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Unexpected issues with DAM systems

Unexpected Issue at The Beginning of Using a DAM Solutions. 2022 survey results!

“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.”

Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft

What is the main difficulty of digital assets software at the beginning?

Beginning of this year we made a survey among several hundreds of Daminion users, which included around 61% of individuals – our home users, with the remaining 39% being corporate users.

We asked our clients what main difficulties they faced when they just started using the DAM system, and the common answer was tagging. So let’s briefly have a look at the results of our survey.

Company or Individual?

Tagging: struggles and solutions

Tagging digital assets remain one of the most annoying and routine activities while working with media libraries. Our survey showed that 82% of our customers (75% of individual users and 92% of corporate users) believe that tagging is very difficult when implementing a DAM system.

Yet, at the same time, tags are crucial for proper and efficient search through the media libraries.

Tagging is the most difficult part

So what could become a satisfying solution to simplify the tagging process for your digital assets?

We offered our clients to think about an option to outsource the tagging of their digital assets and asked what their thoughts were.

It appeared that 97% of them never actually considered using such a process, while 73% believed that third-party outsourcing of tagging would not be effective.

According to some of the opinions shared by our clients, a third party will not be able to implement an efficient tagging process matching the particular needs of their businesses.

Most users don’t trust third-party companies

And it will also require some extra costs to be paid to a third-party provider. Our survey showed that the majority of the users that we questioned (61%), are not ready to pay to a third-party provider for tagging, while 24% don’t know how much they could be willing to spend on such a service.

Only 15% of our clients are prepared to spend their budgets on it: 9% – between 100 and 500 USD, 6% – less than 100 USD.


Daminion’s AI auto-tagging

That is why Daminion’s AI auto-tagging could become a great alternative to third-party tagging:

  1. No need to share your media with a third party;
  2. No additional costs if using Daminion;
  3. AI will learn your company’s unique way of tagging and will be imitating your tagging approach.

Here are some advantages of our tagging you can benefit from now:

1) AI acknowledges dominant colors, image duplicates, and similar images and auto-tags them.

2) Face recognition. You need to tag the person only 3 times, and then the software will automatically admit and stamp all photos with this person in the archive. 

3) Detects location names based on GPS information. (Registered in our roadmap. Subscribe to get a notification when it is available).

Still, remember that as of today (2022), there is no 100% effective auto-tagging solution. Nobody can do better tagging than your own employee. But smart use of AI will definitely help you to save some time. 

To conclude

Tagging is still an important but routine activity needed for a properly organized library. But you can already try some of our tips to make this process less stressful for you.

If you still did not give a try to our system, we will be more than happy to show you the demo and provide a trial version.