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Can I access Daminion Server remotely via the Internet?

Remote Access to Daminion Server

Daminion Server is image archive software designed to be used on local networks (corporate or home). But what if you aren’t onsite, is it possible to get remote access to your media archive with Daminion Server?

Yes it is, and I’ll explain how below.

A small utility, called Comodo Unite (formerly known as EasyVPN), helps you access remote computers quickly and securely via the Internet, with the same ease as on a local network, and it only takes a few minutes to install and configure.

One of the benefits of Comodo Unite is that it provides complete access to all folders and printers on remote computers, even across corporate firewalls with strict restrictions. Of course this requires your personal credentials and is protected by strong encryption.

Here we go:

  • Download and install Comodo Unite on a computer with Daminion Server already installed on it.
  • Comodo Unite
  • After installing Comodo Unite you’ll be asked to register a free account
  • Comodo Unite
    The program is free for personal use. However, the first product launch will prompt you to enter a license key, even though the program is not officially available for purchase at the moment. Seems the product developers plan to make it payable for commercial use in the future. A very similar rival product, Hamachi, is free for up to 8 users, even for commercial use. I’ve asked their support team about pricing, but so far I haven’t receive a response. When I get a response from the Comodo support team I’ll post it as a comment.
  • Click on the “Register a new account” button to register a new account. Then enter your registered username (email) and password and click on the “Sign me in” button.
  • Once you’ve registered and logged in, please navigate to Network > Create a New Network… option
  • Comodo Unite
  • Enter a network name. You will need to enter this name on each remote computer with Comodo Unite installed on it.
  • Comodo Unite
  • Install the Comodo Unite on the remote client computer from which you need to access the Daminion Server.
  • Connect to your virtual network (DaminionVPN in our case) after installing and launching the program (Networks > Join a Network)
  • Comodo Unite

    We are now configuring a virtual protected network between two remote computers.

  • Now Launch Daminion Client on your client computer and add a new shared catalog (File > Open Shared Catalog > Add) with the new virtual IP address of your server PC (highlighted above).


Comodo Unite will automatically add all the necessary rules to your Windows Firewall (not sure if the free Comodo Firewall does this, but it probably does). But if your computers are protected by a third-party firewall make sure that some ports on both client computers and NAT/Firewall (if applicable) are open. Learn more…

PS. About a week ago I tried to create a virtual network with Hamachi, but the connection speed was very slow. I don’t know if there are any tweaks around Hamachi that allow you to improve performance, but installing Comodo Unite with default settings works fine for me.


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