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Streamline your online collaboration – Five ways that Daminion adds value.

Streamline your online collaboration - Five ways that Daminion adds value.Streamline your online collaboration - Five ways that Daminion adds value.
Streamline your online collaboration – Five ways that Daminion adds value.

How do you streamline your online collaboration? The digital asset management market keeps growing each year. We recognise both the new opportunities and the challenges this presents.

You have a lot of digital assets on file. We get that. So executing a marketing campaign, or using your digital assets is much easier said than done. Large and small companies face problems of missing files, inappropriate file permissions and inconsistent branding.

Above all, do not leave your digital asset management solution up to your IT department. Take charge of your own fate. Creative professionals and marketers choose Daminion Server as their DAM of choice.

Let’s examine how a DAM will streamline online collaboration. Firstly, making it easier to form brand consistency and then improving search functionality.

1. Get Everybody on the Same Page

We accumulate digital assets over time. Some end up where they are supposed to be. Others get scattered across different offices and departments. For example, department A pulls a branding element to use in their letterheads. So, they save a copy of this to their local file share. 6 Months down the line, corporate updates the company branding. To streamline their online collaboration, it makes sense to manage these types of company-wide digital assets from a single point.

Prevent data silos when you are in fact looking for a Single Source Of Truth. A DAM solution from Daminion forms an Authoritative Source. Especially when multiple departments use a single set of digital assets, for example, branded quotation templates, corporate letterheads and brochures.

2. Save Time Looking for Files

At the heart of and DAM is the search functionality. This is also the reason why most companies purchase a DAM system, beyond the need to streamline online collaboration. A sophisticated DAM system, like Daminion, has advanced, powerful search features. You can quickly filter your assets or build complex searches to find your assets.

Behind the scenes, however, a set of complex metadata schemas, independent from one specific DAM system is at work. So, you can use one of the built-in schemas as is, or customise and extend one to suit your needs.

In most cases, users will search for files by name. However, additional metadata will aid users to filter down those results with added precision.

3. Work-in-Progress Streamline Online Collaboration

To design a workflow, reinforce it, and stick to it, you need a DAM system. Capitalize on the repeatable templates. Save them as searches and tag assignments or even auto assign tags to your digital images. You will never automate the entire creative approval workflow. But you can greatly improve the speed and turnaround time using a DAM from Daminion.

4. Avoid Duplication and Asset Recreation

Streamline your online collaboration - Five ways that Daminion adds value.
Streamline your online collaboration – Five ways that Daminion adds value.

Adobe reports that on average, companies using a DAM reduce the cost of creating content by at least 10%. On average a 28% saving is reported. Rather than sourcing assets from scratch, employees reuse assets because they are easy to find and track.

This helps to streamline online collaboration if, for example, digital assets for a marketing campaign has already been approved. There is no need to source them again, but only to approve a new layout and type.

5. Ensure Brand Consistency and Compliance

An on-target message and coherent brand are at the heart of any successful campaign. According to the USC Annenberg’s CPR 2019 Relevance Report, 74.5% of communications professionals say they rely on branded content. This means that brand awareness is a vital goal. Your brand image affects your customer’s opinion of your company. So, they will be loyal if they have a good opinion of your brand.

As a result, the single authority that a Daminion DAM provides ensures that you remain on brand. That your brand message is consistent across all.

In closing

Modern organizations who focus on digital assets, know the importance of a DAM. Also, the correct implementation is an essential part of this formula. Start with an advantage. Choosing the right software for the job, and your workflow and process will fall into place.

Read more in our How do you future proof your Digital Assets guide where we cover this topic in depth.

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