Daminion 6.8 release

Daminion 0.9.7b Released

Minor Daminion update available to download.

Daminion 0.9.7b allows you to import Microsoft Office documents, including Office 2007 formats (files with extensions: .doc, .xls, .ppt, .docx, .xlsx, .pptx). Daminion Server customers can now update Daminion Clients automatically from the server computer in silent mode. Batch tag assignment and file removal operations can now be applied to all items in the query and are no longer limited by page size only.

There are over 20 bug fixes and minor, but useful, improvements.

We also plan to add a smart way to publish your images (including RAW files) on tablets and mobile devices (iPAD, iPhone, Android based devices) as well as on your corporate web-site via collections. As a first step towards this feature we have made collections hierarchical in this version.

Added Support for Microsoft Office Documents

Support for Microsoft Office Documents

Microsoft Office documents (including Microsoft Office 2007) and PDF documents can now be added to Daminion. The table below shows how Daminion tags are mapped to metadata in Office documents:

Office Metadata Daminion Tags
Title Title
Subject Document Subject
Manager Document Manager
Creator Authors
Comments Comments
Tags Keywords
Creation DateTime Creation DateTime
Application Software
Company Copyrights
Page Count Number of Pages

Displaying thumbnails are supported only if they are present in the metadata. To include Thumbnails in documents please check the “Save Thumbnails” option when saving your documents with Microsoft Office products. Please note that editing DateCreated, ApplicationName fields are supported for .docx, .xlsx, .pptx formats only. This is a limitation of Microsoft’s DSOfile.dll

Other Improvements

  • Added to the tags tree context menu: an option to Add/Remove selected tags from all files in the current search query. These options will be visible only if all files are selected and the page switcher is visible in the top right-hand corner.
  • Daminion now displays an extra option “Apply to all files (N) in this query” in the File Removal window after pressing Ctrl + A when the page switcher is visible in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Daminion Clients can now be updated faster, in silent mode, from Daminion Server
  • Added in Preferences: an option to display 5000 files per page
  • Daminion now restores the Tag Selection (from the latest session) after it’s been launched.
  • Added: the ability to Show/Hide Thumbnail Captions and Thumbnail Basic Info (Rating, Color Label, Flag, Media Format) separately from each other.
  • Media Formats are now displayed correctly in the Advanced Search window
  • Media Format info above thumbnails can now be changed to another tag
  • A newly created tag is now focused and highlighted only if it was created from the context menu in the Tags tree
  • Added: the separate panel to display Folders
  • Added: support for importing ACDSee tags
  • The Collections Tag is now hierarchical and mapped to XMP:MWG metadata
  • The “.AppleDouble” folder is now ignored when importing files
  • Improved support for PDF files
  • Improved rendering of WMF/EMF files
  • A few other minor improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: an issue with importing image in formats other than JPEG but with .jpeg, .jpg file extensions
  • Fixed: a minor issue with auto-resizable text fields in the Properties panel
  • Fixed: an error that appeared after closing disconnected catalog tab
  • Rescan Folders is now represented correctly for outside metadata changes in shared catalogs
  • Fixed: an issue that prevented documents with default icons from being imported, such as Music, PDF, Vector Formats, AutoCAD and some video formats that are not supported by MPlayer. This bug was also connected with other bugs.
  • Downloader: fixed a bug that prevented renaming of templates from working
  • Downloader: fixed a bug that prevented images from being copied to the destination folder because it contained files with the same names. Now the “-(N)” suffix will be appended to the copying file if an output folder already contains a file with the same name, and the content of both files are different.
  • Fixed: a bug in Daminion installation when a foreign setup language is chosen on Windows XP which doesn’t have .NET Framework installed.
  • Fixed: an issue with updating local catalogs when the “Property List Cannot be Null” message appears
  • Fixed: a bug with pressing Ctrl + F12 when no catalogs were opened
  • Several minor bugs fixed

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