Creating Custom Tags in Daminion

For cataloging your media files, the IPTC/XMP standards provide a predefined selection of tags such as comment, title, description, keyword, etc. These will allow you to describe your media files well enough to be able to find them later by searching via tags; however, these presets have a drawback in that the tags available do not always match the exact categories that suit your specific needs.

Daminion’s custom tag fields put this right by enabling you to create your own categories and adapt the program to suit you, rather than the other way around.

Suppose you need to categorize your data with the order attribute “customer-ID”. For this, you could use any of the existing fields, comment for example. But comment is a text field and for our particular ID-Tag we need a specific numerical field, which is not provided by the IPTC standard.

With Daminion, you can create as many different types of category field as you like, and adapt each one to your own personal requirements.

Creating a Custom Tag Field

On the main menu click on “Catalog” then “Custom tags …” and in the next window click “New …

Open the Main menu and navigate to the "Custom Tags..." option

In the window that opens, enter the desired name in the “Name” field. In our case, it’s “customer-ID“.

Because only numbers should be entered in this field, choose the menu item “integer” from the  “Format“list below.

Click on the "Create" button to create and adjust a new custom tag

The window will automatically change to the following view:

Specify custom tag properties

In our example, the customer-ID can only be assigned to one customer per number, but several media files can be assigned to this client, therefore we must click the menu item “tag has a limited number of values that can be assigned to multiple files“.

This will command Daminion to admit each entry only once, to avoid duplicate customer numbers.

Click “Create” to finalize the creation of this tag field.

To display the newly created tag field in the “Catalog Tags” and “Properties” panel, it must be activated. To do this, click on the little gear icon and then click “Customize“.

Add custom tag to the catalog tags panel

This will open the “Edit Preferences…” window where you can choose to display or hide the tags by selecting or deselecting them respectively.

Our newly created custom tag is located at the bottom of the list under the label “Custom“.
Check “customer-ID” to make it visible in the catalog panel.

Add newly created custom tag to the catalog tags panel
We have now created our very own “customer-ID” category tag

Adding newly created custom tag to the catalog tags panel

Based on our previously defined criteria, only integer numbers can be entered in this field and they cannot be duplicated. Now, all you need to assign this tag to particular media files do is drag and drop the associated media files onto the respective customer-ID.

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