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Daminion 6.8 release

Daminion 0.8.7 Released

SofTool 2011

A new minor Daminion update is currently available for download. This is mainly a bug-fix version. A lot of work has been done to bring forward the date of the Daminion Server release. At the moment the Daminion Server 0.8.7b is available to our testers for evaluation. About hundred issues have been resolved since 0.8.6 version

To get the latest version of the program visit our Download page.

Some bugs that have been fixed in this version of Daminion

  • The “syncing” button now shows the correct amount of files in the syncing queue
  • Improved syncing between tags and metadata
  • Images are now correctly rendered after changing them with outside applications
  • Improved compatibility with previous catalog versions
  • Improved context menu behavior for the Place tag in the Properties panel
  • Extra spaces are now removed from tags when importing files
  • Added two new tags: Project and Client
  • Date & time under the thumbnails is now displayed according to the local date & time settings
  • Added new MPlayer version that supports more video formats
  • Added new MediaInfo version
  • Reordering columns in the detail view now save their state
  • People tag not is is no longer mapped to the IPTC Contact
  • Improved Checkout window
  • RAW files are now correctly rendered for rotated images
  • Now Daminion Standalone version can be launched with the -log_enable argument. It allows you to write error messages (and debug info) to the log file
  • The item selection passes to the next item after its removal
  • Now the problem files will not terminate importing process and a report window appears at the end of the import
  • Fixed bug with configuring and displaying captions below the thumbnails
  • Fixed bug where Check out didn’t work with hidden thumbnail captions
  • Fixed bug with displaying images in Full Screen mode
  • Fixed bug with importing files with long paths (more than 250 symbols)
  • Fixed bug when moving files from a shared to a local catalog
  • Fixed bug in Advanced Search where it was impossible to switch search criterions
  • Fixed “Out of memory” bug when opening large images (for example 10000×5000)
  • Fixed a few bugs with syncing indicator
  • Fixed a few bugs in the Properties window
  • Fixed a few bugs where the program froze for some time: during installation and when creating a new catalog
  • Fixed bug where some JPEG files with corrupted EXIF header are not imported
  • Fixed bug which made it quite hard, or even impossible, to select or deselect some catalog tags on Windows XP
  • Fixed bug with exporting some BMP files to JPEG format
  • Fixed bug with incorrect saving of the exported files
  • Bug with moving files from shared to local catalogs
  • A number of minor bug fixes
  • Minor improvements


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