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Daminion 6.8 release

Daminion 1.0 RC1 released

Daminion 1.0 RC1 – minor update is now available to download. It’s now possible to stamp images with Geo coordinates and locate them visually on a map.

In addition, we’ve improved XMP metadata handling and support for video formats, added quality EPS/AI thumbnail rendering, and fixed a number of bugs.

Geo-Tagging Images

Geo Tagging Images by Daminion
  • To stamp images with geo coordinates just select items and drag them to the Map.
  • You can drop items onto an existing marker
  • All markers are always visible, no matter how many files have been selected
  • Search for a location
  • Markers for the selected items are displayed in orange.
  • The locations of existing markers can be changed using the mouse
  • You can use your favorite map provider such as Google, Yahoo, Bing or Yandex
  • Click on a marker to preview thumbnails of the items behind it
  • Items that are located close to one another are  grouped together for ease of  visualization
  • It’s possible to view all items assigned to a certain marker in the Thumbnail Browser

Import Filter

  • The “Import Files” and “Rescan Folders” commands allow you to define, in one place, which media formats will be imported into the catalog.
  • User-defined formats can also be imported into the catalog (Catalog > Import Filters…)
Import Filters
  • Daminion will display a default thumbnail for these files unless you install a special Windows Explorer extension to display quality thumbnails of this files type in your Explorer window.

To add support for quality EPS/AI formats:


To add support for quality djVu thumbnails:


Display more thumbnails on the screen

You can now display more thumbnails on the screen (up to 50%) thanks to the new Compact View mode.

"Compact View" allows to place more thumbnails on your workspace

Improved Support for Video Files

  • More video formats and codecs are now supported
  • Better handling of XMP metadata in video files
  • Fixed bug that was slowing down the updating of tags in the AVI format

Improved Support for XMP metadata

  • Daminion now uses the new Adobe CS6 XMP Toolkit – which has had many of its bugs fixed
  • Project and Client tags are now mapped to the XMP metadata
  • Improved metadata compatibility with other tools. Array values now read from all mapped fields
  • Improved compatibility with Lightroom and Bridge: duplicate flatten keywords and truncated IPTC keywords are not imported when reading metadata

Improved localizations

  • Now with a Spanish translation (by Jose Angel Calvo)
  • Updated German Localization (by Uwe Noack and Sedat Yakisir)
  • Updated French Localization (by Alain Pierre)
  • Updated Polish Localization (by Mariusz Lewandowski)

Minor Improvements

  • It’s possible to paste a copied tag into the root tag in the tag tree
  • The full folder path is now displayed in the Properties panel
  • It is no longer possible to create local catalogs on remote network locations
  • Daminion doesn’t add its copyrights while editing tags
  • “Read Tags from File” now reads metadata, even if the creation datetime hasn’t changed
  • Tags can be sorted in the Tags tree
  • Improved performance in “Full Screen” mode
  • External applications can be launched with extra arguments
  • Rating menu is now sorted in the ascending order
  • “Move To” command can move network files to the Daminion Server by references without uploading them
  • Improved quality of images in “Full screen” mode (uses Hermite filter)
  • A lot of other minor improvements

Bug Fixes

  • “Locate in Explorer” command now works when Client and Server are located on the same PC
  • “Locate in Explorer” now works in the Folders tree also
  • Fixed “AppendToCache” bug
  • Fixed bug while adding items into the Tray
  • Fixed bug when tags are not written into the audio files
  • Fixed a bug with thumbnail rotation
  • Fixed a few “Export Preview” related issues
  • Fixed an issue with slow updating XMP of AVI files
  • Fixed several memory leaks
  • A new sidecar .xmp file is created now if a corresponding Camera RAW file doesn’t have it, and “write tags to sidecar” option is ticked.
  • Fixed a bug that disconnects client from the server after canceling the thumbnail rotation process
  • Fixed an error when new tags rewrite previously added tags for some video files
  • Fixed an error when Daminion Client disconnects from the Server after displaying the Map panel
  • Fixed a bug when when default Daminion Server ports can not be changed
  • Minor bugs fixed


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