How to backup Daminion Server

To schedule backup of your Daminion Server based media archive:

1. Download this zip archieve and unpack it to a folder.

2. Add the files/folders listed below to your backup program’s task list (for example to Windows Task Scheduler):

  • Backup Daminion Catalog.bat
  • Backup Daminion Settings.bat
  • Backup Thumbnails.bat
  • The folder Daminion Server uses to store uploaded files. This can be accessed from the Daminion Server Administration Panel Dashboard
  • Any shared folders that were imported to Daminion Server without uploading

NOTE: The first bat file is configured to backup the default NetCatalog catalog only. You need to edit it to backup other catalogs.

NOTE: Please check the PostgreSQL settings in the ‘backup_config.bat’ file:

  • Open the “backup_config.bat” file with Notepad
  • Specify a valid path to your PostgreSQL folder
  • Specify a valid port, login and password for PostgreSQL
    PGAdmin from your PostgreSQL\bin folder will show you which port is used by PostgreSQL
  • Double click the “Backup Daminion Catalog.bat” file to create a test dump

NOTE: Backup may take some time depending on the file size of your database.

To restore the Daminion Server catalog:

Use the Daminion Server Administration Panel (File > Restore Database…)

NOTE: The restore process may take some time depending on the file size of your database.

Daminion Server Backup Video Tutorial

In this Daminion tutorial we configure a batch file and scheduled task to run daily backups of the Daminion server catalogs to a folder.

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