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Daminion 6.8 release

New versions of Daminion are available for purchase

Daminion’s beta-testing period is coming to an end and all Daminion versions are now available for purchase.

Daminion Server

Home users, individual photographers and designers can now get Daminion Server at a special low price:

  • Daminion Home Server: ideal for creating a centralized photo & video archive for family photos and videos. Limited to 2 concurrent connections, for non-commercial use only, no user management.
  • Daminion Pro Server: ideal for individual professionals who need to use enterprise level DAM for commercial work. Limited to 1 concurrent connection, no user management.
  • Daminion TEAM Server: ideal for small teams. The fully featured server version with no limitations.

Order Daminion Server now.

Daminion Standalone

The only functional difference between Daminion Standalone versions is the number of files you can import per catalog.

Note: Limitations on the number of files (listed above) are for local catalogs only. Any Daminion Standalone version will work with shared Daminion Server-based catalogs without limitations.

Order Daminion Standalone version now

Get Daminion for Free

You can get Daminion Standalone version for free (but not the Daminion TEAM Server) in exchange for publishing a story about Daminion on the Internet. The story can be in the form of a blog, a forum post, a video tutorial, or a product review for a magazine.

Before you write your Daminion story, please contact us and tell us where you plan to publish it.


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