Award Winning Architectural Projects and has been published internationally.

He has spent the last 20+ years producing exceptional architectural photography. Understanding architecture comes naturally to Brad as both his father and grandfather were successful architects.

In 1988, Brad Feinknopf returned from New York City (where he had been working) to his hometown of Columbus, Ohio to establish a photographic studio that would excel in providing its clientele with the utmost in quality and service in architectural, interior and corporate photography.

You can reach Brad on his web-site: http://www.feinknopf.com.

Architectural Photographer - Brad Feinknopf
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Brad, could you please tell us how you got started in photography? And why you decided to go into Architectural photography in particular?

My father & grandfather were both architects and my intention was to go into architecture and to follow in the families footsteps. My Undergraduate degree is in Design & Environmental Analysis from Cornell University, which seemed a perfect lead in to Architecture in Graduate School.

During my junior year in college, many of my friends were Photography Majors and they convinced me to take a photography class and the rest is history. I fell in love with photography and found that I had an affinity for architecture, not surprisingly. As I say, “I decided that I would rather get paid to appreciate architecture than to do architecture.”

Architectural Photographer - Brad Feinknopf
Copying or reproduction of this image is prohibited

You were recognized by Columbus Landmarks as their outstanding person of 2010: “Over the last 20 years, no photographer has done more to document and preserve the history of the City of Columbus than Brad Feinknopf.”
How would you, as an architectural photographer, define success? Earning enough money? Becoming famous and having a stack of publications to your name? Being awarded an international commission? When did you first realize that you were successful?

I’m successful?!? I tend not to think of myself in these terms. Is it for the money, no. Money has never been a motivating factor. Is it being published? Yes, that is certainly a great vindication of one’s work but that is other people deem of note. At the core, it is about image making. I am my own harshest critic. If I am making images that “I” feel good about, whether they make money or get published or not is inconsequential, is what is of utmost importance. Secondarily, I say that I live vicariously through my clients. If my clients win awards, get published, are able generate new work as a result of my imagery, than I have been successful. That the truest test of success, is having served your clients well.

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