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Daminion 6.8 release

Daminion 0.9b Released

A new minor Daminion build is now available to download. Below you’ll find a list of changes to Daminion since the version.

To get the latest version of the program visit our Download page.


  • Added: Camera Importer
    • You can now import photos into Daminion from your digital cameras and removable devices. A list of the removable devices appears in the drop down menu of the Add Files button immediately after you insert a flash-card into your card-reader or connect a removable drive.
    • Daminion Camera Importer

    • You can preview the images to be transferred. Images and Videos can be grouped by Creation Date, Folder or Media Type. Hovering the mouse over a thumbnail displays a large tool tip with a medium-sized image preview allowing you to see the image in greater detail.
    • Media files can be renamed during the transfer using a  handy renaming function.  Files can be imported to your computer and then either imported into Daminion’s local catalog or uploaded to your server computer and imported to a shared catalog (via Daminion Server).
    • This is the very first version of the Camera Importer. As such, it will be undergoing continual improvement. For example, we’ll be adding a backup option and the ability to assign tags to imported images
  • The “Rescan Folders” feature has been partially implemented. It will be totally rewritten for the next minor version (a few minor bugs will be fixed and performance will be optimized).
    Watched Folders
  • Added: an option to display all the image metadata using the ExifTool (Advanced > Show All Metadata)
    ExifTool Metadata Viewer
  • Added: support for RW2 and NRW formats
  • Added: an option to read metadata from Files. (Actions > Read Metadata From Files).
  • A Sync button has been added to the toolbar to manage Daminion Catalog <-> File Metadata synchronization.
  • Added: the ability to switch off automatic metadata synchronization
  • Added: the option to preserve File Creation Date during export
  • Added: progress indicator for Check-In of large files
  • Real time progress indicator for Import and Metadata syncing processes
  • Added: a “Remove from Catalog” option on the main workspace context menu
  • Parent tags that have a number of children now take less time to expand (faster by 50-80%)
  • Hovering the mouse over a tag in the Properties window displays a tool tip with a hierarchy of the tag’s ancestors
  • Added: the Catalog Tags panel now supports the Home and End shortcuts on the keyboard
  • The Auto-Sync Metadata option is now turned off by default.
  • The sync option icon now displays whether Auto-Sync Metadata is turned on or not.
  • Bug Fixes

  • Fixed:  The issue of Daminion Server and Daminion Server Admin Panel opening slowly on computers without an active Internet connection.
  • Fixed: bug with Daminion Server installation – when the 8082 or 8084 port was occupied by a third-party service
  • Tags are correctly exported as text, preserving their hierarchy from the Properties Panels
  • The Exif:UserComment fields, which were causing metadata to be incorrectly written into images, have been removed from the mapping fields of the Description tag.
  • Resolved: an issue with LightRoom and several other third-party photo management tools which were reading saved Rating values incorrectly.
  • The Place tag now saves correctly into the metadata
  • Fixed: a bug preventing EXIF metadata from being updated (including Datetime, DPI)
  • Fixed: a bug disconnecting the server when large files were uploading
  • Fixed: bug causing “StrongHierarchyTagEditor: this.TagLevels.Count < indexedTagValues.Length” message to appear
  • Fixed: a problem with adding a new tag to the Catalog Tags panel
  • Fixed: the issue of an “Unable to get the checked out file” error message appearing when checking out files from the Daminion Server
  • Fixed: program freezing during export when server became unavailable
  • Fixed: problem with program freezing when clicking on the Preview button in the video files’ Export window
  • Client and Project Tag can now be displayed in the  Properties Panelр
  • Fixed: minor bug with Quick Search
  • Fixed: an issue with the message “unzulässige Funktion” appearing during installation of Daminion Server on German versions of Windows
  • Fixed: a bug related to moving files from local to shared catalog
  • Fixed: a bug that appears in the “Create a new Place” form in the Catalog Tags tree
  • Fixed: several issues related to importing PicaJet XML files
  • Fixed: Hotkey problem with the  DateTime tag in the Properties panel
  • The Browse button now works in the Check Out window
  • The Preview window is now cleared after files have been removed
  • Fixed: bug when two tags with the same name, but different parents, are not displayed.
  • Fixed: freezing of the Sync indicator in some instances
  • Fixed: Daminion launching with a broken configuration file
  • Fixed: an issue with exporting/importing tag structure
  • Fixed: slow launch of Daminion standalone version
  • Fixed: the problem of the server disconnecting when files are uploading
  • Fixed: the problem of folder parents being displayed incorrectly on the search bar
  • Fixed: problem of the server disconnecting when more than 10 folder tags are selected
  • Removed: array tags from sorting option (a minor bug was related to this)
  • Fixed: minor issue of the appearance of the system message “There is no disk in the drive”
  • Several other minor bugs fixed and improvements made


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