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Daminion 8.0-realese

Daminion 8.0 Release. What’s new?

Introducing Daminion 8.0 – the ultimate digital asset management (DAM) solution for creative and production teams. 

Our latest update brings major improvements, including Daminion Connector for Microsoft Office, customizable thumbnail captions in the web client, Face Recognition 2.0, and more. 

Major Improvements in the Web Client: 

Daminion Connector for Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

The Daminion Connector now enables you to utilize MS Office efficiently. Quickly and easily find the necessary files using the Connector’s search and filter feature, then insert them into your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with just one click.

Daminion Connector for Microsoft Office

Significantly improved Searching and Filtering in Daminion Connector for Adobe.

The latest version of Daminion Connector for Adobe makes filtering by tags and using quick search more convenient and speedy.

Significantly improved Searching and Filtering in Daminion Connector for Adobe.

Customizable Thumbnail Captions

Customizing the thumbnail area and adjusting the thumbnail captions in the web client is now possible, making navigating the catalog easier per many users’ requests.

Customizable Thumbnail Captions in Daminion Digital Asset Management

Download folders with subfolders as ZIP 

The latest version includes the useful feature of allowing team members who are traveling to download folders, subfolders, and files for offline access to the web catalog contents. The structure of the folders and subfolders will be preserved.

Download folders with subfolders as ZIP  in Daminion Digital Asset Management

Face Recognition 2.0

The latest version of Face Recognition includes a variety of improvements and new features, such as:

  • A redesigned, user-friendly interface for easy navigation of the face previews area.
  • For greater control and flexibility, enhance filtering options, including by folder, creation date, media format, and other catalog tags.
  • Improved precision of face detection, which now works better on smaller-sized files.
  • The option to enable the DoNotResize setting for even higher recognition accuracy, using original files instead of mid-size previews.
  • The ability to remove previously assigned face information and process images again. 
  • Highlighted rectangles around detected faces and the capability to tag multiple faces with people’s names in full-screen mode. 

Other Improvements


  • Optimized upload of large files (more than 1.5 GB).
  • An option to ignore the access control status of files in shared collections, which can be activated in the configuration file.


  • Improved access permissions.
  • Option to sort files by filename before importing them.
  • Optimized process of getting indexed tags.


  • Offset from the start for video thumbnails.
  • Significantly improved generation of video previews (now via FFmpeg ).
  • Added 3D formats support (.IGES, .STP)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the bug with the Create Categories from Folder Names in the desktop client 
  • Fixed the bug when AD users were added twice to the list of Daminion Users. Now, the number of added users is calculated based on SSID instead of the user name.

>You can download Daminion 8.0 here.

Daria Kotilainen

Tech Support Coordinator at Daminion software